Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Review – All About You Need to Know

Among a series of different tattoo power supplies available on the market, demanding tattoo artists need to own the best tool for their artwork. So the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Review can enlighten you.

As a robust rotary machine with extremely low vibration, the device enables a smooth running to produce precise tattoo lines. This unit is a popularly used machine in the industry.

Therefore, take a look at what this Cheyenne Hawk Thunder: Review & Guide has got to offer. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with the product and claim it as your favorite gadget.

Pros and Cons of Cheyenne Hawk Thunder

Besides a list of attractive features to help you out with professional tattoo sessions, the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder also possesses certain downsides that require further adjustment.

This part of the Cheyenne Thunder Review introduces the overall benefits and existing disadvantages of this Cheyenne tattoo machine.


  • Promotes flexible movement via a powerful motor
  • Produces high precision strokes of 4 mm
  • Available in 5 external colors
  • Includes 2 types of power cords
  • Compatible with diverse grip sizes (S and M)
  • Smooth color blending, shading, stippling, and dotting


  • No clear policy on the product warranty
  • Motor is sold separately from relevant parts

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Review – Highlight Features

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Motor Only

The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is a durable and revolutionary machine for tattooing made in Germany. Although sold at a relatively high price, its silent and powerful precision motor impresses worldwide professional artists for more reliability in long-term use.

These detailed Cheyenne tattoo machine reviews allow you to have a closer look at its full range of brilliant features.

  • Low volume and vibration rate
  • Smart Responsive Mode for reactive hit and stitch frequency
  • Creates 4 mm strokes

The machine rotates at a sufficient speed level to deliver effective dotting and lining with guaranteed accuracy. It produces up to 170 uninterrupted strokes per second with the innovative Responsive Mode; thus, the tool helps you complete most tattoo works quicker.

  • Built to meet strict medical standards

When manufacturing this ergonomic tattoo device, the brand chose to focus on a smooth operation. As a result, the item is safe and gentle to work with, not to mention its cleanliness, contributing to your overall hygienic working environment in the tattoo studio.

We understand that short cables tend to restrict tattoo artists the most. The unit can improve this downside since there is a portable 3.5mm jack connection that ensures freedom of movement, so you will not feel like being held back by tangled cords.  

Since an extra jack cage is available, it ensures better security for the plug connection to avoid undesirable electrical issues. Besides, it is amazing to know that the gadget has conformed to the medical standard ISO 13485 for strict quality management of medical devices.

  • Ideal for making dots and lines

Thanks to its low weight of approximately 95g, you will experience less fatigue in operation. Because altering your hand pressure has already enabled soft shading work, the compact and lightweight tool is perfect for your practice and real human skin application.

  • Adjustable needle depth from 0 to 4 mm

While many similar machines on the market only perform well for certain tattoo styles, this one is suitable for all available concepts with little effect on its high-quality function. That is why many artists trust the gadget, regardless of their diverse style strengths.

We are deeply amazed that this device accommodates more than 40 types of needles with a simple procedure to replace the Cheyenne cartridges. It is easy to adjust its needle depth of up to 4mm under the skin to promote better ink penetration. Customizable with 2 different-sized HAWK grips

You can choose the suitable grip size between these measurements of S: 22.0 mm/0.87 inch or M: 25.4 mm/1.00 inch to adapt to your Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Machine. That way, tattoo artists will enjoy their customization better than being forced into using a fixed grip.

Using this unit, you can obtain the ideal Cheyenne Thunder lining voltage varying between 5 to 12V. Its precision DC motor combined with a robust motorhead is strong enough for effective color filling and packing on the skin, at an average voltage range from 8 to 9V.

The best news is probably its compatibility with non-Cheyenne power supply brands, eliminating the limitations compared to other Cheyenne tattoo machines. This means you can use a whole different supply to operate this tool in case the provided one gets in trouble.

If you ever encounter any issues while operating the tattoo gadget, it is best to refer to its provided instruction booklet in the package. The item always comes in German sealed packaging; therefore, you will never have to worry about whether the machine is legit or not.

Overall Experts Review

Overall Customer Review

As a wise tattoo artist, there is no doubt that you should choose the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder for your next try-out. Plenty of previous users have praised the item for its good rotational speed and bold color pigmentation in shading that not many machines can achieve.

It is also beneficial for covering large, difficult areas. You only need to practice a quick hand and a shallow application on the skin; the rest lies in this tool to complete. In general, most people agree that they only spent an affordable amount to get this excellent unit for their businesses.

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It is not easy to decide between thousands of tattoo products on the market, but we can assure you that the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder will be a wise investment.

Through this Cheyenne Thunder Tattoo Machine, you have seen what the sturdy tattoo machine and its reliable motor can do to improve your performance. Don’t hesitate to grab one right now, and thank you for reading.

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