Best Temporary Tattoos Reviews & Buying Guides

Today, we share the best temporary tattoos in 2023!

It is the very topic for those in two minds about getting a real tattoo or simply wishing to change it once in a while.

Temporary tattoos are often made with a special decal type that you can buy online easily. Then, apply them to any part of your body with some moisture. Leave the tattoos a few seconds to be transferred to the top of your skin – for a couple of weeks.

Removing the temporary tattoos is also effortless, using oil-based or rubbing alcohol. No pain, no difficulties.

Interesting enough? Keep reading here!

9 Best Temporary Tattoos

Melissa & Doug My First Temporary Tattoos – Best for Kids


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: Over 100 tattoos
  • Themes: Adventure, creatures, and sports
  • Longevity: Nearly a week
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Do you know who the biggest fan of temporary tattoos is? They are kids. Thus, we bring Melissa & Doug My First Temporary Tattoos, under your fingertips to make your kids jump to the moon.

This comes in the form of a 4-page book; each page has more than 25 tattoos. The tattoos are arranged randomly in different themes from dinosaurs, sports, pirate designs, and racing cars.

All are colorful and suitable for all skin tones.

Your kids can put on different tattoos perfectly matched with their costumes or moods. Don’t worry about the harmful effects, as the tatts are safe for even 3-year-old kids.

The application is straightforward; even kids can do the tattooing themselves. Apply the tattoos directly on the skin and place a damp cloth on the top. Remember to apply the sunscreen after the tattoos are dry – not before.

We just complain that the tattoos are thin and can shrink if you are not careful. Moreover, the removal is hard for kids since rubbing alcohol is required.


  • Very affordable
  • Various colorful designs for kids
  • Easy application


  • A little hard to remove without alcohol
  • Shrinkable when being peeled from the book

22 Sheets Mountain Temporary Tattoos Stickers – Best for Natural-Lovers


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 22 sheets
  • Themes: Mountain designs
  • Longevity: 2 to 5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Hotoyannia Store offers you 22 sheets of Mountain Temporary Tattoos Stickers so that you can choose designs that fit your personality the best. There are mountains, moons, trees, wildlife, ocean waves variations- all small black tattoos to place pretty anywhere.

For adults, each tattoo has its meaning.

When it comes to mountain-related designs, they symbolize life’s journeys and adventures. By having a mountain tattoo, you can show other people that you are strong, active, and adore Mother nature.

Interestingly, a mountain with some mist or fog gives off an impression of mysteriousness. It can show an attractive side of you!

The ingredients are safe for all ages, so you will not be worried about applying them to your body. The removal is easy with some baby oil.

On the downside, the tattoos stay vivid only for a couple of days before they start to fade – quite a short longevity.


  • Cheap for 22 beautiful tattoos
  • Detailed and complicated designs
  • Small enough to place pretty anywhere
  • Straightforward application and removal


  • Short longevity
  • Only black color

Yazhiji Store Full Arm Waterproof Temporary Tattoos – Best For Women’s Arms


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 18 designs
  • Themes: Arts and flowers
  • Longevity: 3 to 5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

A full-sleeve or half-sleeve tattoo is genuinely an art. It is often large and takes hours to complete. However, you can now get a flower-themed sleeve tattoo for just minutes using the stick-on temporary tattoos of Yazhiji Store, ladies!

There are eight sheets of nearly 23 inches covering the whole arms and ten sheets of over nine inches for half arms. You can pick up tattoos based on your costume and the special vacations.

We like art the most.

First is the classic blackwork that is bold and stark-constructive on your skin. The light drawing lines allow people to read the tattoo’s exact details – even on a small scale.

The second is watercolor tattoos. The work looks like an artist painted colorful flowers on your skin. It is thanks to the high-quality ink ingredients and fine line work.

Both the themes are close to the actual tattoos.

So far, so good – except that the tattoos rub off quickly after being applied to your skin for a couple of hours. You had better wrap it and avoid contacting other places until it completely sticks on.


  • Realistic looking on the skin
  • Detailed tattoo work
  • Both primary and modern watercolor designs
  • High-quality and safe ingredients
  • Easy to apply and remove the tattoos


  • A bit expensive
  • Short longevity
  • Quickly rubbed off at first

CARGEN Vintage Sticker Flower Arm Rose Tattoos – Best Old-school Temporary Tattoos


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 9 sheets
  • Themes: Old-school designs
  • Longevity: 3 to 5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

An old-styled tattoo is often compared to old wine, which holds a higher value over time. It does not go out of style. In contrast, old-school designs give off a heavy and solid feeling to be preferred through the test of time. CARGEN Vintage Sticker is an example.

A package contains nine sheets of vintage designs such as roses, swallows, demon eyes, swords, sun, butterflies, and more. You can wear these tattoos at punk parties and occasions such as Halloween or masquerade.

The tattoos vary from small to large sizes so that you can apply them to any body parts of your choice. The colors of small tattoos look real on all skin types and last for around five days at max.

However, some parts of large tattoos seem blurry a little as they have been printed too wide.


  • Affordable for nine sheets
  • Various old-school designs
  • Vibrant and real-like colors
  • Different sizes available of your choice


  • Blurry spots on large designs

COKTAK 12Pieces/Lot 3D Watercolor Lavender Flower – Best Flower-Themed Tattoos


  • Type: Decal watercolor tattoos
  • The number of designs: 12 tattoos
  • Themes: Flower designs
  • Longevity: 3 to 5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Flowers are commonly chosen for tattoos, thinking each blossom has a symbolic meaning. Not to mention, flowers can be small or large, single or in a bunch, to cover different parts of your skin.

Here we introduce COKTAK 12Pieces/Lot 3D Watercolor Lavender Flower set of lavender.

This flower symbolizes devotion, purity, and love with a feminal gentle shade of purple. The color also represents luxury, elegance, and refinement. Another meaning of lavender is silence and calmness for the fact that lavender is used to reduce anxiety and stress.

If you want tattoos with such meanings, you can choose among 12 decal stick-on options in the package. They might differ in colors, the number of lavender flowers, and shapes, yet all are vivid watercolors. Imagine how charming and enchanting your are when adding a femnine touch on your collarbone

You have various options as far as the temporary tattoo’s placement goes. Small shapes look the best on the forearm, and the large ones can drape over your shoulder.

Be careful while peeling off the paper’s tattoos and applying them to your skin; these stick-on decal designs are thin enough to get wrapped.


  • The meaningful lavender designs
  • Beautiful watercolors on all skins
  • Different sizes and shapes provided


  • Very thin and able to get wrapped
  • Faded if soaked in water for a long time (despite being waterproof)

Everjoy Realistic Temporary Tattoos – Best Inspirational Tattoos


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • Number of designs: 20 individual lines
  • Themes: Inspirational quotes designs
  • Longevity: 5 to 7 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Indeed, a picture of tattoos can tell a thousand words, meaning they can indicate much about your personality. You should not underestimate the power of words on their own, though.

That’s why Inspirational quote tattoos of Everjoy Store is worth a slot on this list. They are ideal for introducing your lifestyle attitudes directly, and they can also cheer up whoever sees the tattoos.

One package has 20 different quotes in different fonts, sizes, and arrangements, such as “To thine own self be true,” “Breathe,” “Happiness only real when shared,” etc. You can easily stick the tattoos on the forearm, side of the ribs, upper back, or nape.

The tattoos remain for up to a week, and you can change the quotes.

All the quotes are motivational. Nevertheless, it would be even better if we could customize the quotes to be our favorite ones.


  • Inspirational quotes
  • Real-like as the permanent tattoos
  • Ease of application and removal
  • Better longevity than other decal tattoos


  • Expensive
  • Some hard-to-read fonts
  • Unable to customize the quotes

Inkbox Temporary Tattoos, Semi-Permanent Tattoos – Best Decal Tattoo For Longevity


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 1
  • Themes: 24 minimalistic designs
  • Longevity: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Inkbox is among the most famous companies that offer high-quality temporary tattoos. Thus, the company is on the list with its iconic Inkbox Temporary Tattoos and Semi-Permanent Tattoos.

Unlike stick-on tattoos, which fade after three or five days, the Inkbox’s temporary designs last much longer – up to two weeks. Moreover, the color needs at least 24 hours to develop its full details.

Such longevity is thanks to its ink made from plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients that will react with collagen and skin proteins. As a result, the ink naturally sinks into your skin rather than just sticking on the top like others. The tattoos are in light blue or green shade at first, darken then disappear.

The design is what we like the least, though. There is only one kind of design on each package.


  • Long-lasting temporary tattoos
  • Safe and vegan ingredients
  • Changes of color after time


  • Very expensive
  • Only a design in one package

d’IRIS studio Store Blacklight Glow Party Temporary – Best Neon Temporary Tattoo


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 4
  • Themes: Neon animal designs
  • Longevity: 3 to 5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Designs of the d’IRIS studio Store have two versions: the traditional black and the glow-in-the-dark tattoos under a blacklight. Besides snakes, you can also pick up aliens, butterflies, or roses.

The glowing effect is due to ingredients that are reactive to UV light, such as Acrylates copolymer, petrolatum, propylene glycol, etc. The formula is non-toxic and safe on your skin.

Despite being added the glowing substances being added, the temporary tattoos remain their characteristics: the regular black color, the longevity, and the application.

Only removal is a problem. You must scrub the tattoo very hard, using lotion, tired alcohol, or oil.


  • Vivid neon colors in the dark
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Straightforward to apply


  • Hard to take off

EGM BGM 52 Sheets Small Temporary Tattoos – Best Tiny Tattoos


  • Type: Decal stick-on tattoos
  • The number of designs: 52
  • Themes: Animals, tribal, quote designs, etc.
  • Longevity: 4 to 7 days
  • Waterproof: Yes

Detailed review:

Supposing you want to test out several small tattoos, you can pick some from the EGM BGM 52 Sheets Small Temporary Tattoos collection. It was initially developed for kids with many cute animals, tribes, quotes, spaces, and pirates. However, adults can also find some meaningful icons there.

Tiny tattoos are growing their popularity since they look cute and discreet. They can be placed on every part of your body from the ankle to the fingers and make a little surprise for others.

Small sizes are hard to cut out, though.

The ink is black and shows itself vivid on skin tones. Then, the tattoos can last for three or five days rather than a week as advertised.


  • Up to 52 designs provided
  • Various tiny sizes
  • Different themes for both children and adults
  • Vivid black color on skin


  • Hard to cut off from the paper
  • Short longevity on the skin

How To Choose The Best Temporary Tattoos?

The following buying guide is helpful if you still cannot decide what temporary tattoos to buy.


The temporary tattoos mentioned above are mostly decal tattoos. However, there are three main types of temporary tattoos:

Press-on Decal Custom

This is the simplest type of temporary tattoo, made by printing your selected image onto a designated paper coated with a protective transfer film.

The application is to moisten the paper and place the ink-side down onto your skin. The tattoo, then, is transferred to your skin.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Some people complain that temporary decal tattoos look cheap and unreal enough. They prefer airbrush tattoos instead. As the name suggests, airbrush versions look like body paint and are more vivid.

However, you need a skillful artist to draw the tattoo and apply the airbrush evenly to your skin.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Henna is a plant-based paste that can draw directly on your body with a cone to make a temporary tattoo. It takes a few hours for the henna’s dye to bind with your skin’s keratin, giving the actual color: orange-red brown. The tattoo, then, lasts for a couple of weeks.

This type of tattoo is easy to use. You can draw some simple icons, and it is cool enough.



The main ingredient of temporary decal tattoos is synthetic polymers, which are cheap and possibly chemically manipulated. You should buy the tattoos from branded manufacturers.


Temporary tattoos are removable or naturally disappear after a while due to their varnishes – mostly acrylic varnishes that contain resin, drying oil, and thinners.


Colorants, known as pigments or dyes, are added to emphasize the color of temporary tattoos. If you see these ingredients on the decal tattoos, airbrush, or henna inks, make sure they are approved ingredients by the FDA or U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Henna paste

Unlike decal or airbrush temporary tattoos that might include chemical ingredients, henna inks are organic and completely natural from crumbled or dried henna plants. It looks brownish or reddish on the skin. Its safety is so reliable that even pregnant women can use henna.

If it is black, the henna contains artificial ingredients that are not good. You should stay away from such henna.

Waterproof Ability

You will not want the temporary tattoos to come off under a shower or pool, right? Then, choose those having active water-resistant ingredients,

The Longevity

Decal stick-on tattoos and airbrush tattoos have a longevity of three to seven days. Henna ink can last longer – for two or three weeks.

There are exceptions on the market. For example, Ephemeral or Inkbox tattoos are made to stay on your skin for months to a year.

What to choose depends on how frequently you want to change your tattoos!

Removal Methods

Most temporary tattoos can be removed easily with a make-up silicone remover, witch hazel, or natural oils.

Be gentle on your skin when applying or removing a temporary tattoo. Never choose a tattoo that takes hours to get rid of!


Why Should You Try Temporary Tattoos?

We have three reasons that will persuade you to get a temporary tattoo today:

Minimal commitment

You are worried too much about a real tattoo, say, “whether it suits me or not?”; or “Is getting tattoos painful?”.

Then, a temporary tattoo will ease your mind.

Applying or removing it is hardly sore. Or, you can get rid of the tattoos in minutes if it does not look good. Finally, the tattoos disappear in a few weeks before you can try the new ones.


Ask the tattoo artists to make a decal or airbrush tattoo for you first as a sample. That way, you can preview the design, placement, and size of a permanent tattoo in the future.

Prank your friends or family members

Imagine putting on a temporary tattoo and showing it in front of your friends. Just pretend it is real, and they will admire your coolness.

Or, show it to your strict parents as a prank. They might be upset at first but turn out laughing in the end.

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe?

Since the ingredients of mentioned temporary tattoos are either natural or FDA-approved, they are generally safe to use.

However, some people might have sensitive skin or allergies to some ingredients. Some adverse effects are blisters, skin redness, skin pigmentation loss, increased sunlight sensitivity, etc. They often occur a couple of weeks after you apply a temporary tattoo.

For your sake – always scan all ingredients in advance to find potentially dangerous substances. Moreover, remove the tattoo immediately if you start feeling uncomfortable on your skin.

How Long Does A Temporary Tattoo Last?

The longevity of temporary tattoos links to their types – from three days at least and a year at max.

You can refer to the ideal longevity suggested by the manufacturers and the practical longevity reviewed by the customers.

Moreover, you can make the tattoos more durable by following the tips we share below.

How to Apply for Temporary Tattoos Properly?

You can find some ready-to-stick-on decal temporary tattoos we reviewed just now to get cool designs on your body quickly. This type is the most straightforward to use.

Otherwise, if you want customized tattoos, you should hire an artist to draw them with henna or airbrush inks. These tattoos are more true in colors than stick-on tattoos.

How Do You Make Temporary Tattoos Look Real?

Since temporary tattoos are not real tattoos, they look fake. Thus, you might hesitate.

From our experience, henna or airbrush tattoos are vivid and real-like, as long as you have a skillful artist to draw the designs.

The fake-looking happens with the decal stick-on tattoos, though. We have some tips to make your favorite temporary tattoos real!

  • Shave the ready-to-tattoo parts of your body and clean them with rubbing alcohol.
  • Next, place the decal face-down on the position you wish to get the tattoo on and apply a damp sponge on its top.
  • Check the instructions of the manufacturers to know how long to remain the sponge – typically, around half or one minute.
  • Then, slowly peel off the protective backing. You had better apply the sponge a little longer on the difficult-to-peel parts.
  • Apply the newly-tattooed parts with sheer power, such as cosmetic powder or baby powder, to get a more matte finish.
  • Coat the temporary tattoo with a tattoo-designed spray. This eventual step, if any, will make your tattoo more realistic and durable.

Can You Shower with Temporary Tattoos?

Most temporary tattoos are water-resistant. It means you can take a shower. Nonetheless, if you soak too long in chlorinated water, the tattoo can fade and finally go off.

Still, take a step forward to improve the waterproofing of those tattoos. For example, apply baby powder, hair spray, sports painting, or vaseline on the surface of tattoos before having a shower. These ingredients are water-proof and feel comfortable on your skin.

Wrapping Up

All the best temporary tattoos are at your fingertips, along with detailed reviews and buying guides. Thus, give them a try the next time you plan to get a tattoo.

Of all, we like the EGM BGM 52 Sheets Small Temporary Tattoos most since various themes are available to try on, from animals to universals. It is also cheap and safe for use.

And you, what is your favorite tattoo out of the list?

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