Can You Tell A Tattoo Artist To Do Whatever They Want?

Every client who visits a tattoo shop to get tattooed must adhere to particular etiquette. It should go without saying that you cannot act any way you want in a tattoo parlor. Improper behavior demonstrates a lack of respect for tattoo artists and their effort in producing incredible body art.

So if it’s your first time entering a tattoo shop, you might get confused and don’t know “Can You Tell A Tattoo Artist To Do Whatever They Want?”. So let’s go through this article to find the answers you’re looking for.

Can You Tell A Tattoo Artist To Do Whatever They Want?

Please don’t. Tattoo artists are not psychics; they cannot just draw random things on your body and ensure you would like it. This is one of the worst things that may happen to a client is for them to expect the tattoo artist to come up with a beautiful tattoo design on their own. 

Every customer should have an idea of the design they want before getting inked; the tattooist may work on the design and improve it. Coming to the studio with no idea what you want and disliking the tattooist’s suggestions, on the other hand, is a no-no.

Don’t go to a tattoo shop without knowing what you want

At least please come into the tattoo shop with an idea of the tattoos you like and explain why you want them. Then the tattooist will rely on your explanations to give appropriate advice on what you should have.

Do Tattoo Artists Do Custom Tattoos?

Yes. Some people lack the artistic ability to sketch or describe the design they desire. Therefore, you may seek assistance from your tattoo artist. This entails having your tattoo artist create a design for you while keeping your preferences in mind.

Some tattoo artists have unique designs that they create when a customer requests them. Consult your artist if you want your tattoo to appear excellent since they are the greatest at coming up with innovative ideas.

Does The Tattoo Artist Design The Tattoo? 

Absolutely. Primarily, a tattoo artist will design the tattoo based on the customer’s desire. Some of them may be willing to “copy” an art/ a picture (that has been clarified about copyright), but most artists are not happy with copying other artists’ designs, which can even be considered rude. 

If you’ve requested a bespoke design, your tattoo artist will draw it first before tattooing it. But some tattoo artists have their own set of guidelines that they follow. Some people like to draw before tattooing a design, while others do not. If you’re presenting a customer a design, you must always request a drawing or a simple outline.

What Tattoo Artists Want You To Know?

Getting a tattoo can be a terrifying experience for the person getting it, but they aren’t the only ones who might feel the pain of a bad tattoo.

Inconsiderate or oblivious clients can irritate tattoo artists, making having a tattoo more difficult for both sides.

So here are several things artists wish you to know before going to their tattoo shop:

  • It is a show of respect to tip your tattoo artist.
  • Clients should maintain a professional demeanor.
  • Reque in the tattoo parlor sting an identical replica of a tattoo you saw on the internet may be disrespectful, unethical, and illegal.
  • A variety of factors determine the cost of a tattoo.
  • Pricing differs from one artist to the other one.
  • Even if you’re given a free or low-cost touch-up, you should still look after your fresh ink. It also doesn’t rule out the possibility of a touch-up. Don’t touch any equipment or surfaces in a tattoo shop until you’ve been given permission.
  • When you try to bargain the price of a tattoo, many artists will consider you impolite.

People Also Asked

Do I have to talk to my tattoo artist? 

Do whatever makes you feel at ease while not distracting the artist. If you’re able to chat, it should be obvious.

The artist was highly concentrated for the first hour or so when I obtained a half sleeve. After that, he didn’t say much, which was great because I was more focused on getting through the agony.

Do tattoo artists like when you give them creative freedom?

Not even. Artists appreciate creative freedom but only grant it if you want them to make all creative decisions. Tell them if you have something special in mind. Don’t tell the artist, “You have unlimited flexibility,” then return to the business and make adjustments.

Where do tattoo artists get their designs? 

The best designers have practiced for years and have seen many references to create their designs. Here are some of the most excellent websites for anyone, even the nonexperts, to check into for free tattoo designs, tattoo designers, and fresh ideas:

  • Tattooton. 
  • Instagram. 
  • Tattoodo.
  • Custom Tattoo Design. 
  • Tattoo Ideas. 
  • Vecteezy.


Now you know the answer, “Can you tell a tattoo artist to do whatever they want?” Though it will be pretty bewildered if you are getting a tattoo for the first time or simply don’t know what you want to get tattooed, please try to imagine what you want and express your idea to the artists to make the work smoother. 

If the work goes well, both sides will be comfortable, and the work can be more likely to satisfy you. Have a good one!

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