Can A Tattoo Artist Have Herpes?

Herpes and tattoos are both controversial, so it seems contentious when we put them next to each other. When thinking about it, it’s easy to believe that those who contracted blood-borne diseases should neither tattoo others nor get tattoos. But, what’s the truth? Can a tattoo artist have herpes? And Can a herpes-contracted person get a tattoo? Find out now.

Can A Tattoo Artist Have Herpes? 

“Can you be a tattoo artist if you have herpes?” is among the most asked questions in the community. The truth is, although it seems risky, it’s OK to be a Herpes-contracted tattoo artist.

However, before beginning to tattoo, it is essential to perform a thorough health consultation with your customer and inquire about the probability of STDs.

To thoroughly protect yourself and the customer, wear disposable gloves and sanitize syringes and tattooing tools before usage. In addition, tattooists experiencing herpes should keep their area clean and tidy.

Can I Get Tattoos With HPV or Herpes?

Of course. 

Don’t allow the stigma associated with these conditions to frighten you from having the tattoo you desire. There is no risk that the tattooist will become contaminated with this virus. A basic understanding of HPV and Herpes will tell you that such infections start to die as quickly as they come into touch with the air outside.

Contamination will only occur when that tattoo studio does not employ new ink cartridges with each session, does not correctly sanitize devices, or reuses needles.

Contamination could only happen when the shop doesn’t follow the rules

All of those mentioned above are extremely risky, and no certified tattoo studio will partake in them. In other words, there is no risk that the practitioner or anybody else in the store may get affected if you acquire your tattoos from a certified tattoo studio.

Refusing to serve solely because of a blood-borne condition like Herpes or HPV is forbidden in several regions, notably Ireland and the USA.

Don’t be upset if you are turned down for a tattoo for this reason. There’s sure to be a different parlor willing to ink you. It could even be right down the road.

If a store declines to serve you because you have HPV or Herpes, you can file a lawsuit as it’s violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Do You Have To Disclose Herpes To A Tattoo Artist?

You are not compelled to tell your tattooist about your condition. However, it is highly recommended that you do so. By informing your tattooist about your HPV or Herpes diagnosis, they can take further action to ensure your satisfaction and safety with your new ink.

What To Do If I Have Herpes And Want A Tattoo? 

Get Tattooed At A Certified Studio

You should avoid uncertified tattoo shops at all costs. A certified tattoo business will proudly showcase its license(s) in its establishment.

A certified shop will public their licenses

If you can’t find these certificates inside the parlor, you may ask the parlor’s assistant to introduce them to you. Alternatively, you might want to go to another shop immediately. Any professional tattoo parlor will undoubtedly showcase these licenses in their studio.

Furthermore, a certified business will have enough knowledge and be able to implement the necessary precautions to keep things hygienic and sterile.

Trust Your Artist

Tattooing necessitates a deep trust between the practitioner and the customer. Therefore, it is essential to be absolutely upfront and truthful with your tattooist to guarantee a successful session.

Any tattoo artist would want customers to be satisfied with their tattoos, just as you would like to be entirely satisfied with what is indelibly on your skin. However, your tattooist must also have faith in you to provide you with the happiest tattoo session possible. 

Thus, you need to be honest with the tattooist about your condition and find out the most convenient approach for both the practitioner and you. They will also give you helpful tattoo aftercare advice and tips to maintain your safety and the tattoo’s beauty.  

Find Tattoo Artists That Specialize In The Atypical 

Another reason why you should tell your tattooist about your HPV or HSV condition is that some practitioners receive special certification on how to tattoo people who suffer from blood-borne diseases.

The Red Cross officially provides a certificate program for tattooists on how to ink people who have diseases like HIV or Herpes.

The core of this training is only a reassertion of the safety and hygienic tattooing techniques necessary for a tattoo business to be authorized.

This involves ensuring that ink capsules aren’t reutilized on new customers, that guns’ tips are replaced for new customers, and that all tools and tattoo chairs are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant and protected in plastic.

This program also demonstrates how risky and illegal the previously listed activities are.

Remember, as long as a business adheres to these requirements, there is no risk of your practitioner getting contaminated. So, if a business declines on this premise, they are either uneducated or perform highly hazardous and unclean tattooing practices.

Tattooists who have completed the Red Cross training will better comprehend how your system operates and what the limits are. They may also counsel you on the best methods to upkeep your tattoos if you’re contracted HIV or HSV.

Make Sure You Are Healthy

It is crucial that you are good and that the CD4 report is OK before you acquire a tattoo when having HPV or HSV. Tattoos may get contaminated on rare occasions, and being uncomfortable during the inked session might raise the risk of your inked area getting contaminated.

Get your health checked before getting a tattoo

Many people living with HPV or HSV are accustomed to their systems and health routines, and most have their CD4 counts examined regularly. If you are physically good enough to have a tattoo, you will probably know that better than anybody else.

However, you should always see a specialist before having your new tattoo. It is ideal to schedule a session at least 4 – 6 weeks after you have been officially concluded with HSV or HPV and began treating.

Can You Get Herpes From Getting A Tattoo?

The response is varied. A few customers report getting HSV via tattoo guns, but most physicians and scientists say it’s practically impossible. Needles do not transmit HSV and STDs.

Understanding that the tattoo is a newly formed wound, your immunity system will try everything in its power to cure it as soon as possible. Therefore, before meeting up with your tattooist and getting a tattoo, keep your health in an excellent state.

Can You Distribute HSV Virus To A Newly Made Tattoo? 

You cannot contract HSV viruses through a recently got tattoo. However, if you have HSV or your spouse does, you should cover your tattoo when engaging in sex. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Can You Remove A Tattoo If You Suffer From HSV?

There is no link between tattoo removal and HSV viruses. It is possible to remove your tattoos at any moment. Yet, the practitioner must take some measures if the tattoo you want to eradicate is on an HSV spot or in a blister’s breakout.

First, speak with a trained expert who will eliminate your tattoos with a laser and inform them about your condition. If you’re amid a breakout, it is preferable to delay tattoo clearance for your health and wellbeing.

You can remove tattoos when having HSV.

Although there are some links between STDs and tattoos, most are just myths and misconceptions spread by those with little professional training. 

A few tattooists suggest that you should avoid getting a tattoo if you possess HSV. Yet, it appears to be a bit of a misconception. As mentioned above, possessing HSV does not exclude you from having any procedures on your skin.

What Viruses Can You Contract Through Getting A Tattoo? 

If you stick to the guidelines above, getting a tattoo won’t cause you any problem.

However, if the tattooing apparatus gets tainted with contaminated blood, you may get blood-borne infections such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) and viral Hepatitis.

Wrapping Up 

Can a tattoo artist have herpes? Yes, of course. If you follow the rules strictly, your customers will be just fine. For those who have HSV and wonder whether they should get a tattoo or not, we say go for it. However, talk with your doctor beforehand.

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