The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews In 2021

Why use the corded makeup tattoo pens when you can get the best wireless tattoo machine

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This type of portable product can run continuously for many hours with the equipped battery as its power source. You never worry about the cables or power cords getting in your way while tattooing ever again.

We have picked and reviewed the top 7 best affordable tattoo machines for body art in the tattoo industry in 2021. You can scroll down to see them and buy one!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews

Here come our top-picked products. Please read each review carefully to find the best wireless tattoo machine!

#1: Ambition Rotary Battery Pen – Best For Strong Battery


Ambition Rotary Battery Pen

The Ambition Rotary Battery Pen will be the best partner for anyone who has big tattooing tasks to do. We give a big compliment to the detachable battery of this product.

In detail, this rotary pen comes up with 3 Lithium batteries (650mAh each). With a capacity of 1,950 mAh on total count, they allow the pen to create ink for up to 8 hours continuously. No bulky cords are required for the power supply!

This machine has a built-in wireless coreless motor made in Japan, running on a voltage of 10V with a power of 9,000 RPM. The impressive thing is, this motor does not get hot after working for a long period.

Long battery life does not mean long charging time. This product only takes about 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged. You can also buy more batteries from the manufacturer to replace the low-energy ones for uninterrupted work.

How about the operation of this machine? Its wide applications will support you in completing multiple tasks. It gets along well with all needle cartridges systems to provide great bold lines and shades.

After unboxing the product, you may notice some scratches on the LCD screen. As the manufacturers have said, the issue is due to the packaging and transportation. You can rest assured that all products are brand new.


  • Three 650mAh Lithium batteries lasting long up to 8 hours
  • Quick charging of 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Strong Japan-made motor working at 9,000 RPM
  • Supports all cartridge needles systems
  • Ergonomic design


  • Scratches on LCD due to packaging and transportation
  • RCA connector not included

#2: Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine – Best For LCD Screen With Adjustment


Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

The second product on our list is the Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo machine. What makes this product special is its high-end built-in LCD screen. It will give you a lot of convenience while tattooing.

This screen is placed right on the top of the pen. You can easily keep track of your working progress, as it shows many specifications such as running time, voltage, and capacity.

There are 3 small buttons under this display. The biggest one on top is for setting the machine on and off. You can use the other 2 switches to adjust the level of voltage of the rotary pen.

Like the Ambition Rotary Pen, this Mast Archer supports inking for a maximum of 8 hours. The batteries of this machine have a longer life than those of the previous product, as they have a total capacity of 2,000mAh.

Keep in mind that the higher the voltage is, the quicker the battery will run out. But even if you have used all the power of the pen, you can still recharge and reuse it after 2 hours.

We give a plus point to the flexibility of this pen. Thanks to the versatile stroke length of 3.5 mm, this machine can work as either a liner or a shade to help you do different kinds of tattooing styles.

What turns this product down is, it does not provide the hit as strongly as a corded tattoo machine. That’s why it may take a little longer of your time to tattoo solid color. But if you only need a machine to do smooth lines and shades, this product will give you the best help.


  • LCD screen showing time, capacity, and voltage
  • 3 small buttons for voltage and power adjustment
  • Strong 2,000mAh batteries lasting up to 8 hours
  • Battery charger supports quick charging in only 2 hours
  • 3.5mm of needle stroke length supports lining and shading


  • Not provide a strong color hit as a corded machine does
  • Scratches on the LCD screen due to transportation

#3: Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine – Best For Smooth And Quiet Operation


Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine

The Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine has attracted many professional tattoo artists on the market due to its flexible pen designs. If you need a machine that works smoothly and silently, we recommend you this Mast Tour!

This Mast tattoo machine features a non-cable motor made in Japan that works powerfully to provide hard hits. With the power of this engine, you can make perfect tattoos with precise solid color packing, black and grey shading, and lining!

Your work will never get disrupted, as the pen gives only small sounds during the operation. The special mechanism of the motor allows the pen to rotate smoothly and stitch at a frequency of 25 – 160 Hz, exuding less annoying noise.

Suppose you need different types of needles to tattoo different styles. In this case, the Mast Tour can also help you. All you need to do is twist its body. The stroke length will then increase and decrease as you desire.

Sometimes, the battery may wiggle free from the rotary pen during the work. Our advice is to put a small piece of scotch tape or paper on it. This will help prevent the battery from moving.


  • Cordless motor supports solid packing, shading, and lining
  • Special mechanism minimizing noise during operation
  • Adjustable body for maximum needle control
  • Balanced design


  • Battery wiggling free from the wireless machine
  • Lasting up only for about 3 – 6 hours for a single battery charge

#4: Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best For Full Pieces Of Makeup Tattoo Equipment


Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

You don’t need to prepare anything other than this Stigma Tattoo Machine Kit after the purchase. It contains all the essential tools you require for a wonderful wireless tattooing work.

The most impressive part of this kit is the Stigma EM125 pen gun. With a heavy-duty Space Aluminum construction, the pen-style tattoo machine will be sturdy enough to serve you for many seasons to come.

Inside this pen, the Stigma company has installed a Japan motor that runs at 8,000 RPM and an advanced gear system. These 2 pieces of equipment will combine to provide a reliable and silent operation. You will notice no vibration from the pen during the work!

We appreciate that the manufacturers give 2 batteries in the package, although the machine only needs one. When the machine runs out of power, you can replace the wireless battery and continue the work. 

The EM125 model works well with all types of cartridge-compatible needles. You use the machine as a tattoo liner, change the voltage from  8 to 11V. If you want to do shading, adjust the voltage in the range between 6 and 9V.

You may feel disappointed with the battery life of this product. Depending on the voltage you use, the battery only works for about 2 – 4 hours. Of course, you can switch between the 2 batteries, but this work will be a little bit annoying when you are in the middle of a big task.


  • Heavy-duty Space Aluminum construction for high durability
  • Japan motor running at 8,000 RPM supports silent operation
  • All cartridge needles compatible
  • A battery pack included
  • Adjustable operating modes


  • No ink included
  • Low battery capacity of 1,500mAh

#5: Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit – Best For Comfort In Tattooing


Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit

Many portable pen tattoo machines are very difficult to control. But this Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit is an exception. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, this pen gun will stay in place when you do your tattooing work.

Just hold the pen in your palm, and you will feel the lightweight of this pen. Specifically, this product is only 4.96 ounces. You can easily grip the surface of it and perform the most precise tattoo.

There are many grooves on the above side of the pen body. You can put your fingers there to grip the pen tighter when tattooing. Thanks to this special design, it will not move or slip out of your hands during the operation.

We confirm that this rotary machine supports smooth tattooing. The high-quality motor with its strong torque will provide a flawless rotation of the shaft to give the best result of either lining or shading.

The battery features a button, which you can use to adjust the voltage levels from 5, 6.5, 8, 9.5, to 11V. The level will increase by one after you click it one time. Your only job is to decide how much power you need to do your work.

Here is an important note! Never adjust the voltage of this pen too high, or else its motor may overheat. As a consequence, the machine will wear out and stop working.


  • Lightweight for high portability
  • Grooves on the top pen side provide a tight and comfortable grip
  • Motor with a strong torque supports smooth shaft rotation
  • Adjustable levels of voltage from 5 to 11V


  • Low battery capacity of 1,500mAh
  • Overheating at high voltage response

#6: Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best For Self-Protection Function


Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

The next product we want to share with you is the Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine. The manufacturers have designed a special function that allows the machine to protect itself for high durability.

In detail, the machine system can detect the situations when the battery voltage is lower than 6V or when the motor goes over its maximum load capacity. 

If this case happens, the system will transfer a signal to the main motor to flash a red light and shut it down. Thanks to this feature, you can prevent the machine engine from overheating and mechanical downgrading.

The Solong Tattoo Kit also features a magnetical pen base. When you put the machine on this base, the magnetron switch inside the base will turn on the Standby Mode of the pen and stop it from working. After you take the pen out of the case, it will turn on and get back to work.

This magnetron case allows you to quickly turn the machine on and off for emergency cases. For example, when you are in the middle of work and suddenly have a phone call. You can temporarily turn off the pen and use it later instead of completely shut down it.

Among 7 products on this list, this Solong Tattoo has the lowest battery capacity of 760mAh. The pen can run for only 2 – 3 hours, depending on the voltage you set up for it.


  • Self-protection function preventing overheating and mechanical wearing
  • Magnetic feature of pen base supports convenience of usage
  • High-tech gear system providing smooth and quiet operation
  • 9 levels of voltage for liner and shader


  • Low battery capacity of 760mAh
  • Inconsistent buttons

#7: Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen – Best For Flexible Tattoo Power Supply


Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen

Last but not least, we want to introduce to you this Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen. The manufacturers have designed the pen with their exclusive Javelin Matrix Power Supply to make it both portable and convenient to use.

This tattoo machine Power Supply can be detached or attached to the rotary pen throughout an RCA Connector. It contains a rechargeable Lithium Battery with a high capacity of 2,000mAh that supports cordless inking for 5 hours with no disruption.

You will need this Javelin Matrix to make changes to your pen. The equipment contains a LED screen, along with a switch that helps you increase or reduce the pen voltage.

Besides the voltage indication, this LED rotary tattoo equipment also shows the amount of energy left in the wireless power supply. All you need to do is click on the “right-arrow” switch to change the voltage indicator to the % battery indicator.

This product has left a big impression on us due to its high versatility. The powerful motor of the device can run at a high power of 4.5 watts to rotate the 3.5-mm stroke smoothly. No matter if you use the pen as a liner or shader, it will help you make the tattoo of the highest quality.

There is one thing to remember while using this product. The cartridges tattoo needles of this Javelin may get hot and burn if it has to work for a long period. We advise you to let the needle rest and replace it with another after a few hours of use.


  • Detachable Javelin Matrix Power Supply
  • RCA Connection
  • LED screen showing charging light, % battery, and voltage
  • Adjustable voltage from 0 – 12V
  • 4.5-watt motor delivering the 3.5-mm stroke smoothly


  • Needles getting hot if working for a long period
  • 20 included inks can not be applied to human skin


The same points of all products above are the wireless feature and lightweight design. These cordless tattoo machines give you no limitation for the working space. As there is no need for cord connections, you can bring the pen with you to go anywhere you want. 

Each wireless tattoo machine has its specialty to serve different purposes. But overall, we like the products #1 and #2 of the 2 tattoo machine brands – Ambition and Mast Archer most.

These 2 products have the highest battery capacity to serve you up to 8 hours continuously. Also, they both feature powerful motors and adjustable voltages to work as either liner or shader. With the help of them, you can do multiple tattooing tasks with ease.

The Buying Guide


There are various things to check if you want to get the best wireless tattoo machine. In this section, we will summarize all the most important factors to look for.

How Good Is The Battery Life?

It is not good if the pen stops working in the middle of the work. You must postpone the tattooing session to either switch batteries or worse, wait for them to charge.

We always recommend you get a wireless tattoo pen that has a high capacity of battery. The higher the battery life is, the longer you can do your work.

A good rechargeable battery should last about 5 – 6 hours for a single charge. In some high-end models, the capacity can go up to 1,900mAh to 2,000mAh, which supports continuous operation for up to 8 hours.

The Machine Should Have Adjustable Voltage Levels

The rotary tattoo pen can provide different amounts of ink, depending on the battery’s voltage. If the machine has an adjustable voltage function, it can be used for multiple purposes.

For example, you can increase the voltage of the pen to make it release a lot of ink for the machine to work as a liner. In contrast, you can decrease the amount of voltage to make the pen work as a shader.

When buying, you want to check whether the pen has a wide range of tattooing voltage levels or not. A good product should allow you to change the voltage from 5V to 11V.

Check The Power Of The Motor!

The more powerful the motor is, the more convenient you can create your body art. This tattoo power device helps rotate the stroke to release the ink you use.

If the engine is weak, you cannot tattoo solid color on the skin. That’s why the tattooing job may take longer to complete than expected. 

We advise you to buy a wireless tattoo gun whose motor runs at a high power of 8,000RPM or 9,000RPM. At high speed of rotation, the stroke will release smooth ink. Also, if the needles rotate fastly, it will not give annoying mechanical vibration and noise.

Can The Rotary Pen Protect Itself?

Some modern wireless tattoo pens have special functions that allow them to protect themselves. Don’t underestimate this feature, as it helps extend the durability of the machine.

For example, when the voltage overloads, the special system will signal the motor to stop it from working. This action will prevent the machine from overheating and mechanical downgrading.

Some models come with a magnetic base. You can put your pen on this case, then the magnetic equipment will automatically turn the machine to its Stand-By mode. With this help, the machine will always be ready to operate, but it will not constantly consume energy in the battery.


In the wireless revolution in 2021, surely the cordless ink machines will take more advantages than those with wires.

Above are our top picks of the 7 best products. Have you found the best wireless tattoo machine to use in your tattoo salon?

Anyway, we have shown you our tips to buy the right wireless rotary pen. Remember them, and you definitely will make the best choice for tattoo tools! 

You can also refer to our 2 best recommended cordless tattoo machines above. They are the latest models in 2021 that will serve you at best!

And now, our article will come to an end! Many thanks for reading!

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