Can You Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

A case of tattooing while breastfeeding in Australia has aroused concern from all over the world. Some people think getting a tattoo during breastfeeding is not suitable and even illegal because the tattooing process will affect the milk then affect the baby. Meanwhile, others argue that there is no scientific basis to get a tattoo while breastfeeding is dangerous.



In fact, some mothers think about marking this milestone with a meaningful tattoo, but they will face unanswered questions. You’re also wondering, “can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding”? Follow the article below to make an informed choice.

Can You Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo while breastfeeding. Most people often worry that the tattoo ink will get into the mother’s milk, and the newborn baby will have health problems. However, tattoo ink includes quite large molecules, ensuring that they will not easily pass through other molecules to enter the milk supply.

Also, there are no doctors or researchers who show that breast milk will be affected. So everything will be fine if you carefully consider the safety suggestions for a tattoo. 

However, note that the mothers may experience many changes after giving birth. For example, their bodies can be sensitive after getting a tattoo, making them susceptible to allergies, infection, etc… 

Those influences will make it difficult to take care of the baby. The following paragraphs will refer to some knowledge that you need to know before making up your mind. 

What Are The Potential Risks Of Getting A Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

  • Skin infections

Infection is always a top concern when getting a tattoo because you affect the body’s protective cells. In particular, the quality of the tattoo room and the professionalism of the tattooist are the decisive factors for a safe tattoo.


Many tattoo rooms have inadequate quality equipment that causes your skin to be attacked by bacteria or infected with blood-borne diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, tetanus, etc. Even if these diseases do not damage your milk supply, they can lead to dire consequences if your breasts bleed.

  • Skin Allergies

Along with skin infections, skin allergies are diseases caused by inks and chemicals used for tattooing. Of course, you can’t predict whether or not you will be suitable for those ingredients, so you should be careful. Some people will have symptoms like itching or a rash right back where the tattoo was put.

If someone has a mild allergic reaction, these signs will disappear after a few days of applying for the medicine. However, in more severe cases, they will have an allergic reaction that lasts up to a month or several months. That will significantly influence people’s lives, especially while breastfeeding. 

  • Slower immune response

After giving birth, your body will not be able to recover immediately. Meanwhile, it has to create enough energy to breastfeed and focus on taking care of your baby. In addition, suffering the pain and the body changes caused by the tattoo will make you more tired and weaker. 

That means your immune system will have to work too hard, which will profoundly affect your inner health. And things get serious; if you have other problems after getting a tattoo like the two above, you will be exhausted.

  • The shape of the tattoo

You probably know that the body shape changes a lot during pregnancy and postpartum. Therefore, getting a tattoo right after giving birth will need to be carefully considered. Maybe that tattoo is perfect after completion, but when your body recovers to its original state or changes, it will inevitably be deformed according to the body’s changes.  

That will be very difficult to deal with because then no improvement can be made at that time, and your tattoo will not be as perfect as it was in the beginning.

How To Minimize The Risks?

  • Understanding ink and tattoo tools

Ink is the first thing you should check before you get a tattoo. There are colorful inks that can affect your skin, red and black ink, for example. Moreover, most tattoo inks contain many metals, or chemical inks contain various additives. 

You should ask to use a gentle ink that does not contain too much of these. Tattoo tools also need to be checked; unclean tools will make you more susceptible to infection.

  • Screening Shops

To choose the safest method for you, of course, doing research and choosing the proper tattoo studio is a must-do. You can listen to advise from friends or visit the artists in person to discuss your situation. Be clear about what you’re looking for and work together to find the perfect tattoo path for you. By the way, you can check the ink and related tattoo supplies.


  • Allow Time to Heal

Taking a good rest before starting a tattoo is the advice most tattooists give to their clients. So make sure that you have someone to help take care of your baby and your body has recovered to a certain extent. That helps our body become better when under the influence of tattoos. 

  • Consider the Possibility of Allergic Reaction

After giving birth, your body changes make all your organs much more sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the possibility of allergies. First, try to recall whether your body is prone to allergies. If there is a little, you need to think carefully.

  • Placement

Everything is ready, but choosing the location is also very important. The location of the tattoo affects your activities and breastfeeding. Therefore make an informed decision to locate the right site for your memorable milestone. You should also be careful in places like the neck or chest.

For more information, refer to this video:

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Frequent Asked Questions

  • Are there any official studies about the effects of tattoos on breast milk?

Up to now, no studies are showing that tattoo ink or additives dissolve into breast milk and affect the baby. However, mothers who get tattoos while breastfeeding have a higher risk of health effects than general women.

If they have a perfect care plan, the possibility of getting sick is significantly reduced. In the worst-case scenario, heavy metals and skin infections cause various unnecessary troubles to mothers. But they are only in the blood for sure, not in the milk supply. 

  • Is it illegal for a tattooist to carry out a tattoo for breastfeeding women?

There are no regulations and rules prohibiting tattooists from putting tattoos on women who are breastfeeding. Again, though, a professional tattoo studio will always guarantee the safety of this particular case, while others may contain many risks.

 The recognized tattoo centers will definitely be safe and qualified when they are certified by the Red Cross. And they also have a service that specializes in consulting on the process of tattooing and aftercare. Hence, please refer to the above criteria to find the most suitable place for yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

The impact of tattoos on the skin is always an issue that needs thoroughly studying, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. However, all risks will be minimized if you strictly follow the advice to protect your health and baby. 

Hopefully, the above article will provide you with all the necessary information to answer the question “Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding?”. All the best to you and your sweet babies.


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