How To Stop Tattoo Itching For First-Timers

It is likely that you will get very itchy at the same spot the artist applies ink on, but that’s your body’s natural reaction to the wound. If you are worried about damaging the design, scroll down to read a detailed article about how to stop tattoo itching for first-timers! Why is my tattoo itchy? … Read more


Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting A Tattoo?

As we know, to own a beautiful tattoo, you need not only a good tattoo artist but also essential aftercare tips. Specifically, getting a tattoo requires proper behavior in order to get good quality ink. Sometimes, you’d have to go beyond and do more than find a professional and certified tattoo artist to be responsible.  … Read more


How To Protect A Tattoo While Working?

Finishing the tattoo isn’t done. You should exercise caution as a new tattoo owner. It is true not only throughout the healing phase but also daily to maintain the health of your tattoo. If you’re not careful, a new tattoo may become a medical issue. For that reason, you must be wondering: “How to protect … Read more


How Many Times A Day Should I Wash My Tattoo?

For first-timers, a lot of questions might pop up in mind when it comes to the tattoo aftercare process. How many times a day should I wash my tattoo? When should I first wash my new tattoo? Well, understanding this aftercare knowledge will decide if a new tattoo is well-healed, long-lasting, or warp and uneven. … Read more

how-long-doe- it-take-for-a-tattoo-to-peel

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Peel?

After a lot of consideration, you got the first tattoo of your life. Out of the blue, you realize your skin peels off after a few days. For sunburn or allergies, this sign indicates bad things. But in your case, it means the body is slowly recovering. How long does it take for a tattoo … Read more