Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review – What You Need To Know

Is a complete Bloodline tattoo ink review what you are looking for? If that’s the case, then you come to the right place. With this guide, we will show you all the best features and products of the brand so that you can see why it gains such an enviable reputation. Let’s dive right in!

Characteristics Of Bloodline Review

We will walk you through some of the best features of the brand with this Bloodline tattoo ink review:

Ink Texture And Consistency

The texture depends on the type of tattoo inks. For a typical product, the consistency is at the mid-range. It can be thick to some people and thin to others, depending on their own perspective.

The UV ink line is a bit more special. The texture is quite thin since the ink does not blend while applying.


Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review – What You Need To Know


Bloodline provides 100% vegan-friendly tattoo inks, making your purchasing process a lot easier. The list of Bloodline tattoo ink ingredients includes:

  • Organic pigmentation and vegetable dyes
  • Distilled water
  • Propylene glycol
  • Witch hazel
  • Benzenesulfonamide

The products do not contain any animal products and perform animal testing. As you can tell by now, the products are very safe and can reach any health standards. Therefore, you can feel free to use the tattoo supply with no worries of allergic reactions or any harm.

Color Collection

Unfortunately, you won’t get many color choices due to Bloodline’s traditional tattoo inks color collection. So if you are searching for a wide range of shades and colors set, this one might not be the best pick.

Instead of a numerous color set, Bloodline only comes in a few yet trendy shades such as candle apple red, red kross, canary yellow, iris mist, etc.

Price Range

The price of ink products is one of the most important factors that affects your buying decision. A simple average bottle of Bloodline ink is 10 dollars and up, which falls into the mid-price category.

Suppose you are on a tight budget; you might want to consider carefully before purchasing. The manufacturer sets a higher price for its products due to the understanding of the value that they can provide.

Brand’s Pros And Cons


  • Safe ingredients, 100% vegan-friendly ink
  • No animal byproducts and animal testing
  • Long-lasting pigment life
  • Provide UV ink
  • Invisible tattoo under sunlight
  • Suitable for tattoo professionals
  • Great safety regulations
  • Work wonderfully for every skin tone and skin type


  • Pricey
  • Work better for professionals

List Of Products To Try

Here are some best high-quality products that the company offers:

Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose Black – Best For Diverse Functions

Any professional tattoo artists need to have decent quality black tattoo ink to create bold designs to show their style. This Bloodline All Purpose Black has a brilliant pigment, allowing the tattoo to show clear and vivid.

As you can tell by the name, this all-purpose ink is suitable for a wide array of tattooing functions. It fulfills your needs with its compatibility with all types of tattooing techniques and tattoo machines, from lining, shading to color blocking.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Open and close with a paper towel cover the tip;
  • Mix with mixing solutions with a 3:1 ratio.


  • Excellent ink quality
  • Suitable for all tattooing functions and techniques
  • Strong, vivid pigments


  • Pricey

Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible – Best UV Ink

Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible 1oz UV Blacklight USA
Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible 1oz UV Blacklight USA
Blacklight sensitive ink will glow under a UV Light; Creates amazing visual...
$34.99 −11% $31.00

If you want to have a high-quality undetectable tattoo, we highly recommend the Bloodline UV Nuclear Invisible. This one has a clear color and won’t be observable even under normal daylight once the tattoo recovers.

Many people are concerned about the safety of UV ink. With this product, you can set your mind at rest that it is safe to use due to the non-toxic tattoo components. It is also sensitive to the blacklights, meaning your tattoo will glow under UV lights. This one is the perfect choice for those who have wild clubbing nightlife.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Open with a paper towel cover the bottle top to avoid spilling;
  • No need to mix with mixing solutions.


  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Excellent glowing effect under black lights
  • High-quality pigments


  • Shorter lasting time than normal inks

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set – Best For Vibrant Colors

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free...
Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free...
SET OF 7 BLOODLINE TATTOO INK with 20 Medium Ink Caps; MADE IN USA,...

This Skin Candy Bloodline tattoo ink review is what you need to have a better picture of the value of the products. However, this set includes only seven shades, all essential colors in the artist’s tattoo equipment collection.

The set includes neutral and softer tones of colors such as all purpose white, canary yellow, all purpose black to popular colors like bellbottom blue, bright red, iris mist, etc.

It offers superior quality and comes with 20 medium inks caps, which is not common in other brands. You can mix it with distilled water to help the ink to penetrate the skin with ease.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Use a paper towel to cover the tip for easier opening and closing;
  • Mix with mixing solutions for thinner texture (optional)


  • Essential color options
  • Include 20 medium inks cap
  • Safe ingredients of tattoo inks


  • Pricey
  • Simple design packaging

Comparison With Other Reputable Brands

Bloodline Vs. Starbrite

Both tattoo ink manufacturers have a fine reputation in the tattoo industry. The Starbrite has the advantage in the variety of colors collection with over 170 different colors. Meanwhile, Bloodline provides only under 50 color select options.

However, Bloodline is in a better position due to its wide types of tattoo product lines. Aside from the typical colored tattoo ink line, the brand also supplies UV ink for clubbing lovers, which is what Starbrite does not have.

Bloodline Vs. Moms Ink

The two famous tattoo ink brands focus on developing vegan-friendly products using ingredients such as witch hazel, propylene glycol, etc to minimize customer’s chances of getting skin problems and dangerous health issues.

Moms Ink has a more affordable price range, making it more suitable for tight budgets and beginners. Bloodline, with a higher price point, might work better for experienced tattoo artists.

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So there you have our Bloodline tattoo ink review to keep as a reference for future purchasing.

Overall, this marque is one of the best brands we have come across due to its safe tattoo inks and strong pigmentation. Hopefully, you will soon find the products that you are looking for.

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