Do I Have To Talk To My Tattoo Artist? Is It Necessary?

If this is the first time you go to a tattoo parlor, you might wonder: “Do I have to talk to my tattoo artist?”. Since tattoo artists have spent massive hours on intense work in uncomfortable positions to create masterpieces on their customer’s bodies, it’s vital to know if talking to them during the process is distracting or not.

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Do I Have To Talk To My Tattoo Artist?

Some tattoo artists avoid talking during the tattoo process to fully concentrate on the work, while others prefer to chit-chat with their customers. In this case, allow the artist to decide whether to talk or not. If they’re uncomfortable with talking, let them work in peace.

People Also Asked

Is it weird not to talk during a tattoo?

Absolutely not. In fact, it’s critical to let the tattoo artists take the lead in talking since some of them would rather stay quiet during the tattooing procedure so they can focus on the process. Hence, do not stare at the tattooist while they’re working. Instead, allow them to strike the conversation.

Do tattoo artists talk to you?

It depends. In some cases, the tattooers are pleased to have a small talk with their customers to add enjoyment or soothe the customer’s pain, while some want to be silent to stay undistracted and concentrate on work.

What are the rules of a tattoo artist?

Tattoo artists have basic rules for their work. Here’re some etiquette rules to know:

  • They give consultation before tattooing

Tattooing can be an unpleasant experience for those new to tattooing, so it’s the tattoo artist’s responsibility to give customers an idea of how the design would be and how much pain the tattoo would cause. 

  • They won’t tattoo someone drunk

Tattooists do not want to engrave a permanent mark on someone sober and cannot make a responsible decision. Besides, they would never tattoo drunk customers since they are likely to faint and lose more blood during the process.

  • They disapprove of bargaining

Since different artists have set tattoo prices based on their level of experience, skills, preferences, etc., they often do not allow their customers to lower the prices.

  • They won’t copy or steal other’s work

Tattooists who are professional and reputable will not make a replica or steal others’ designs because it is criticized in the tattoo industry. Instead, they can take others’ tattoos as an inspiration and reference to create their unique artwork.

  • They give customers aftercare advice

When the tattooing is finished, the tattooer will instruct the client on how to care for the tattoo, how long the healing process takes, and what products should apply to speed up the healing process.

Is it rude to listen to music while getting a tattoo?

No, it’s not considered rude to listen to music while getting a tattoo. In fact, many tattoo artists would enable their clients to wear headphones during the process to listen to music or watch a movie as long as the clients do not disturb their artists.

Is it fine to cry while getting a tattoo?

Since the tattooing procedure is painful, causing stress, anxiety, and blood loss, it is acceptable for customers to cry a little. But make sure not to be overemotional as it makes the tattooers feel pressured and distracted from their work.

Can you use the bathroom while getting a tattoo?

Yes, if you need to take a break to use the bathroom or take a glass of water or snack, do not hesitate to tell the tattoo artists. But it’s necessary not to take too many breaks as it would interrupt them from their creative process.

How do I tell my tattoo artist I don’t want it?

If you’re unsatisfied with the artist’s design, try to be honest and open without being offensive. Tell them straightly the reason why you don’t like the design. Then, they would listen and make any suggestions or improvements to comfort their customers.

What can you not do when getting a tattoo?

While getting a tattoo, it’s recommended not to do these things to avoid insulting or making the artists annoyed.

  • Not being clean and showering

Not showering or shaving before tattooing is considered rude since the artist will need to work closely with the client’s body for an extended amount of time. Hence, they surely don’t expect their client to smell nasty while working.

  • Touching the equipment without permission

By touching items in the tattoo shop, you may cause bacteria to transfer from your hand to the equipment, making it unclean and increasing the risk of disease while tattooing.

  • Not tipping

Although tipping is not mandatory, it is an appreciation for the artist’s time and hard work. Thus, it’s advised to give the tattooists a little extra cash following the completion of a tattoo.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you’ve found the answer to the question: “Do I have to talk to my tattoo artist?”. Since communication is not vital during the tattooing process, it depends on the tattooists to decide whether they enjoy talking. If not, it’s better to keep silent or listen to music to consume time.

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