Can You Be A Tattoo Artist With Shaky Hands? (Final Explanation)

Being a tattoo artist is a dream job for many people, as this occupation provides plenty of opportunities for your imagination and skills to flourish. That is not to mention how well-paid professional tattoo artists are!

However, not everyone is eligible for such a demanding job. Being able to ink on someone else’s skin requires not only expertise and experience, but also lots of bodily control. This poses the question of whether can you be a tattoo artist with shaky hands.

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Can You Be A Tattoo Artist With Shaky Hands?

The answer varies significantly based on the level of shakiness.

Being a tattoo artist requires lots of bodily control

If we are talking about light tremors, chances are you can still pursue a career in tattooing. As long as you can draw straight lines, keep your fingers steady, and perform other tasks such as sterilizing the tools, clean shading, etc., then you are good to go.

Nevertheless, you are not likely to be allowed to work as a tattoo artist if you suffer from tremendous shivering. First off, tattoo machines are pretty heavy, which means people with shaky hands cannot hold them for a very long time. 

Secondly, some tattoos are delicate and contain lots of tiny details, calling for tinier strokes from the artist. Even abled people have difficulties handling these designs, let alone those with little control over their hand movements. 

People Also Asked

1. How do you stop hands from shaking while tattooing?

Shaky hands can be traced back to underdeveloped muscle control, indicating that your hands have not been familiarized with the act of tattooing. There are several exercises you can perform to minimize and put a stop to these tremors altogether.

Holding a tattoo needle is difficult

First, you can look for pens or pencils whose sizes are similar to a tattoo needle. By griping these art tools firmly and pretending they are from the tattoo machine, you will have a better idea of how to move the tattoo needle more flexibly. 

If possible, try adding some extra weights to these pens and pencils. It allows you to feel the heaviness of the tattoo needle, so your wrists, fingers, and forearms can get used to the sensation.

Another option is to practice mindfulness and mediation. These two mental exercises revolve around the idea of blocking distractions and focusing on whatever you intend on doing only. 

By controlling your breath, channeling your energy into your hand movements, and clearing out your mind, you will be able to stay in the zone. Subsequently, tremors will fade away before you realize it.

Last but not least, taking care of your daily diet and habits is highly recommended. Consuming too much sugar and caffeine may tamper with your bodily control, so try to cut down on these additives. 

Sleeping early and at a fixed time also gives you better strength overall. Thus you are more prepared for the demanding work of tattooing.

2. How can I strengthen my hands for tattooing?

Strengthening your hands for tattooing is mostly about working on your grip strength and preventing your entire arms from having cramps. 

If you do not know yet about the relevant exercises, let’s have a look at the recommended ones below.

  • Using a pull-up bar: Hold your body up in the air by hanging on a pull-up bar. The longer you can stay there, the better. It is highly recommended that each hold lasts for at least 10-15 seconds, and you can hold at least 3 times in a row.

Using a grip trainer: Wrap your fingers around the grip trainer and squeeze it as hard as you can. Try to perform 3-5 sets daily with 15-20 reps per set.

Using a grip trainer provides you with a stronger grip
  • Using a dumbbell: For this exercise, pick a dumbbell that works best for you. You can start small at 3-5kg and work your way up. Hold the dumbbell in your hands and move around the gym. 

You can lower your body in a squat position to increase the level of difficulty. Repeat the walk at least 10 times for each set and 3 sets for each day.

3. Is being a tattoo artist stressful?

Being a tattoo artist is indeed stressful, as it requires lots of skills, imagination, and hands-on experience for someone to truly be considered as an expert in the field. 

That is not to mention how tattoo artists are exposed to potential illnesses and risks since they have to come into direct contact with people’s skins. 

Another disadvantage usually associated with tattoo artists is that they do not always enjoy a large flow of customers, leading to job insecurity. 


Can you be a tattoo artist with shaky hands? If you can still control your tremors, then it would not be a big deal. However, those with little bodily control might want to reconsider this pursuit. Make sure to listen to your body and determine how well-prepared you are for this job before jumping at it.

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