Can You Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding? IS IT SAFE?

A case of tattooing while breastfeeding in Australia has aroused concern from all over the world. Some people think getting a tattoo during breastfeeding is not suitable and even illegal because the tattooing process will affect the milk then affect the baby. Meanwhile, others argue that there is no scientific basis to get a tattoo … Read more


What Should You NOT Say To A Tattoo Artist?

It’s crucial to remember that a tattoo artist is a qualified expert while working with them. However, it’s also essential to know how to treat them respectfully.  When customers are demanding, it may be taxing for tattoo artists, who work long hours in awkward postures to create everlasting masterpieces. So what should you not say … Read more


How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Tattoo?

Social prejudice and generation gaps make your parents hesitant to allow a mark on the body. Usually, addressing the idea of tattoos even makes arguments occur. So, how to convince your parents to get a tattoo cleverly? This concise post gives you detailed guidance along with some useful tips! How To Convince Your Parents To … Read more