10 Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago That Never Fail Your Trust

These days, tattooing has become more popular as a lifestyle, and many people now desire a unique tattoo without suffering from any risks. If it piques your interest and makes you wonder what the best tattoo shops in Chicago are, this article is all you need.

Most tattoo artists have created dependable networks on social media, which attracts people to come and get their tattoos. Should you live in Chicago and don’t know where to lay your trust, hesitate no more! Come check out our top list of the most outstanding Chicago tattoo studios below.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago

Our concern and aim are your security and pleasure, which is why we handpicked the top studios after researching their service quality.

1. The ChicagoTattooing & Piercing

Address: 1017 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/chicagotattoo/

The Chicago Tattooing And Piercing

This studio is one of Chicago’s original tattoo shops, contributing significantly to the city’s undeniably rich and diverse tattoo heritage.

They are helpful and work tirelessly. Hygiene and sanitation standards are their priorities, which enables them to accomplish various professional successes.

Dale Grande currently works at The Chicago Tattooing & Piercing studio. He began working for Cliff Raven over 50 years ago, then became the shop’s owner. 

While many artists studied their craft at this tattoo studio, the only one who worked for over three decades is David McNair. This tattoo studio and other tattoo artists like McNair put in a lot of effort to get what it is now.

2. Deluxe Tattoo

Address: 1459 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/deluxetattoochicago

Deluxe Tattoo

A tattooer established Deluxe Tattoo in 1997. They have had huge numbers of pleased clients who keep returning because of their expertise, impeccable work ethics, welcoming tone, and atmosphere.

The homepage is straightforward, but some users may find it challenging to navigate. Also, Deluxe Tattoo isn’t very active on social media, such as their Instagram account. 

That might be because of a variety of factors, but the designs they create are exceptional. Deluxe Tattoo can handle a wide range of designs from little, hardly detectable tattoos to simple black patterns, huge narrative tattoos, and even whole sleeves.

It’s unquestionably among the most adaptable venues to have a tattoo of animals, flowers, and other subjects. They only accept appointments by phone or email, so call or email before going to the place.

3. Ageless Tattoo

Address: 2407 S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60623, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/agelessartstattoo

Ageless Tattoo

Ageless Tattoo is a well-known tattoo studio. Their Instagram profile has almost 5,000 followers, and the homepage is simple and user-friendly, owning the dark style.

This tattoo shop provides various options to clients, attempting to entice new ones to take advantage of its lucrative deals. Besides, they also offer a selection of pre-made tattoos.

It also offers a Coupon system and substantial discounts to those who cannot pay for a tattoo. Besides, inviting well-known experts to perform as special guests to attract consumers is frequent.

It is easy to see their Instagram account posts a range of tattoos, showing that Ageless can design both tiny and huge tattoos. They are also delightful and professional.

It’s worth mentioning that this business employs several tattoo artists. Check out Ageless right now since it’s well worth your time.

4. Archer Avenue Tattoo

Address: 4440 S. Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60632, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/archeravenuetattoo

Archer Avenue Tattoo

When you visit Archer studio, you will meet generosity, friendliness, and the assurance that they will create a great tattoo idea that you will love. Most of their tattoo ideas are black patterns. 

If you call them, being on a waiting list before getting a new tattoo is inevitable. It’s vital to remember that you cannot just walk in. Remember to schedule an appointment because the shop is quite busy. 

People who plan for the time have the fortitude to wait with the most dependable and creative designs. Even if you want to get a piercing, Archer Tattoo also provides some safe and excellent piercings anyplace you choose.

5. Family Tattoo

Address: 2125 Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/familytatoo

Family Tattoo Studio

You won’t have to think about anything since Family Tattoo has a highly experienced staff, and above all, devoted tattoo artists. When choosing Family Tattoo, you know you are in excellent hands. They will bring your ideas to life with ink and provide helpful tips to care for your skin.

Looking at their Instagram account, it is clear that most of their tattoos are unusual, showing that they are not afraid to deal with any type of tattoo design.

Let’s contact them using the contact information we have listed above.

6. GoodKind Tattoo

Address: 3056 N. Clybourne Avenue Unit CS, Chicago, IL 60618, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/goodkindtattoo

GoodKind Tattoo Studio

Tattoo GoodKind is among the greatest tattoo shops in the town. They have strong ethical standards, as well as spotless tattoo studio facilities and top-of-the-line equipment. 

Their tattoo community is filled with unique tattoo ideas. Also, they have a readymade tattoo store from where you may pick tattoo designs for your inking. 

If you are interested in getting a tattoo from them, please contact them using the information we linked above or the form on their homepage.

GoodKind’s inking styles are vivid, intricate, colorful, and imaginative. They can certainly make their design appear as fantastic as theirs. If you check the tattoo list, you’ll see that most of their designs are colored tattoos.

7. Revolution Tattoo

Address: 2221 N. Western Ave Chicago, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/revolutiontattoo/

Revolution Tattoo

If you are searching for a tattoo shop that can offer a tattoo idea that will gain popularity quickly, here is the place to go. They are only taking bookings right now, so call or contact via their Instagram for booking.

Their Instagram profile is popular, with roughly 7000 followers. It is because they often share fantastic tattoo ideas created by a group of the greatest tattoo artists. 

They will pay attention to every single design you suggest and regularly pause if the process becomes too uncomfortable for you. 

It’s recommended to call them if you want more valuable advice on how to make your tattoo heal quickly. As we can see, their style is darker and gothic, which is ideal for those who like gloomy aesthetics.

8. Wish Me Luck Tattoo

Address: 3323 W. Armitage Avenue Chicago, IL 60647, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/wishmelucktattoo

Wish Me Luck Studio And Its Owner

Visit this tattoo shop if you are seeking an LGBT-friendly environment that’s also free of racial pressure. On their homepage, they introduce a variety of services, ranging from tattoo designs for free to donations and exclusive goods.

The tattoos are of exceptional quality. The emphasis is on creating tattoo designs that are light-toned, soft, and intricate. Also, their tattoo products have reasonable price tags, filling the atmosphere with positivity and devotion.

Lastly, we cannot leave without praising their modern and precise equipment. You won’t be worried about anything since the staff will make sure that you get the most enjoyable tattoo experience, ever.

9. Butterfat Studios

Address: 3129 W. Logan Blvd, Chicago, United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/butterstinker

Butterfat Studio

This is among the best tattoo studios located in Chicago. Esther, a certified tattoo artist with over 150K followers, but getting out about them is incredibly difficult. 

The website is a little harder to load, and there’s a good chance nobody will respond to your message. You may fill out the platform’s contact form to pitch a lovely art piece.

The tattoos themselves appear to be exceptional and professional. Most tattoo designs are precisely positioned on the body. And there is nothing preferable to having a genuine professional create your ideal tattoo. 

Their designs are frequently classic and antique in style, which is mostly feminine with meticulously detailed flower designs.

10. Brown Brothers Tattoo

Address: 904 N. California Ave. United States.

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/brownbrotherstattoo

Brown Brothers Tattoo

With a tagline like “Where Crass Is Class,” Max and his brothers, Marshall Brown, have a good sense of humor and keep people light-hearted at their modest Humboldt Park business. 

Custom patterns with complex lines, vivid colors, and a friendly attitude are their specialty. Also, both of them are pleasant to operate with and enjoy delivering the most imaginative ideas to reality.

Whenever you get a new tattoo idea, go to see Max who can deal with it to produce a stunningly designed sleeve with a distinctive style.

What Factors Determine A Good Tattoo Shop?

Here are some values that a high-quality tattoo studio must have.

1. A professional and relaxed vibe

The initial phone contact or email sets the tone for the entire process. What do you think about them? Do they appear to be interested and useful? Are they considerate? 

What is your first impression of the shop as you go in? Do you feel tense or take a big relax and breath right away? Do they greet you with a “welcome”? 

It’s a clear indicator of a quality store if they understand your demand and keep you feeling at ease.

2. Cleanliness

You can entirely rely on the constructions in this video to better understand how to tell if a tattoo shop is clean.

The cleanliness of the top-tier stores will be unquestionable. It is critical, and we cannot emphasize it enough. They should handle their equipment as if they were a dentist or doctor. 

Clinical needles and pipes should always be available. Everything should be cleaned and packed individually. With equipment that is used many times, an incubator is a must. 

This machine cleans the material regularly. Several modern studios are single-use, so an incubator isn’t necessary, but it’s still good to ask.

Artists, as well as anybody else assisting in preparing the workplace, should use rubber gloves. This is true at every stage of the procedure. Shaving, tattooing, and cleaning are all steps in the tattooing process.

During cleansing, the tattooers must place needles in clearly labeled containers, wash and wipe all with medical-grade spray, and get rid of any other things. Notice to take a check around the shop to ensure that everything is tidy.

3. The artists

While the tattoos will last a lifetime, the experience must be unforgettable as well. You’ll be investing a couple of hours with the tattooer, so take some time to know them and match them in terms of personality. Learn more about their characteristics and hobbies by looking at their profile. 

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4. Their achievements

The achievements will distinguish the top tattoo shops. It’s crucial to check out which tattoo designers appear in newspapers, win awards, and get positive feedback. Knowing that many journalists have written about a studio shows you are dealing with a reliable and competent shop.

5. The actual store

Every location has its own vibe. So, how would you feel when entering a tattoo shop? You should avoid a street tattoo shop if you want a high-quality tattoo with depth, sophisticated technique, and vibrant colors.

Final Thoughts

Although some of you may favor a specific place, all the studios mentioned above are worth dubbing the best tattoo shops in Chicago. However, before taking an appointment, consider your inking style and whether there is a reliable tattoo shop located nearby or not. 

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, this article is beneficial to you. Don’t forget to revisit us for more valuable tips and guides. Happy getting new tattoos!

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