Tattoo Blowout

What To Do if Tattoo Lines Are Too Thick?

Thicker lines after tattooing are often resulting from incorrect tattooing techniques by inexperienced artists, also known as blowouts.  A tattoo blowout occurs when the artist exerts too much pressure on the skin, which can cause the tattoo ink to seep more deeply into the skin, into the fat layer, to be exact. The result is that the … Read more


How Long Between Tattoo Sessions?

You must be eager to get another tattoo after you’ve experienced the joy of tattooing yourself. That’s when we suggest you hold back that thought for a while. Even if you’re ready to get another tattoo again, your body most likely isn’t. When you get a tattoo, your body undergoes minor stress. So getting another … Read more


What Happens To Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

Nowadays, many people have put enormous effort into getting rid of their extra weight. Besides the health benefits that come along with having more lean mass and less body fat, slimming down your body can bring about significant alterations as to how you might look. Therefore, it is only natural that you find yourself pondering … Read more


Can A Tattoo Artist Have Herpes?

Herpes and tattoos are both controversial, so it seems contentious when we put them next to each other. When thinking about it, it’s easy to believe that those who contracted blood-borne diseases should neither tattoo others nor get tattoos. But, what’s the truth? Can a tattoo artist have herpes? And Can a herpes-contracted person get … Read more