Best Tattoo Practice Skin – 5 Greatest Options Of All-Time

No one can deny that tattooing is a unique art. Similar to other types of painting, it requires training, time, and skill to become a true artist. Undeniably, beginners must go through an arduous path before becoming skillful tattooists.

Tattooists always aim for stability in the needle and perfection in design, as there is no second chance to correct mistakes due to the specialized demands of the work – they create the artwork directly on human skin. That’s why the tattoo industry gives birth to practice skin. 

Specifically, it is a hands-on learning material that caters to all expertise levels. The appearance of this product also gives a great opportunity to express your creativity.

Unfortunately, some people, especially the inexperienced, have difficulty choosing the best tattoo practice skin. If you have the same problem, Scroll down to find the answer!

5 Best Tattoo Practice Skin

The variety of fake skins on the market today beats your patience from the very first moment. Say goodbye to thousands of Google results and check out this part for the top picks!

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1. Yuelong Double Sides Tattoo Skin Practice – Best For Consistency

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Yuelong serves customers with a pack of 10 sheets measuring 6×8 inches. This is an optimal dimension for both novices and experienced users to practice and improve their skills.

It has a thickness just right to wrap around any body part. This flexibility greatly facilitates experimentation, especially with curves and contours. The best part is that the tattooists can work on both sides, including the outlining.

Besides, these blank tattoo skins are made from synthetic latex material. This unique and modern characteristic truly stands out from the crowd. It also results in suppleness and a human skin-like feel. Customers can then expect easy handling, which is sometimes hard to find on silicone products.

However, the strong smell is a minus point that many people find out during use. Those who have tried it also give a warning about ink smearing. It is best to keep this issue to a minimum as negligence may ruin your entire work

2. PFT Large and Medium Sizes Tattoo Practice Skins – Best For Beginners

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PFT products are a good investment for beginners who make tattoo designs regularly to perfect their skills. It comes up with two standard sizes: large (8×12 inches) and medium (6×8 inches) fake skins. This diversity is sufficient to practice any tattoo and become confident with your level.

Moderate thickness (2mm), which holds tattoo ink well, pushes your experience to the next level. Plus, the dual-use capabilities make PFT practice skin a budget-friendly learning material. Most notably, we appreciate the ink absorption of this product. Even if you forget mineral oil, the needle never fails to work smoothly.

The manufacturer deserves a round of applause due to premium material moving to the quality, as the PFT’s surface looks like real skin made from traditional synthetic silicone. It gives the tattooists a genuine feeling that they work on human body parts.

Another plus point of this option is the compatibility with many different appliances. It assists newbies in various technique experiments such as tattoo tools, machines, or stand-alone kits. PFT is the best companion for achieving the perfect freestyle level from lips or eyebrows to any other area.

3. Yuelong Tattooing Microblading Practice Skin – Best For Guaranty

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Here is another practice skin of Yuelong. It is no coincidence that this manufacturer has received great popularity from the tattoo artist community.

Similar to its cousin, the size of an individual sheet reaches 6×8 inches. It inherits all advantages such as dual-use ability, softness, and reminiscent of human skin. Indeed, it does not rule out the flexibility that allows customers to experiment on any body part.

A unique feature of this option is its material comes with silicone thread. Professional tattooists see this as a great ingredient for beginners’ practice. It also offers excellent ink retention, which is ideal for any work of art.

Last but not least, Yuelong’s fake skins often stay at top consideration of customers due to the unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you have any bad feedback, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer and get support or a refund. Needless to say, this commitment aims for long-term quality and customer fulfillment.

4. Jconly Double Sides Fake Tattoo Skin – Best For Tattoo Tool Compatibility

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Jconly sheets facilitate contouring, shading, and other tattoo techniques. Made from soft rubber that feels like human skin, it is as smooth as what you would do in real practice. In fact, tattoo artists highly recommend this product for new tattoo supply tests and adapt before practicing with clients.

There is no limit as it goes well with all machines, needles, kits, or other tools. The manufacturer guarantees an effortless transfer on a flat surface. Without a doubt, it is a wonderful learning material to improve and enrich your skills.

Besides this obvious highlight, Jconly still offers other basic features similar to the other products on this list. First, it serves on both sides that let you enjoy a doubled value of your investment.

The problem of ink smearing is also no longer a nightmare for tattooists, as the manufacturer provides a gentle and safe treatment for your design. It goes without saying that these practice skins are saviors for clumsy hands because you can easily remove unwanted stains with vaseline and a soft cloth.

Overall, it would be a big mistake to ignore its satisfaction guarantee. If you have any dissatisfaction with the quality or experience, Jconly always finds the best way to resolve it.

5. One Tattoo World OTW-TAB-8 – Best For Shading And Lining

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This OTW product certainly will not let you down if you look for quantity and quality satisfaction. At an economical price, you receive a total of 8 sheets. 

Similar to option #2, half of your pack comes up with the medium size (6×8 inch). The remaining separate pieces feature larger dimensions (8×12 inches). All are 2mm thickness optimal for tattooing.

OTW sheets are one of the most flexible options today in terms of material quality. The tattoo artist can wrap it around body parts with ease.

It has excellent color reproduction and skin-like depth, ideal for lining and shading. Feel free to take advantage of both sides to unleash your creative ideas. Some people notice slightly different feelings on each surface, but it should never be a big deal getting in the way of your design.

On the downsides, we do not recommend OTW for stenciling. Some artists also find color packing challenging with this practice skin. However, you can solve these problems with mineral oil or lubricating gels is effortless.


As you have seen above, all the recommended products can meet the basic practice demands of both beginners and experienced. Each has a few shortcomings, but we believe they do not get in the way of your experience. On the bright side, the outstanding features of these products provide great support for your creative work.

To be honest, it is unfair to label “best fake tattoo skin” for any option in this competition. These options do not have much difference in their features. However, a possible bias may go towards two items of the PFT and OTW. They are optimum in both quality and quantity for any purpose.

The Buying Guide 

Though we have made a few suggestions in the previous section, it may not satisfy you in some cases. Aspiring to bring the most useful information to readers, this part guides you in choosing the best fake skin for tattoo practice. Several factors play an important role in determining quality. Stay tuned for the details!

1. Material

This is the most important factor when it comes to the best fake skin for tattooing. The market caters to customers with many different choices. Among them, pigskin, silicone, and latex are the most popular.

The first material reproduces the properties of human skin closely. Besides, accessibility is one of its plus points. Users can buy fresh products at the market or pre-processed products in specialized stores.

Note that you should pay attention to the shelf life of this option. If not used immediately, it requires tightly wrapped and refrigerated storage. Unfortunately, the expensiveness and unpleasant smell reduce the consumption of this option quite a lot.

In comparison, silicon has a cheaper price that facilitates bulk purchasing. Novices can then practice regularly and improve their skills at fast peace.

The last one is the most expensive of these. In return, it has soft textures and a realistic appearance. Latex is also slim to provide considerable flexibility. 

2. Size

You may be mistaken that practice skins only come in two dimensions as these products in this article. In fact, manufacturers offer a variety of shapes and sizes. 

A helpful tip for you is to choose larger products than your intended image. In addition, customers pay attention to the thickness for double side usage. Though products that meet these needs cost a little more, the increased usability is well worth your investment.

3. Body Part Or Blank 

A good choice for beginners is flat sheets. The manufacturer usually calculates a moderate thickness so that the practice skin has the flexibility to wrap around any body part. Unexpectedly, some people even practice with objects such as cups or baseball bats. Flexibility remains unchanged in such cases.

However, it requires a good imagination of the artist. In other words, they must visualize how it attaches to the body part. The practice should also take place in a way that minimizes client awkwardness.

Another option with more advanced functionality is fake body parts. It comes up in the form of hands, feet, chest, etc. This realistic simulation helps the tattoo artist to feel the human body. Practicing with natural contour results in an experience closer to reality. 

Plus, it is a great idea to display your favorite designs in the store after you finish. It can become a reference product for your customers. We consider it a good upgrade for those who have accumulated basic experience. On the downside, you must have a big budget to enjoy this advantage.

How To Use Tattoo Practice Skin 

Working with fake skins is a good opportunity to develop the capabilities. Unfortunately, tattooists must make sure that they are on the right track. If you have not tried it before, refer to the steps below:

  • Collect the necessary tools for tattooing, such as thermal paper, templates, and practice skins.
  • Use a thermal printer to make a copy. 
  • Crop the image carefully and place it on the practice surface.
  • Start your art by creating the contours first.
  • Try to keep the tattoo as clean as possible. Once finished, wipe off excess ink (if any).
  • Keep shading until you see the finished outcome.

This process does not require much-advanced technique but patience and long-term maintenance to achieve the best results. On the other hand, it would help to consider a few useful tips accumulated by experienced guys: 

  • Bring the practice close to reality 

Even without clients, always follow the rules. For example, apply hygiene measures, avoid turning the paper, etc. Discipline builds a good habit for practical work.

  • Have yourself a clear workflow

A tattoo session may become messy when ink is spilled. Hence, try to build a neat routine and get used to it as you practice. You can discover its benefits as soon as you start your daily tasks.

  • Practice as much as possible

Whether working on fake skin or sketching on paper, ceaseless efforts always pay off.

**For those that prefer video consumption, here you go**


This article has just recommended some best choices for all learning purposes. No matter what level you are at, it is always necessary to take advantage of the best tattoo practice skin and enhance your skills. As the last word, we hope the information provided above can help you accomplish this goal soon.

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