Up-To-Date Complete Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review in 2022

The reputable brand Cheyenne has been extremely successful with its wide range of premium equipment on the market. As a tattoo artist, we advise you to take a look at the Cheyenne Hawk Pen review from this manufacturer.

Most professionals trust this small, lightweight pen for tattoos with its innovative and award-winning design to serve commercial uses. It is a quality rotary machine from Germany that delivers a stunning performance type for more satisfying tattoo sessions.

Therefore, you will definitely regret not reading its comprehensive reviews and consider getting it to produce better tattoos for your business. Here is all relevant information about the Cheyenne pen.

Pros and Cons of Cheyenne Hawk Pen

By providing you with the Cheyenne tattoo pen review in detail, our main goal to point out both of the benefits and drawbacks you might run into while using the art tool.

Because even when this powerful device is an ideal tattoo machine for professional artists, there are certain disadvantages that require further adjustment from its manufacturer.


  • Advanced pen construction of a tattoo machine
  • Enables maximum freedom for lining and shading
  • Does not require a start-up facility to operate
  • Offers disposable tattoo grips in different sizes for hygiene
  • Available in a wide range of 6 external shades


  • Not compatible with other Cheyenne grips besides its own
  • Needs an adapter cable to work with power supplies from other brands
  • Lacks of a clear policy for product warranty

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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review – Highlight Features

Cheyenne Hawk Pen

Without a doubt, the Cheyenne pen tattoo is an impressive revolution in the industry. Its close resemblance to a real pen shape promises to promote a more accurate tattooing process for all visual artists. Below is a quick view of its highlight feature list.

  • Suitable for both lining and shading
  • Adjustable needle depth from 0 – 4.0 mm/0 – 0.16 inch

This ergonomic pen-like tattoo machine is made in Germany, ensuring a high level of quality. Its award-winning sleek design beats most other complicated designs on the market. That is why we can tell this amazing compact model has been copied countless times.

Thanks to the needles’ adjustable depth of up to 4mm, you can obtain a great pen for lining and shading as well. Its own Cheyenne needle cartridges enable easy coverage in tattooing and offer more superiority than unhygienic, cheaply-built ordinary needles.

  • Lower vibration and volume than similar products 
  • Strokes ranging from 3.5 mm/0.14 inch

In comparison to other products, professional tattoo artists are more fond of this device for its sufficient amount of vibration and volume. This means the pen will produce less distracting noise in long tattoo sessions, enhancing comfort for the artist and client.

Its weight of approx is only 130g to provide you with more control and artistic freedom in use. This is an optimal weight balance compared to the average tattoo machine weight range for you to create more flexible art strokes, both as a liner and shader.

  • Responsive Mode for better reactive hit and stitch frequency

In case you wish to use the device for eyebrow tattooing, this nice machine is compatible with individually packaged needles from other brands to serve different needs. Thus, not only does this item produce regular tattoos, but it also supports aesthetic purposes.

The best news is that you can have all freedom of movement you need via the pen’s rotary machines. There is a jack cage available to cover around its 3.5mm jack plug connection, protecting you from dangerous electrical issues to guarantee safety in use.

You can modify this tattooing tool to obtain the suitable voltage for lining and shading between 6 to 12.6V. The smart, unique Responsive Mode plus a precision DC motor power its continuous operation throughout your performance, eliminating sudden interruptions.

  • Customizable with 2 HAWK Pen grips (size S: 22.0 mm/0.87 inch, size M: 25.4 mm/1.00 inch) and the Disposable Grips

There are 3 different sizes of its disposable grips (the largest is 25mm) to ensure you have a secure and hygienic packaged grip solution. These grip models are brand new and specifically designed by their manufacturer to work with this machine of diversity only.

While many users are afraid of its frequent rolling on a flat surface, the integrated roll inhibition stops this unit from unintentional rolling away. As a consequence, you can pay more attention to your tattoo work without worrying about this drawback in the machine design.

You might want to refer to the A-Z instruction manual included in the package whenever running into problems while using the pen. We believe that this easy-to-use tattoo supply will not cause you any trouble during its smooth and low-noise operation.

Overall Customer Reviews

This low-profile tattooing pen has proven that it is a valuable unit among thousands of other rotary machines. The majority of previous Cheyenne pen reviews have proved that most users enjoy using the device.

As a quality product choice, the pen guarantees comfort to many tattoo artists through its outstanding freedom of movement. Its advanced and lightweight structure is also a major bonus to add more usage convenience to this pen-type tattoo accessory.

It is undeniable that certain flaws may still exist in the procedure, but the Cheyenne Hawk Pen is truly worthy of your experience for at least once.

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What is your opinion after checking out this Cheyenne Hawk Pen review? Have you had any of its attractive color variations in mind for the next purchase?

Not all tattoo artists desire to own this advanced tattoo machine in the shape of a pen, but a wise one will certainly not miss the opportunity to grab such a market-leading product.

Thank you for reading.

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