The 7 Best Tattoo Pen Machine Reviews – The Buying Guide

All professional artists have the best tattoo pen machine for their own. This type of tattoo device is becoming a big trend on the market. 

As tattoo pens are the upgraded version of the traditional tattoo machines, they can bring a lot of convenience to both beginners and skilled artists to make the optimal performance of body art.

We have picked out the top 7 best affordable tattoo pens on the market and reviewed them in this article. Also, we share with you some useful tips that may help you in choosing and buying them. Feel free to spend a few minutes reading it!

Tattoo Pen Vs. Tattoo Machine

What makes tattoo pens more appealing than traditional types of tattoo machines? We will explain everything to you in this section.

The conventional types are known as coil tattoo machines. Their mechanism relies on electromagnetism to spray and suck the solenoid, thereby switching the needle up and down.

On the other hand, the tattoo pen, known as a rotary tattoo device, works under the impact of a motor. The engine will provide consistent power to make the needle move up and down to release the ink evenly.

While the coil tattoo guns can only work as either a liner or a shader, the rotary can do both jobs. 

You can also notice the difference in the needle length of each type. The pens have shorter needles than the coil machines do. Pen’s needles are a little bit more expensive, but they are simpler to replace.

One big point to notice is the tattoo pens are more portable than traditional ones. Some special models of pens even have a cordless design, which gives you no limitation for working space.

7 Best Tattoo Pen Machine Reviews

Here come our 7 tattoo machine reviews. Please read each of them carefully to choose your best tattoo pen machine!

#1: Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Machine 102YMX – Best For Comfort Of Usage

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Soft and Hard Adjust Tool (Machine)

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Machine 102YMX

The first product we want to introduce to you is the Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine 102YMX. This rotary pen tattoo machine has impressed us due to its great design for the comfort of usage.

We have to give a big compliment to the ergonomic pen style of the machine. The device looks compact in shape and has super lightweight at only 0.96 pounds. You can easily hold it in your palm to do your tattooing work.

There is no need to worry about stability. The Dragonhawk has designed the machine quite well to emulate the grip of a real pen. It will not fall out of your palm, even when you draw the bold lines or do grey shades quickly.

How about efficiency? Can this pen-style tattoo machine support work at high accuracy? Our answer is yes! The powerful motor of this machine runs from 9,000 to 10,000 RPM to provide smooth rotation of the needle. There will be no vibration or mechanical sound disrupting your jobs.

Never force this pen-style rotary machine to operate too long. If the device has to work for many hours continuously, the motor may overheat. This issue may lead to the quick downgrading of the pen.


  • Ergonomic design and lightweight for high portability
  • Emulating the feel and grip of an actual pen for high stability
  • Powerful motor for vibration and mechanical sound reduction
  • Innovative, ergonomic design
  • Supporting needle stroke length adjustment


  • Not providing solid lines
  • Overheating under heavy use

#2: Ambition Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine – Best For Cordless Design


Ambition Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Needle Cartridge Machine

The Ambition Rotary Battery Pen stands on the second position of this list. What makes this tattoo machine special is its wireless design.

You don’t need any power source to connect this machine to. Instead, the device will run on 3 cordless batteries. As each battery can store about 650mAh, the total capacity will be 1,950mAh, enough for tattooing for up to 6 consecutive hours!

When the battery runs out of power, you don’t have to postpone the tattooing job for too long. This machine features a quick charging function. It only requires from 1.5 to 2 hours to be completely charged.

Like the previous product, this Ambition works very efficiently. Its Japan-made coreless tattoo motor can operate at 9,000 RPM to support solid packing colors and precise lining. 

The special thing is, this tattoo equipment will not get hot after a long time of usage. So you can rest assured of the high durability!

When unboxing, you probably will find some scratches on the pen. This issue is due to the production, packaging, and transportation processes. Overall, the pen is still a brand-new item. You definitely will have no complaint about its function.


  • 3 cordless batteries for high portability
  • Long battery life supports 5 – 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Quick charging in only 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Japanese motor running at 9,000 RPM for smooth and fast coloring
  • Solid color packing
  • Built-in display for operating mode control
  • Support needle adjustment


  • Scratches due to production, packaging, and transportation
  • Batteries not staying in place

#3: EZTAT2 Rotay Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit – Best For Motor


EZTAT2 Rotay Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit

If you require a reliable machine that works with a powerful motor, the EZTAT2 Rotay Cartridge will serve your needs at best. We don’t exaggerate, but this product is a strong beast of heavy-duty operation.

The pen is constructed with a DC motor and an EZ Filter V2 pen’s propulsion. These pieces of equipment allow the machine to work precisely and stably while giving only a small volume of mechanical noise.

Although the RPM rating of the EZTAT2 Rotay’s motor is not as high as one of the 2 above products, it is still one of the most powerful ones on the market. As the motor works fastly at 8,000 RPM, it can support a high stitch frequency range of 55-165 Hz at a power input of 15 V.

The total body of the pen has been built of a high-quality aluminum shell. This material will keep the machine functional, even though you have used the pen for many hours continuously.

We dislike the cord coming along with this product. The short length of it has limited our flexibility. You may feel quite difficult to move around while tattooing. A solution for this problem is you can buy another longer DC connector and replace it with the original one.


  • DC motor supports smoother and quieter operation with minimal vibration
  • Sleek design
  • EZ Filter V2 pen’s propulsion for precise and stable operation
  • Wide frequency bandwidth of 55-165 Hz at an input power of 15V
  • Aluminum construction for high durability
  • Support intense lines and soft shading


  • Motor moving inside the pen during operation
  • Short cord limiting movement range during work

#4: HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best For Gripping


Corn tattoo machine is a new design

You will never have to worry about controlling a tattoo pen, as long as you have the HAWINK Rotary Machine by your side. As this pen gun provides tight gripping, it will stay balanced in your palm, supporting you in tattooing at the highest accuracy.

Try holding the pen-style machine in your hand, and you surely will be amazed by how light it is! Believe it or not, the pen weighs just about 4.96 ounces. This lightweight makes the machine function like an actual pen you use for writing.

You can also grip the pen body with ease. There are many grooves around the top part of the pen style rotary machine. Place your fingers there, and you will be able to grip the machine tighter. 

Since the pen stays balanced in its position, making delicate lines and shades is just a piece of cake! 

But that’s not all the great features of this HAWINK pen. It also comes up with a motor that has powerful torque. This equipment will run at a high rating of 6,300 RPM to provide a flawless shaft rotation with weak vibration noise.

There is one thing that you need to notice if using this pen. You should never run the machine above the voltage level of 11V. Otherwise, the motor of it may overheat. This issue will lead to a quick mechanical downgrading of the machine.


  • Lightweight design for high portability
  • Grooves on the pen body for tight gripping
  • Powerful motor with high torque (rating of 6,300 RPM) for flawless shaft rotation
  • Pen-like feel
  • Wide range of tattooing voltage levels from 7V to 11V


  • Not suitable for beginner tattoo artists
  • Overheating when running above 11V

#5: RHEIN Rotary Tattoo Machines Pen EM133-1 – Best For Easy Operation


RHEIN Rotary Tattoo Machines Pen EM133-1

We have a good deal for tattoo beginners and amateurs! Please check out this RHEIN Rotary Tattoo Machines Pen EM133-1 – one of the most easy-to-use products in 2021.

You don’t have to learn how to hold and grip this pen precisely. The device has been designed with a classic style so that you can easily handle it while tattooing.

In detail, the head of this machine is wider than ones of the other common products. Its body shape is similar to a conventional pen used for writing and drawing. This design will give you the most comfortable gripping feel so that you can focus on doing the most beautiful tattoo art.

No matter if you use this pen for lining or shading tasks, it can do it all. With a stroke length of 3.2 mm and an adjustable needle’s depth of 0-4.5 mm, the pen will provide faster ink saturation. You will not require extended tattooing sessions to stitch the color on the skin.

We admit that this machine vibrates during operation. But the amount of vibration noise is not too high. Hence, rest assured that this machine will not disrupt or annoy your work!


  • Classic tattoo machine style for easy controlling the pen
  • Wide head and actual-pen body shape for tight gripping
  • Working as both a liner and a shader
  • Stroke length of 3.2 mm and needles depth of 0-4.5 mm proving solid colors of inks
  • Needle depth adjustments


  • Making a little bit of vibration during the operation

#6: TATELF G12 Complete Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit – Best For Full Pieces Of Equipment


TATELF G12 Complete Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

Why buy separate tools when you can get a complete tattoo kit? We would like to introduce to you a high-end set of tattoo equipment. Have a look at this TATELF G12 Machine Kit!

The set contains all the essential tools you require for perfect tattooing work, such as a tattoo pen machine, a tattoo power supply, and a cord (RCA bolt standard). 

Combine all these tools, and you will have a powerful tattoo machine that runs smoothly and quietly at a maximum rating of 10,000 RPM.

Besides, the TATELF company gives you 6 tattoo inks, 20 pieces of cartridge needles, and 10 ink cap cups, which you can use to practice and perform many different tattooing styles. 

The machine is also equipped with a tattoo foot pedal, which helps you control the vertical needle movement during operation. Thanks to this tool, you can make beautiful strokes, lines, and shades with simplicity.

What has not pleased us much is the cord. It is quite thin, which makes us unsure about high durability. Hopefully, the tattoo machine manufacturers can improve the product by making the cord thicker.


  • Powerful operation at a maximum rating of 10,000 RPM
  • All pieces of tattoo equipment are included for beginners and professionals to practice and use
  • Tattoo cartridge needles for practicing
  • Foot pedal for maximum needle control
  • RCA connection
  • Aviation aluminum construction for lightweight and durability
  • Supporting lining and shading
  • Digital display for absolute control of the pen


  • No case for kit protection
  • Thin cord

#7: Stigma Streamer Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen – Best For Modern Features



The final product on this list is the Stigma Streamer Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen. Staying in the last position does not mean this product has lower-quality in any way. In fact, this Stigma pen gun has many modern features that can blow your mind.

Equipped with an exclusive primary high-speed motor, this pen can stitch the tattoo inks to the human skin densely and quickly. We have been amazed by how fast the stitching speed is. Trust us! This pen definitely will support you in doing both small and big tattoo patterns.

The manufacturer applies an RCA jack connection with a light circuit board and a LED power light to the pen. After you connect the machine to the power source, the indicator light will flash on. You can see this light to determine whether the machine is running stably or not.

It will be a miss if we do not mention the needle ejection and stable bearings. These pieces of equipment can work to support releasing smooth inks at suitable pressure. In other words, the pen will not exceed force to minimize the chance of ink leakage.

Unfortunately, this product does not resist heat. If you run this lining shading machine above the voltage level of 9V, it will overheat. As a consequence, the pen will downgrade and may stop working.


  • Primary high-speed motor for dense and quick ink applying
  • Supporting tattooing both small and big patterns
  • LED light and RCA jack to indicate the constant power connection and operation stability of the pen machine
  • Needle ejection and stable bearing for correct ink releasing pressure
  • Quiet operation
  • Supporting both beginners and professional tattoo artists


  • Overheating when running above 9V

Verdict – 2 Best Choices For Tattoo Pen Machine 

All 7 mentioned products are great to use. Each one has its unique specialty to serve multiple tasks; thus, you may want to determine your using purposes to choose the most suitable product.

The same main selling point of all tattooing machines is the powerful motor. The engine of every pen can run at a high RPM rating to support precise operation and smooth ink releasing. You can make tattoo lines and shades with any machine on the list.

Overall, we like the Dragonhawk Mast Pen and the Ambition Rotary Battery Pen most. Among the 7 products, these 2 ones have the most powerful motor that runs at a high rating of 9000-10,000 RPM. 

They also support tight gripping so that you can feel comfortable while tattooing.

The Buying Guide

It is not difficult to find the best tattoo pen machine. There are several tips you can use to handpick a quality device. We explain every single tip below.

Check the types of tattooing pens!

There are 2 common kinds of tattoo pens. One is with cords, and the other has a wireless design. Both machine tattoo styles have their particular advantages and disadvantages. You want to consider carefully to choose the right product.

Specifically, the tattoo machines with cords require you to connect them to the power source the entire tattooing process. As long as the devices are plugged into an electricity source, they will work powerfully.

However, the wire design may limit your working space. You are unable to move around easily during work. Sometimes, the wire may get in your way and disrupt the tattooing process.

The wireless tattoo pens are ideal for portability. They use batteries to run. That’s why you don’t need to plug them into the power source to use them.

These wireless tattoo machines give you maximum freedom when working. Unfortunately, they have a limitation of working time. 

Depending on the capacity of the battery, a device can run for about 2 – 10 hours of tattooing. When the battery runs out of energy, you have to postpone the tattooing to recharge it unless you own spare batteries.

How Strong Is The Motor?

A powerful tattoo machine motor decides whether the pen works at high efficiency or not. You can see the motor as the heart of the device. The engine transfers the power to control the needle, making it rotate to release colors of inks.

If the motor is strong, it can deliver high energy to provide fast and smooth needle rotation. As a result, the needle can release the inks evenly. A strong motor also encourages low-noise operation, as it makes the needle move smoothly.

The Machine Should Support Customizable Features

We always advise you to get an adjustable tattoo machine. If a device supports adjustment, you can do multiple tasks with it.

The most important adjustment you require is for levels of voltage. A good machine should allow you to change the voltage level in a wide range, usually from 5V to 12V. You need this feature to adjust the machine to work as a liner or a shader.

Additionally, the device should have an adjustable stroke length. This function allows you to do the tattooing on different places of the human body.


Above are the top 7 hottest tattoo pens in the tattoo industry in 2021. Have you found the best tattoo pen machine?

We have shown you our buying tips above. Use them, and you definitely will find the most suitable pen for your tattoo style! 

In case you have more questions about this topic, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end! Many thanks for reading!

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