Do Tattoo Artists Charge By The Hour? How Much Will It Be?

It will be easier to plan your ideal tattoo if you know how much it will cost. The price is determined by many criteria, including skill, reputation, creative aptitude, placement on the body, tattoo size, and intricacy.

A quality tattoo done at a licensed professional studio or shop is usually more expensive than one done in a scratcher’s back room. However, given the risk of bringing a sickness home with you and a dreadful permanent mess, spending a little more may be well worth it in the long run.

Check out the information below to see “Do tattoo artists charge by the hour?

Do Tattoo Artists Charge By The Hour?

Tattoo artists charge $75 to $250 per hour in general

The answer is yes. However, every artist is different; some charge a set fee per work, while others bill by the hour. Hourly rates are intended for bigger, multi-session pieces, and prices might vary even within the same tattoo shop. 

Every tattoo artist is a self-employed individual who determines how much their time is worth. Because certain tattooers work exceptionally quickly compared to their teammates, their rate may be slightly higher to compensate. However, the same thing might happen if you work slowly.

So for a tattoo, complexity matters if they are flat-rate, but if they charge by the hour, their hourly rate will not vary, but it will take them longer to accomplish, resulting in a higher cost.

How Much Do New Tattoo Artists Charge?

According to Tattoo Master Artist Mr. Peck, most clients’ tattoo fees range from $200 to $300, with a $100 minimum. Expect tattoo prices of $1,000 and above if you receive up to 6 hours of tattoos in one day.

However, the site Tatring gave data that the price range for apprentice or beginner tattoo artists (1-3 yrs) is from $80 – $120 per hour and $800 – $1000 for a full sleeve.

So, asking a friend or cousin with excellent ink for a suggestion is the easiest and arguably best way to start your search for a tattoo artist. If you like their skin art, they’ll probably be eager to help you locate an artist you like.

And don’t forget the tip for artists. There is no hard and fast rule on how much to tip tattoo artists. When tipping waitstaff, a percentage of 20% to 25% is reasonable. Adding tipping to the projected price for your service is simple.

How Much Is A Good Tattoo Artist Per Hour?

Because they’re in such great demand, a good artist who has worked on high-profile celebrities, especially those creating a name in New York City or Los Angeles, may charge a $300 minimum flat fee for an appointment. Their teeny-tiny tattoos can cost as much as $450.

The typical price range for a tattoo

And if the studio location & popularity are high, you can expect to pay at least $150 to $200 simply to book an appointment at tattoo parlors with artists with more than 20 years of expertise. 

Depending on the popularity of the artists, the price can get even higher if it’s a full sleeve. The expense of a tattoo is an investment in long-lasting body art that you will wear every day. The last thing you want is a cheap tattoo that you’ll have to pay twice as much to have removed later if you don’t like it. That’s why the greatest tattoo artists consider their work to develop designs that will last a long time.


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Now it’s the end of the article on “Do tattoo artists charge by the hour?” We hope that you already got the satisfying answer, have the overall visualization of the price range of tattoos, and can consider one suitable for your budget.

Since the cliché “you get what you pay for” holds. Though there’s no assurance the quality of the tattoo will improve as the price rises, you’ll be on level ground. Please consider this carefully. Good luck!

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