A Comprehensive Best Tattoo Ink Guide For 2021

We will be on the journey of finding the best tattoo ink in the trade today! Most of the artists ask the same question “What is the best tattoo ink to use?” 

To find out more, continue to stick with us for a little while, and we’ll give you the detailed information.

Are you competent enough to know what are the best tattoo inks today?

Most of the artists wonder, “What is the best tattoo ink to buy?” recently.

Other people will ask questions like: 

  • What is the best tattoo ink for beginners? 
  • What is the best tattoo ink for lining? 
  • What is the best tattoo ink in the world? 
  • What is the best tattoo ink for hand poke? 
  • What are the best tattoo ink sets?

The key to understanding these inquiries is to hang on for a couple of minutes with us, and we’ll reveal everything with you in-depth.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Inks Brands

Choosing a suitable tattoo ink is difficult when there are so many options on the market to choose from. You have to find a way to sift through all of the varieties and colors to finally pick a good brand.

Whatever you end up with, the product has to be safe, bright, interesting, and long-lasting for your customers. We will identify the best tattoo ink brands and provide an overview of the latest information for you to refer to.

#1. Dynamic

Origin information

Dynamic Color proudly provides artists with top-quality products made in the USA and adds more pigment than anyone else in the industry. The products stand out for their smooth, even flow; from detailing to rendering and shading, we have given it the nod.


Tattooers have given sterling feedback for Dynamic tattoo inks’ excellence, diversity, and quality. Dynamic products provide the best value for the money.

It’s most popular among tattooers who favor their custom black options and good color depth and saturation.

The tattoo equipment supplier is conscious of many fraudulent products, and as a result, all bottles have Dynamic logo anti-printed glass bottles.

The heat seals that secure your sterile products guarantee the colors appear even better than on the picture.


Dynamic professional tattoo ink brands


This brand’s non-toxic colors are never tested on animals nor animal-derived.

Tattoo inks from Dynamic have a minimal impact on the environment while saving you money and preserving your health.

No more worry when tackling colored projects; color inks are quick-drying, easy to apply, and able to maintain the vibrant shades, making them suitable for color photos that last for years.

And when saying these products are time-tested, we are speaking from personal experience. Great tattoos all deserve high-quality inks.


This brand’s products come in a wide price ranges from only $8 to  $600, depending on the number of colors you want to get. 

#2. Kuro Sumi

Origin information

Kuro Sumi brand’s original manufacturing site was in Japan. Technical Tattoo Supply continued to distribute the brand until December 2011.

However, production has shifted to the United States. Despite that, customers still get the same quality due to the same ingredients and recipe, which remains a big secret.


Kuro Sumi


Tattoo artists favor Kuro Sumi for its black ink’s long-lasting nature, the humane, and “the best material on earth” used in production.


No animal ingredients allow more versatility in skin color and longer permanence, and bio-inspired inks with skin extract give them the option of unique hue and permanence.


At the second spot, this runner-up tattoo ink brand offers affordable products for their consumers, ranging from $8 to $451.

#3. Millennium Moms

Origin information

This American tattoo supply brand has been on the market since the ’90s.


Moms Black Onyx Tattoo Ink

Your tattoos will look great using Millennium colors (which are commonly referred to as MOMS). 

MOMS makes the most reliable and the best ink available for you. 

Its lasting power means that your next project will remain attractive for decades. 

Like mother’s milk, it produces inks entirely in the USA; no imported ingredients.


It has taken on new meanings everywhere because of its colorful and innovative design. 

Pigment life, color consistency, and flow rate are the three main advantages of the MOMS brand, which sets it apart from all other brands. It glides into the skin easily, resulting in eye-catching designs.


Its main advantage is “nuclear black” ink, one of the brightest and safest colors for use with today’s light-emitting technology.


The Millennium Mom’s (Black Onyx) Tattoo Ink is only around $8 for the ½ ounce bottle. So, that’s an affordable price with the excellence of their products recommended by many professional artists.

#4. Skin Candy

Origin information

Mark August Worchell presented Bloodline to the public in the United States in 1995.


Skin Candy

Skin Candy is excellent for tattooing because of its thick consistency and its American origin.

Bloodline went on sale in 1995, known as Skin Candy, before it became a huge hit in the “Miami Ink” show.

In 2010, the company re-named and came out with a more expensive product, award-winning Tattoo Skins.


When it comes to making high-quality but vegan products in California, rules are applied more stringent than in any other place in the world. 

This company places its trust in superior products, American tradition, and non-toxic methods when it produces tattoo inks.

Due to their consistency and quality, Bloodline is a well-known company all over the world.

Professional tattooers will always encourage you to get this type of tattoo ink because of its value and quality.


It creates vegan tattoo inks with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, making them suitable for all skin types.

Therefore, this choice is ideal for people who have allergies or any other problem that would make them vulnerable to skin sensitivity!

The manufacturers avoid using all harmful materials during the production process.


It’s expensive to buy, but you can expect perfection with high-quality products. Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, All-Purpose Black, 8 ounces, costs you around $39.

#5.  Intenze

Origin information

Mario Barth, the creator of Intenze, founded it in 2002 in the USA. It’s a pioneer in highlighter options with bright colors and vivacious brilliance.




This American company works with artists to raise the industry’s creativity level and empowers that through inks.


Every batch is put through the third-party certification program to ensure maximum safety.

Additionally, they are vegan and meet European and American safety and quality regulations.


The products provide excellent value for tattooers who want a premium-quality option at a reasonable price. Good deal!

#6. Viking

Origin information

All of its products are made in the USA.




The popularity of ink has spread far and wide across Europe and the USA, thanks to its realistic colors. Though most are not all, they happen to sell their products in Spain.


Viking manufactures its products to professional standards, which are always non-toxic and vegan.

Although it will take several months for the tattoo to become visible, artists chose this method because it is intended to stand out in contrast to other tattoos that will be permanent.


Its top-rated products cost between $4 and $27 for ½ ounce to 4 ounces. So it’s also another good deal at an affordable price for good quality tattoo ink.

#7. World Famous

Origin information

Lou Rubino Jnr, who founded World Famous in 1962 with a body art background that has been active for more than 50 years, is one of the world’s most experienced in the tattoo industry.


World Famous


The brand has built a massive reputation in the trade for upholding the highest standards of tattoo inks. 

Its supporters are artists from around the world, famous artists, who upgrade and evolve designs into something brighter, bolder, stronger, and darker.


This patented idea created a unique blend of high-quality products and high-viscous colors. In Europe, they approve the sterilization procedure using gamma rays – resAP2008. It is also vegan and never tested on animals.


World Famous provides the best products at a budget-friendly price that makes everyone love them.

#8. Starbrite

Origin information

Starbrite has been a worldwide favorite among artists and a popular brand in the tattooing community for the last fifteen years since it was first introduced in the 1990s in the United States market.




Many tattooers have chosen to use StarBrite for its consistency and wide range of colorful inks! They were unaltered and unchanged through the years after getting their tattoo. 

Additionally, it has 170+ diverse colors for the artist to pick from, simplifying his/her work.


Starbrite colors are 100% vegan and non-toxic. Its brand has received gamma-irradiated, FDA certified and meets international health and food safety standards. Once again, all colors are made in a Class A environment with zero emissions.


The prices of this tattoo ink brand’s products are not too high compared to their products’ quality.

#9. Hawink

Origin information

In 2008, they became a tattoo supply and production company. Today they’ve developed into a business specializing in both manufacturing and sales.




Hawink is a widely-used tattoo ink brand. It is the mode of choice among professionals and people new to the business.


It uses high-quality ingredients to produce its products that will keep them flowing for long periods.

Hawink’s products do not contain harmful ingredients that can cause skin irritation, so it is safe to use.

The ink is also disinfected, which guarantees you don’t risk infection while using it.


Briefly say that this brand offers quite budget-friendly options for tattooists and wearers, ranging from $4 to $100 based on the number of colors.

#10.  Eternal

Origin information

The Eternal Ink Company has been in the tattoo industry for a long time. It all started with Terry Tramp Welker in 1980.




Many artists all over the world use Eternal company’s products, the best in the business. There is a great reward in the knowledge that the tattoo artists have confidence in us.


These products are non-toxic, safe for vegans, and glycerine-free. The brand shows us its way by establishing clear standards for the formulation of its products, the superb performance of its products, and the integrity of its ingredients.


The price varies. If you shop by color, the price is about $5 for ½ ounce, and if you shop by set, it will be about $11 at least. However, it’s not too expensive compared to other brands on our list of 10 here.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Inks Review

It’s time to dive into our top 10 best tattoo inks. We will go through their features and some issues that need improving. Let’s get started.

1.  Dynamic B00CIC80KU Black Tattoo Ink  – Best Overall




The first place belongs to the Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink for its best overall performance. This kind of tattoo ink delivers the most impressive pigment results compared to other options at a quite affordable price.


Dynamic B00CIC80KU Black Tattoo Ink

The tattoo ink is for those who seek affordable tattoo ink with high quality. It is produced by Dynamic Co., famous for excellent products at a budget-friendly cost. 

Moreover, it is quite smooth regarding the flow rate and can provide accurate detail content to shading and outlining, which outweighs other options on the list. 

Its bottle is quite compact and can last long. One more thing, it can cover wide areas with a small amount of ink. And as it covers a wide area, you don’t need to refill frequently. Also, its design can offer a shiny appearance as well.

This ink stands out with the ability to change its consistency based on environmental conditions. You will love this ink as it does not take a lot of time to dry.

A tattoo novice can even use it and get the result as the manufacturer describes.

Another good news is that Dynamic tattoo ink does not fade away after a while. The area of tattooing will get a shiny appearance over time. Due to its durable feature, it has become common among tattoo artists and wearers.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about its safety. The ink’s ingredients do not cause any irritation or allergy to your skin as they adhere to the USA’s strict standards of goods.

Problems With This Tattoo Ink

We don’t have any complaints about this kind of tattoo ink.

Advice from Experts and Users

As per experts and users, this best-overall tattoo ink will be suitable for any tattooist, from amateurs to professionals. Its ease of use, high quality of colors, and consistency will meet all your requirements.


  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Wide coverage, thus, less refill required
  • Fade-resistant formula
  • Precise colors
  • Affordable price
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for skin


  • None

2. Kuro Sumi B00NLZSJCW Tattoo Ink Lining and Shading Set – Best For Color Saturation




The runner-up of our list is the Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Lining and Shading Set. We consider this tattoo ink the best for great color saturation.

This kind of tattoo ink delivers precisely the needed tone that you expect, not too light nor too dark. 

As you might know, balancing is a critical element of tattoo inks, and this Kuro Sumi ink’s depth and saturation are quite well-balanced. This feature undoubtedly wins our hearts.


Kuro Sumi B00NLZSJCW Tattoo Ink Lining and Shading Set

Moreover, it is also ideal for those who seek an ink made of natural ingredients. As it is fully vegan-friendly, you won’t deal with any irritation and discomfort in your skin after getting a tattoo.

Notably, it is particularly designed for sensitive skin. 

With all the above outstanding features, its price is surprisingly affordable. Within its price range, you can get 12 oz of high-quality ink.

The manufacturer is also another factor that you can consider. Kuro Sumi has been one of the well-known tattoo ink makers for years. Many artists and wearers around the world love and use its ink products.

The last thing to say, this tattoo ink is made in the USA, like the Dynamic Black Tattoo ink. Therefore, you can rest assured about its safety and quality for the same reason mentioned above.

So do you want to grab this attractive offer instantly?

Problems With This Tattoo Ink

We found that this ink dries quite quickly, making it difficult for tattoo novices. You will need to tattoo perfectly from the first time, or it will dry, and you have to correct it, taking much longer to complete the session. 

Developing a non-drying formula is the solution for the company to this issue.

Advice from Experts and Users

For those who are paying attention to outlining and shading, this recommendation can deliver the best tattoos with precise colors and saturation when you do these tasks.


  • Suitable for both lining and shading
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for skin
  • Great color saturation
  • Precise color
  • Affordable price


  • Dries quickly

3.  Bloodline B077YXKZ6J Tattoo Ink – All Purpose Black – Best For Brillant Pigment




The Bloodline tattoo ink stands out among other competitors for its brilliant pigment. The ink can hold vivid colors afterward. 

Plus, if you seek a way to solve your sub-standard ink, it might be an ideal choice for you.

As its name suggests, the ink is quite versatile. The tattoo artists can use it for lining, color blocking, shading, and a variety of tattooing functions.

The ink also appears to be an ideal choice as you can apply it through various tattoo machines. Some are suitable for a motor gear brushless pen-style machine; some are great for armature bar brass coils tattoo guns.

There is a popular myth that the black pigment uses harmful ingredients, yet it is wrong with this kind of tattoo ink. It is also made in the USA so that the quality can be guaranteed.

Bloodline -All-Purpose-Black

Bloodline B077YXKZ6J Tattoo Ink

Thus, you don’t need to worry about its safety. It is skin-friendly, and you can use it on any skin type.

Finally, the price of this ink is quite competitive to those of other products out there.

Problems With This Ink

It would have gotten a higher rank on our list if the manufacturer could improve its poor packaging. The ink can bleed over its bottle, causing trouble for tattooists. 

The Bloodline should improve the package of this tattoo ink to fulfill the overall customer experience.

Advice from Experts and Users

It will be the perfect choice for a breakthrough tattoo ink that can offer special features like glowing in the UV blacklight.


  • Brilliant pigment
  • High versatility
  • Safe and suitable for all skin types
  • Made in the USA
  • Competitive price


  • Poor packaging

4.  Millennium Moms B0114UJBVI Tattoo Ink Set – Best For Stick & Poke Styles




The manufacturer Millennium Mom has been famous for its safe glow in the UV blacklight ink. And this Black Pearl ink is no exception. 

It also stands out for its stick & poke tattoo styles. It is the best choice for those who don’t utilize advanced coil or rotary machines.

This ink can come out dark perfectly, so you don’t need to utilize as much of it to create a solid line as you might with other inks.

Plus, after you apply it to the skin, it will not get botched up. Instead, it delivers even distribution on any design of tattooing.

Accordingly, you will not need to worry about contour problems as it doesn’t fade in the outlines. This feature, again, affirms that the ink is highly suitable for stick & poke tattoo designs.


Moms Portrait Combo Set Tattoo Ink

What also makes it outweigh other products is also its perfect pigmentation offering steady and stable colors on your skin.

It doesn’t cause any irritation and works perfectly regardless of any skin type and color.

One more thing, you will not worry about its price as it is quite affordable. And its origin is from the USA, so its quality is guaranteed.

Lastly, it comes in 12-ounce bottles, helping you cover a wide area of skin.

Problems With This Product

We found that this best tattoo ink that doesn’t fade can dry quite fast if you keep it uncovered, so you need to pay more attention to preserving it. The non-drying formula is the best way to deal with this problem.

Advice from Experts and Users

It might be an ideal ink for those who seek a budget-friendly ink with consistent pigmentation.


  • 12 ounces of ink per bottle for wider coverage
  • Affordable price
  • Non-blotchy feature for stick & poke tattoos
  • Consistent pigmentation
  • Made in the USA


  • Dry quickly

5.   HAWINK B07RLXM17V Tattoo Ink Set – Best For Professional Tattooists 




We consider the HAWINK tattoo ink set as the best for professional tattooists. The main reason is due to its exceptionally high quality. It delivers precise colors and doesn’t have any contour problem, helping tattoo technicians create beautiful tattoos on the skin.

Moreover, the ink can generate dynamic shades and absorb into your skin easily. Not many tattoo inks out there can perform as well as the HAWINK ink regarding this point.


HAWINK B07RLXM17V Tattoo Ink Set

It is also a perfect choice for lining and shading as it can blend well with pre-made washes. Regarding the size, it is available in a set of 7 bottles with ½ ounces of ink per bottle. You can use this set for quite a long time.

You can also rest assured about its quality as its origin is from the USA. Thus, it is safe to use on your skin.

Problems With This Product

However, its price is higher than most other tattoo inks. The manufacturer can launch sales programs like discounts, gifts to attract more buyers. 

Advice from Experts and Users

This ink is an option for professional tattoo technicians. If you just start tattooing, you want to consider other choices on the list.


  • Ideal for professional tattooists
  • Delivers precise colors
  • No contour problem
  • Create dynamic shades
  • Come in ½-ounce bottles
  • 7 staple colors
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive

6.  INTENZE Color B015EQ1Z7G Tattoo Ink Sets – Best For Safest Sterilized Inks 




The Intenze Color tattoo ink can provide desired shades for every tattoo technician.

You might be surprised to know that the well-known tattooist Mario Barth had formulated this ink. Some other masters like London Reese, Moni Marino, Mike Demasi, and Randy Engelhard also choose this brand to be on their supply shelves.

INTENZE -Tattoo-Ink-Sets

INTENZE Color B015EQ1Z7G Tattoo Ink Sets

Another most critical point why you want to pick this ink is its safety. The brand Intenze affirms that it’s the most sterilized ink available on the market after testing. Every harmful component is kept at bay from this Intenze ink.

You will also love the ink due to its non-drying formula. It aims to offer long-term services; consequently, the drying time is extended.

Another special point that is different from other products is its tamper-resistant bottle. This feature effectively prevents fake products.

And we highly evaluate this tattoo ink for its vegan-friendly ingredients; the manufacturer doesn’t carry out any animal testing for this product.

Lastly, in case you might wonder, it is made in the USA, and each color comes in a capacity of 1 ounce.

Problems With This Product

You can find it slightly difficult to break the safety seal. A new safety seal that is easier to open is the best solution for its issue.

Advice from Experts and Users

You want to go for this suggestion if you want tattoo ink from a famous brand and used by many tattoo masters. 


  • Provides many shades
  • One ounce per color
  • Safest to use
  • The most sterilized ink
  • Non-drying formula
  • Tamper-resistant bottle
  • No animal testing
  • Made in the USA


  • Hard-to-break safety seal

7. Viking Ink B07JPXGKDM Professional Tattoo Ink – Best For High Technologies




The Viking tattoo ink is reliable and impressive. The manufacturer equips many advanced technologies during the process of manufacturing in the USA.

Firstly, it features updated molecular tech to boost its quality. Also, it can give longer-lasting services with no discoloration.


VIKING INK B07JPXGKDM Professional Tattoo Ink

Second, it can be compatible with all kinds of tattoo equipment. Whether you use a coil or rotary machine or stick and poke styles, you can utilize it perfectly.

It comes in a set of black liner, white ultra, and black tribal in the size of one ounce each. All of these colors are sterilized and meet all strict standards. You can be reassured to get the best results and highest safety to use.

Moreover, the price is quite affordable. Thus with a modest budget, you can still afford the set.

Problems With This Product

The only point that undermines its overall performance is how easy it can dry if you neglect the bottle after opening.

Advice from Experts and Users

It will be a great idea for those who want budget-friendly tattoo ink with high technologies.  


  • High tech
  • Updated molecular technology
  • Long-lasting without discoloration
  • Sterilized colors
  • Affordable price
  • Made in the USA


  • Not usable if left untouched for too long

8. World Famous B010GL2V9K Tattoo Ink – Best For Intense Black Color




The World Famous Tattoo ink is the best choice for black outlining. It delivers the incredible quality of black color that you can use to outline the tattoos nicely.

Accordingly, it can amplify your tattoo design and evoke a bolder, stronger, and darker look.

Notably, its bottle is a perfectly drilled twist cap, paired with a great air-tight seal.


World Famous B010GL2V9K Tattoo Ink

This USA-made ink also gains approval from the EU for vegan-friendly ingredients known for highly strict standards.

It comes in a package of one bottle of 8 ounces. You will be able to use it for black outlining for an extended time.

Another incredible point is that it is available at a quite affordable price. With all features it boasts, it is a good bang for your buck.

Problems With This Product

Any cons? We have to say YES. We found that the design of the bottle is not good since it can leak sometimes.

Leaked product is not a good experience for either the tattoo artist or the customers. Thus, World Famous can develop a new bottle design if they want to gain trust from customers.

Advice from Experts and Users

This tattoo ink is for technicians who seek perfect inks for black outlining that can amplify their excellent black works.


  • Ideal for black outlining and black works
  • Amplifies tattoo design
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Comes in an 8-ounce bottle
  • Affordable price


  • Leaked bottle design

9.  StarBrite Colors B00R8L620G  Sterilized Tattoo Ink – Best For Fade Resistance




It might be an injustice if we don’t name the Starbrite Jet Black Sterilized Tattoo Ink on our list. It deserves the title “Top-Selling Jet Black Tattoo Ink” in the USA with all excellent features.

But one of the most outstanding features of this ink is its fade resistance, which is much more incredible than that of other inks. 

Its vivid color remains from the first day of the tattoo until many years later. In other words, the Starbrite ink’s Color stays intact and does not show smashed characteristics.


StarBrite Colors B00R8L620G Sterilized Tattoo Ink

Various ink manufacturers do not sterilize their products. That’s why customers might deal with a host of skin problems. And as for the INTENZE tattoo ink, this product is sterilized during the process for its safety. Thus, you can use it without any tension. 

What we like about this 9th spot is its intense pigmentation. This feature can reduce the frequency that you need to retouch your tattoos.

Notably, the tattoo design’s shades and lines will be shiny, silky, and sharp with this kind of ink.

Another special feature of this product is that it doesn’t require thinning, diluting, or drying at all, as you can directly use it out of the box.

Thanks to the non-drying formula, this tattoo ink can stay useful for a long period.

Problems With This Product

However, when you outline the tattoos, you probably experience the ink’s full flow.

It is best to improve the flow of the ink when opened. The brand can introduce a new design of the bottle to handle this problem.

Advice from Experts and Users

The Star brite Jet Black Sterilized Tattoo Ink is what you look for if you need a non-drying formula and fade-proof ink.


  • Fade resistance
  • Sterilized for safety to use
  • Intense pigmentation
  • Ideal for shading and lining
  • Non-drying formula
  • No requirement for thinning


  • Experience the full flow of the ink

10. Eternal B01M07AKXV Tattoo Ink Sets – Best For Colors




The final choice on our list comes to Eternal Tattoo Ink Set. It stands out for its beautiful and vivid colors that not many products can provide.

You might see it on the shelves of any tattoo ink store in the USA. This kind of ink gains such wide popularity partly due to its ease of use. Even novices can use it smoothly to create great tattoos. It is available in an ounce set, offering quite a long period of use.


Eternal B01M07AKXV Tattoo Ink Sets

This suggestion outweighs among other choices is the versatility of the colors, from the best flesh tone we have seen to an excellent Frostbite blue. We are pretty sure that these hues cannot be duplicated.

The brand Eternal Ink can also be a plus point to consider. It is trusted by many famous tattooists all over the world. Besides, it sets strict standards in every product consistency, outstanding performance, and quality ingredients.

Problems With This Product

That said, it might not be the choice for those seeking a budget-friendly tattoo ink set. The manufacturer can launch some attractive offers like discounts, gifts to buyers to make them feel this type of ink is more attainable.

Advice from Experts and Users

Those who want colorful and vivid pigments should pick this Eternal Tattoo Ink Set. You can see an excellent result in your tattoos after using this set.


  • Delivers beautiful and vivid colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Famous brand name
  • Available in 1-ounce bottles


  • Expensive

Best Tattoo Ink Buying Guide


The main concerns to consider when purchasing your favorites are ingredients, safety regulations, and a wide range of colors. 

We want to help you buy long-lasting and high-quality inks, which is why we have presented the critical criteria that you need to consider before purchasing tattoo ink below.


Most tattoo inks now do not contain heavy metals, but some produce low-quality inks with ingredients that are bad for your skin. 

That’s why you need to consider the options made of organic materials, ensuring safety for your customers’ overall health as well as their skin.

Make sure you always look at the product description before making the final buying decision.

Safety Regulations

Every product must be approved by the Health Ministries and comply with EU legislation.

There will be US brands recommended because they use good materials sourced and have certifications that meet stringent European Union regulations. 

A beginner should always consider a product from his or her favorite manufacturer.

You should avoid formula incompatibilities. Colors also work with each other, whether it’s a part of the image or in a cluster.

Wide Range Of Colors 

Whether you’re a professional tattooer or just getting inked up, you may enjoy mixing and matching tattoo inks.

Choosing brands that have a wide range of colors is a positive. 

We highly recommend the manufacturers who offer a high-quality ink cartridge set because it will give you greater productivity at a low cost.

You should also check how long it lasts. You will likely waste money if the ink expires after two or three months.


They last no longer than 12 months, and this is the deadline for disposing of opened bottles.

Most of the dead skin cells that we can see are under the epidermis. The tiny needles on the ink-delivery device are used to inject ink into the skin, thousands of pricks each minute. 

Tattoo guns can shoot up to 3,000 needles per minute, although they are usually much slower.

Most professional inks are made of metal salts or plastic additives. Traditional and homemade tattoo inks are made from blood, pen ink or dirt, and others.

More vibrant and lighter colors tend to fade quickly.

Final Thoughts

This collection of the best tattoo ink products is unique in the ability to be both wholly natural and beyond measure supernatural.

In short, these tattoo inks can mainly deliver precise colors with high durability. 

They are ideal for tattooists and wearers all around the world. If you haven’t decided which product you want to buy, you can consider our best overall recommendation – Dynamic B00CIC80KU Black Tattoo Ink.

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please let us know.

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