Tattoo Pain Vs Childbirth: Which Is More Painful?

Pain is apparently the biggest thing that most people wonder about when they think about getting a tattoo. Imagine the tattoo needle is piercing the skin to etch out a permanent piece of art; it should be painful, shouldn’t it?  Tattoo pain vs childbirth – which pain is worse? How about other common pains such … Read more


Why Do Tattoo Artists Only Take Cash?

Many cashless payment forms were born in modern life, allowing you to pay for everything without cash. So it must be surprising if you go to a store that only accepts cash payments. This situation may happen if you have gone to get a tattoo without bringing cash and then had to withdraw. It is … Read more


Can You Negotiate With Tattoo Artists? (The Right Way To Do)

Even if you’re a beginner, an experienced tattoo enthusiast, or the spontaneous type, it’s critical to ensure a positive tattooing experience and respectful behavior with the tattoo artists.  When first entering the tattoo shop, one question that often comes to people’s minds is: “Can you negotiate with tattoo artists”. If you share the same concern, … Read more


Why Does My Tattoo Look Wrinkled?

Sometimes, besides the excitement of getting a new tattoo and a desire to showcase it to the world, you may also have to deal with several uncomfortable signs aftercare.  Hence, if you wonder: “Why does my tattoo look wrinkled?”, it’s time to look at some potential reasons why this happens and several helpful tips for … Read more

no tattoos at work cover tattoos at work

How To Cover A New Tattoo For Work?

One of the primary and most frequent reasons people try to cover up their tattoos is work. Many companies refuse to hire people who have visible tattoos. They think that tattoo is something that does not match the company’s image or policy. The good news is that there are a few simple techniques to cover … Read more