Can You Negotiate With Tattoo Artists? (The Right Way To Do)

Even if you’re a beginner, an experienced tattoo enthusiast, or the spontaneous type, it’s critical to ensure a positive tattooing experience and respectful behavior with the tattoo artists. 

When first entering the tattoo shop, one question that often comes to people’s minds is: “Can you negotiate with tattoo artists”. If you share the same concern, let’s read through the article to unearth the desirable answers.

Can You Negotiate With Tattoo Artists?

Negotiation should always be considered since all prices have been set based on the sizes/time of the tattoos, the artist’s experience, preferences, general market prices, etc. Hence, many artists may feel a lack of respect when customers try to undercut the prices.

Most artists don’t want their customers to negotiate the prices.

If you are uncomfortable with the prices, simply find other artists in accordance with your pocket. 

Under particular circumstances, you can have negotiable tattoo rates if you have a close relationship with the tattoo artists. But remember to ensure a polite and respectful negotiation so the artists do not get annoyed while performing the design.

Top 5 Factors That Affect Your Tattoo Cost

Several factors determine the cost of a tattoo, so let’s take a look to have an idea of what to spend.

  • Tattoo size

It is the first thing that impacts the cost of a tattoo. The larger the tattoo, the more hours are required to finish the artwork and the more expensive it costs.

  • Tattoo color

Designs that only need the basic black and grayscale tend to charge less than a full-color tattoo, which increases the design’s complexity and demands more of the artist’s time.

  • Tattoo complexity

Intricate and complex tattoo designs will add up to tattooing length of time and the artist’s attention, leading to higher rates.

  • Tattoo location

It is possible to tattoo on almost any body part. However, some parts are more painful and challenging to work on, which requires more attention and a number of hours to make as little pain as possible for customers. Hence, the sensitivity of some body’s areas can affect tattoo prices. 

  • Skill and experience of the artist

The impressive portfolios of the tattoo artists will go hand in hand with the quality and prices they offer. Thus, be willing to pay more for an experienced artist with a high level of artistry and popularity.

The final cost of a tattoo depends on several factors.

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Hopefully, the question: “Can you negotiate with tattoo artists?” has been solved. Since all tattoo rates are set, it’s considered insulting to bargain with tattoo artists. 

Also, make sure to avoid saying rude things to the artists and always give them tips as an appreciation for their performance and efforts.

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