How To Clean Fake Tattoo Skin? (5-Step Tutorial)

Before inking on real people, many aspiring tattoo artists use fake tattoo skins to practice their hand movements and skills. Since they are an irreplaceable part of any tattoo artist’s toolkit, many people are concerned about how to clean fake tattoo skin. After all, spilling is still bound to happen, and it can do great … Read more


How Do Tattoo Artists Practice? (8 Popular Methods)

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Can You Get Rich As A Tattoo Artist?

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How To Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Deodorant?

Applying a tattoo stencil without deodorant may appear unachievable to many individuals. Because deodorant includes alcohol, it can dry and damage your skin. This can be painful for those with sensitive skin.  Then, some of you must be wondering: “How to apply tattoo stencil without deodorant?”. Read on to know what you should use to … Read more