How To Get Tattoo Ideas? The ONLY Guide You Need To Read


Apparently, getting tattoos is one way to show your personality or mark a special thing, person and event in your life. It’s even more exciting if you are looking for your first body art, you will definitely want a unique and special image. Yet, the higher expectation you have, the harder you can find a …

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Important Notes: What To Eat Before Getting A Tattoo?

what-to eat-before-getting-a-tattoo

The process of getting a tattoo will cause some minor wounds on your delicate skin. Typically, most people wrongly think that they only need to look after their tattoo area carefully after getting it done. However, this is such a wrong way of thinking.  In fact, eating prior to the tattoo is also essential, and …

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10 Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago That Never Fail Your Trust


These days, tattooing has become more popular as a lifestyle, and many people now desire a unique tattoo without suffering from any risks. If it piques your interest and makes you wonder what the best tattoo shops in Chicago are, this article is all you need. Most tattoo artists have created dependable networks on social …

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How Much To Tip Tattoo Artist? 5 Things You Should Know


Tipping is a kind of etiquette that expresses our appreciation for a satisfying service. So yes, tattoo etiquette does mean the same. The tattoo has long been existing and overcomes thousands of stylistic shifts as well as harsh hurdles. Now that tattooing is recognized as an art form, tattoo artists become real art makers.  So …

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