7 Best Black Tattoo Ink In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

The best tattoo ink is always a topic of interest to many tattoo artists and experts when it comes to tattooing, as your choice can greatly influence the quality of a work that is created by that ink. 

Many people are passionate about tattooing but do not know how to choose a good and safe tattoo ink. Even for professionals in the tattoo industry or newbies, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one is the best black tattoo ink

With that being said, let us give you some advice for making the right picks.

Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black 12 oz
Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black 12 oz
Heals very dark in the skin; Sterilized in a certified lab; Formulated to...
Allegory Premium Lining & ShadingTattoo Ink Blak (8 oz)
Allegory Premium Lining & ShadingTattoo Ink Blak (8 oz)
8oz; Lining and Shading; Vegan Friendly; Individually Boxed; Made In the...
Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink Bottle 8oz
Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink Bottle 8oz
Pre-Dispersed Professional Tattoo Ink; Used for Lining and Shading and can...
Element Tattoo Supply Black Tattoo Ink Nighthawk 1oz Bottle
Element Tattoo Supply Black Tattoo Ink Nighthawk 1oz Bottle
Rated one of the darkest tattoo ink on the market for professional tattoo...
Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink 12oz/Tattoo Outlining...
Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink 12oz/Tattoo Outlining...
Product Type:Beauty; Item Package Dimension:7.7 " L X3.2 " W X1.8 " H; Item...
$47.92 −31% $32.99
StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Tribal Black 1/2 oz
StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Tribal Black 1/2 oz
Tribal Black Tattoo Ink; Vegan-friendly; iron and nickel free; Black tattoo...

Things To Know Before Shopping

Buying tattoo ink is one of the first lessons a tattoo artist needs to understand. Besides the techniques, how to use the right flow also significantly affects the quality of tattoo artworks. 

There are many different tattoo ink products on the market today. But not all inks are safe and of the same quality. Here is a list of some criteria that you need to check before buying. Let’s find out!

1. Choose Products From Reputable And Licensed Manufacturers

Their products are commonly guaranteed quality because they need to go through rigorous tests of health regulations before being offered to the market. These manufacturers have high standards in producing their products, spending a lot of time researching and money to create the best ink.

A reputed ink bottle is also labeled with important information: warning, ingredients, production date, expiry date, etc., for users to check before using.  

2. Go Through Main Ingredients

Tattoo ink will stay on the skin, so it is important to check the list of ingredients in the products. A good-quality product will have an ingredient list that does not contain toxic or harmful substances. 

There are two main lines of tattoo ink made from different ingredients: organic and chemical pigment. The type of tattoo inks made from organic compounds needs to contain natural pigments that are safe for your skin and are certified by competent agencies. 

Avoid the ones that contain toxic ingredients like heavy metals (lead and arsenic) and carcinogens.

3. Always Check Expiry Date

When you get a bottle of ink, go through the expiration date and the batch date. Since you will use the ink for tattooing on humans, it is very important to ensure health safety factors on their skin, just like checking the ingredients. 

Be aware that chemicals should not be kept beyond the expiration date. It must be thrown away once it is out-of-date.

7 Best Black Tattoo Inks in 2022

1. World Famous Rocker Black – Best For Safety On Skin 

Item Details:

Maker: World Famous 

Product: Rocker Black

Net Weight: 8 ounces (oz) per bottle

Price: $60


World Famous Rocker Black

World Famous products from the United States are used and loved by tattoo artists worldwide. World Famous brings you a line of quality pigment content and amazing ink down speed. It is fast-absorbing into the skin with intense and powerful high-contrast bright color, super-fast healing after tattooing.

Like other product lines in the same brand, World Famous Rocker Black is produced completely from nature. Due to its being 100% vegan, it can meet the requirements of the “Vegan” community around the world. 

In addition, the ink bottles are sterilized by gamma radiation and meet the European Union standards for safety, quality, and other regulations of the United States, so it is very safe to use on any skin.

In addition to the size of eight oz, which is the biggest bottle volume, World Famous Rocker Black also comes in 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4oz bottles.


  • Contain QR codes to verify the authenticity
  • No animal testing
  • Flexible bottle made of crystal
  • Sealed label of tamper-resistant


  • Poor colorant
  • Quite expensive

2. Intenze Zuper Black – Best For Black Ink Tattoo

Item Details:

Maker: Intenze

Product: Zuper Black

Net Weight: ‎12 fluid ounces (fl oz) per bottle

Price: $45


Intenze Professional Ink Zuper Black

Intenze Ink was enhanced in quality by legendary tattoo artist Mario Barth and produced by Intenze Corporation (USA). A number of the world’s famous artists in tattooing use Intenze Tattoo Ink, including Moni Marino, Steve Butcher, Randy Engelhard, etc. In particular, Zuper Black from Intenze is a product that tattoo artists have loved recently.

Zuper Black pigment formula brings you the most mysterious and impressive tattoos, as it is the darkest of all Intenze ink and deemed the blackest one on the market today. The pure and shiny pigmentation creates excellent gradient effects for deep color and soft shading blackwork. Due to its dense consistency, the substance can saturate the skin nicely.

Zuper Black is ideal for professionals and those who love intense blackworks. Thanks to its thickness compared to usual inks, Zuper Black is particularly perfect for doing tribal patterns. This case is a drawback of Intenze Zuper Black since it doesn’t work well on tattooing lines.


  • Solid and high-quality product
  • Bold pigment
  • Sterilization in a lab for safety
  • Work fine on darker skin tones
  • Large containing bottle


  • Dry out quickly
  • Not a great choice for line working

3. Allegory BLAK – Best For Providing Lines And Shades

Item Details:

Maker: Allegory 

Product: Blak Lining & Shading

Net Weight: 8 fl oz per bottle 

Price: $24.99

Allegory BLAK tattoo ink

Allegory BLAK tattoo ink

This is a product of the Allegory Ink Corporation operated in the United States. That’s why you can see a nice text line “Crafted in the USA” on the front label of the ink bottle. 

Allegory created a very simple and straightforward design for this bottle. The liquid is packaged in a clear round bottle of 2 oz or 8 oz that is heat-sealed with a tamper-proofing tip in complete safety. 

Rarely any tattooing product is created from the expert advice of top tattoo artists and scientists like Allegory Blak. Thereby, it delivers reliable premium quality at every drop of it. The Allegory Blak comes with several factors like creamy, silky consistency, and rich darkness that make it easy to pull clean lines and shade smoothly. 

Users can pour directly into cups or blend it with water because of its versatility. The manufacturer warned that pigments contained in this product might cause allergic reactions. Yet, the Allegory Blak Premium Lining and Shading is 100% organic, so you can apply it to all skin types without worrying about safety.


  • Smooth flow
  • Heavy pigmentation
  • 100% environmental-free
  • Loved by expert tattoo designers
  • Separately boxed-in
  • Glass marble agitator included


  • Not for sensitive skin

4. Dynamic Triple Black – Best For Beginners

Item Details:

Maker: Dynamic

Product: Triple Black (TBK)

Net Weight: 8 fl oz 

Price: $33.5


Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink

Dynamic company was established and developed in 1990, aiming to create quality products and bring great experiences to artists.

Aside from the high durability, all products from Dynamic don’t fade over time, keeping their radiant look longer-lasting. For this reason, they are always the optimal and trusted choices for many tattoo wearers and tattooists. 

When you use Dynamic Triple Black (TBK) to do lines or fill packs in black pigment, they still preserve the original blackness after healing. Thus, you can count on the TBK ink to heal true black results for lining, tribals, shading, or work requiring bold linework. 

Dynamic TBK is a great option for beginners since they can have a large bottle at an affordable price. Its colorant can be used for lining, shading, and even creating gray tattoos. Owning a Dynamic TBK will help you save more money than purchasing individual products. 

A little drop of fluid can cover the carved areas, and frequent inking is not necessary. Still, it delivers excellent results without any unpleasant undertones or greenish dyes.


  • Perfect price
  • Last-long and bright color
  • No side effects on skin
  • Predispersed tattoo ink
  • Anti-fraudulent product logo


  • Some customers complain about the unsealed package

5. Element Tattoo Supply Black Tattoo Ink – Best For Shading

Item Details:

Maker: Element Tattoo Supply

Product: Dark Nighthawk Black

Net Weight: 1 oz 

Price: $11.49


If you search for the darkest tattoo ink created by professionals, Element’s Nighthawk Black can be a perfect choice for pro tattoo artists. 

This ink can mix and blend with other available brands on the market to make beautiful color tones and shades for all your tattooing needs. With this mix-and-match technique, you will be able to apply it for soft black shading and gray wash. Also, it can be used from freehand-style tattoos to clean outlining, and delivering dark shades with splendid saturation. 

Element Tattoo Supply Nighthawk Black has a sealed bottle top with a twist cap to ensure liquid safety during shipment without leaking.


  • Easy to work with
  • Quick healing time
  • Mix well with other inks
  • Thin and compact design
  • Great fluid for lasting tattoos


  • The seal can be broken due to bad shipping

6. Millennium Moms Black Pearl – Best For Lining

Item Details:

Maker: Millennium Mom’s

Product: Black Pearl 

Net Weight: 12 fl oz 

Price: $32.99


This Millennium Mom’s Black Pearl is among the best professional tattoo ink chosen by Amazon. Millennium Mom’s has selected safe and quality elements to produce the ones that satisfy the most demanding customers. The bottle is designed with a tipped ink cap for easy tattooing on every part of the body. 

This product was tested for pigment richness and consistency, so it is versatile and slow to dry when being poured in cups. Nevertheless, it has a soft and rich blackness, but not the darkest one. The good thing is that the deepness of Black Pearl ink still makes it perfect for outlining and shading. 

Try out this Black Pearl from Millennium Mom’s to understand why this is one of the favorite inks recommended by global tattooists.


  • Bold and deep black
  • Strong pigment
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for long use
  • Highly rated by global customers


  • Few people may not like the light blackness
  • Fluid can be leaked out

7. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Black – Best For Tribal Work

Item Details:

Maker: Tommy’s Supplies

Product: StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tribal Black

Net Weight: 0.5 oz 

Price: $7


StarBrite brand is one of the famous names chosen by many customers across the globe. With a beautiful, luxurious design, the StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink Tribal Black product is your go-to if you are looking for a smooth-textured tattoo ink for yourself.

There’s nothing quite like the bold blackness of the Starbrite’s Tribal tattoos. The color density and rich pigment ideally saturate skin with the most in-depth, from light to dark tones. Users can add water to create brighter colors like a grayish-blue tint.

Tribal Black and other StarBrite products are all sterile and vegan-friendly. That means these bottles do not contain nickel and iron as well. Besides, its colors display very vibrant and vivid saturation. The imagery made by StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tribal Black thereby endured for a long time. 

Undoubtedly, this product proves it a best-selling black pigment that will come in handy with all your shading needs.


  • Authentic ink
  • Organic pigment
  • No testing on animals
  • Sterile for clean ink
  • Good consistency


  • Limited bottle size options


While some hazardous ingredients may not be present in organic and 100% vegan-friendly inks, this does not mean that they are risk-free. Possible contaminations may still happen during the production procedure. Regardless of which types you choose, it's more important to know the ingredients used and how safety assessments are in place before distribution. 

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates color additives used in a product’s components and bans certain harmful chemical substances. However, the FDA has not approved any particular inks for injection on the skin or regulated what must be done in tattoo shops. 


Black is an important color for tattoo designs. It can represent power, luxury, solemnity, or cruelty. Today, most specialized inks are super black colors because they have few downsides and can easily be mixed with other tattoo inks. Why not pick up one of the best black tattoo ink listed above to create your favorite shades.

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