Do Tattoo Artists Use The Same Needle? Is It Permitted?

If this is the first time getting a tattoo, there might be several things to consider, besides tattoo design, the tattoo location, colors, or prices. A question often comes to the mind of beginners is: “Do tattoo artists use the same needle?”. They are concerned about tattoo needles because the pieces of equipment are likely to cause allergies and even life-threatening diseases. Hence, knowing the answer would make them feel safe in getting a new tattoo. 

So, do tattoo artists use the same needle? If you share the same concern, keep scrolling!

Do Tattoo Artists Use The Same Needle? 

No. Tattoo needles should be single-use and never be reused since they can get dull, spread disease, or cause infection. During a tattoo session, a person could bleed, which enters the tattoo needles. Blood can carry HIV or Hepatitis, spreading quickly onto other customers if the needles are reused. Hence, tattoo artists should dispose of tattoo needles immediately after each use.

However, since some tattooists still use metal tubes with a coil machine, most would re-clean and sterilize them for further use.

Do Tattoo Artists Use A New Needle Every Time?

Yes, all tattoo needles should be new and need to be opened in front of customers at the beginning of every appointment. If you cannot see the tattoo artists open the package, do not hesitate to tell them to do so. It’s very vital for hygiene and safety purposes.

After the tattooing process is finished, the tattooers should have a sharps box to dispose of the needles. Needles or disposable cartridges should not be thrown into the rubbish at all costs.

Do Tattoo Artists Reuse Needles?

Of course not. The tattoo artists should change and dispose of tattoo needles after a single-use. No needles are reused on other people even if cleaned and sterilized thoroughly. 

Therefore, once the needle has been used, it needs to be disposed of, and a fresh needle is used to prevent any kind of disease and infection.

People Also Asked

Can you use the same needle for different tattoos on the same person?

Although it’s the same body, the needle should not be used more than once because it gets dulled quickly and is not sharp for the second tattoo. Hence, the tattooists should change the needles before moving to another tattoo.

Do tattoo artists switch needles?

Yes. Tattoo artists are likely to switch needles a couple of times during the procedure because different needles, such as needles for line work or needles for shading, are used in accordance with the tattoo’s areas.

Can you reuse a stick and poke needle?

Never reuse a stick and poke needle because it tends to become rusty, causing infection and disease transmission.

Can you share tattoo needles?

Under no circumstances should you share tattoo needles or ink supplies because this can lead to HIV, transmitted through blood when the customer bleeds. Besides, used needles can be the culprit of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, etc., so never use them repeatedly.

Can you get an STD from a stick and poke?

This is true that you can get an STD from a stick and poke regardless of the technique used to clean or sterilize a needle. Hence, any shared or used needle can have a risk of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HIV, or cross-contamination, resulting in severe health consequences.

Do tattoo artists use the same ink?

When tattoo artists take the responsibility to create a large tattoo design over several sessions, it is compulsory that they maintain the same ink colors for each session. This is because even a slight adjustment in the ink formula could somehow destroy the result of the tattoo.

Are the needles sanitary?

Sanitation is a mandatory component of the tattoo industry. You can tell if the needles are sanitary if they come in a sealed package before use. Therefore, when an artist opens the sealed needle package in front of a customer, it means that the needles are fresh and haven’t been used.

If the artist has already set up the equipment, it might signal that the needles are reused. So make sure to always confirm the needle’s originality before allowing the artist to start the procedure.

How to sterilize tattoo needles?

To sterilize tattoo needles properly, tattooists often use an autoclave, which uses steam under high pressure to kill harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and spores present in the equipment. It is often applied in the medical, cosmetic, dental, or tattooing industries.

The sterilization process is summarized as below:

Step 1: 

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and rub the needles and tubes with soapy water. Then, submerge them in hot water for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: 

Put the equipment inside a bag for autoclaving. After that, transfer them to the autoclave machine. Switch on the autoclave and ensure the water is at the middle level.

Step 3:

Sterilize the needles and equipment. Most autoclaving cycles usually take around 1 to 2 hours to complete. However, make sure to check the instructions first for specific sterilization times.

Wrapping Up

So, do the tattoo artists use the same needle? The answer is no. The needles are single-use and not safe to be reused because they can transmit disease and infection. Thus, the tattoo artists should change the needles after use, even if they do another tattoo on the same client.

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