Double Triangle Tattoo Meaning Explained (According To Orientation)

Double triangle tattoos are one of the most intriguing and mysterious choices of design. You can have many ways to combine the two triangles to get the meaning and connotations of your liking. 

The triangle pointing upwards or downwards can be interpreted differently across cultures. That’s why you may want to know the double triangle tattoo meaning so you can get a tattoo that expresses what you want it to. 

Triangle symbol meanings in different forms

Triangle is a simple shape but contains a profound meaning which symbolizes strength. The triangle is an ancient symbol of Deity or the divine union. It’s the strongest shape which is the culmination of mind, body, and spirit of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

With each type of triangle has its meanings

The Meaning of a Double Triangle Tattoo

1. Double Triangle Pointing Down Tattoo

The connotations of triangles change depending on the orientation, so double triangle tattoo meaning might vary. 

Upside-down triangles give us the impression of a stemless wine glass and are called the “chalice”. They represent the sexual nature of the female and the religion associated with goddesses.

Double Triangle Pointing Down Tattoo

Since the position of the triangles is flowing downwards, this design of tattoos also symbolizes water. 

Other popular meanings are that these triangles are symbolic of Earth, maternity, Mother Nature, and the cosmic world, all of which are intrinsically linked with women. Thus, most of the wearers of this type of tattoo are females. 

In addition, two downward-facing triangles sometimes remind the wearer of their roles as the supporters of life. 

2. Double Triangle Pointing Upward Tattoo

On the other hand, triangles sitting upright, also known as the “blade”, are symbolic of the force of fire and masculinity. That’s why you will be more likely to spot these tattoos on men rather than on women.

Other connotations of these upward triangles are dominance, principles, and aspiration. Also, double triangle tattoos that point upwards are a manifestation of ambition and rising. 

3. Two Opposite Triangles

Two triangles that are opposite each other are the presentation of the essence of life. The one pointing upwards is the reflection of air and fire, whereas the other flipping downwards represents the element of earth and water. 

You can design these tattoos the way you like them, whether you want them to be straightforward with basic black lines or elaborate with an extra illustration. If you decide to go on the more complex route, there are many creative ideas for you to experiment with.


For example, try to add imagery within the frame to show the opposing elements that complete life. For example, you may want to add a flame on the top of the upward triangle and a vast ocean on the bottom of the downward one. In addition, sketch a few lines to resemble the earth’s soil to complete the tattoo.

4. The Star Of David

The Star of David is constituted by two triangles of the same size superimposed on each other to form a six-pointed star or hexagram. 

This symbol has a special place in Judaism and is the symbol on the flag of Israel. For this reason, the Star of David is also known as the symbol of Judaism and modern Jewish identity.

The Star Of David Tattoo

The popular belief is that these hexagram tattoos represent the harmony between the physical world (the one pointing upwards) and the unseen (the one pointing downwards). 

Many people also associate the Star Of David with the union of men and women. This intonation is quite similar to the well-known mythology of the Chinese – the yin and yang. 

5. Double Colored Triangles

Simple black lines form the most common double triangle tattoos. However, if you prefer a splash of colors and vibrance on your skin, you might want to use different colors other than classic black. 

Although colorful triangles usually do not carry any extra meaning, they make the tattoos more eye-catching and unique. You also do not need to use the same hue for the two triangles. The combination of blue and red makes a more appealing tattoo, for example.

That said, red triangles were used in the classification of prisoners in concentration camps during the WWII. The red triangle pointed upwards marked prisoners of war, whereas those pointing downwards indicated political prisoners. 

Thus, having these tattoos inked on your skin can be a great way to pay homage to those in concentration camps during these times. 

6. Sacred Geometry

The fundamentals of sacred geometry can give us a deeper insight into the world we live in and the natural laws that govern it. Thus, using specific geometric proportions can be associated with God, the geometer of the universe. Triangles are a unique shape in the system of sacred geometry.

Turn a square on its side, you’ll get the same square, and thus the meaning remains unchanged. Likewise, a circle that rolls around is still a circle, and there is nothing to change. 

In contrast, triangles can offer you variables in meaning when tipped top from bottom, opening for interpretation. You can easily spot triangles used in decoration and adornment in holy places such as churches, temples, and mosques.

The association of triangles with pyramids is a prime point in case. For the outsiders, these engineering marvels are awe-inspiring and mysterious. For Egyptians, pyramids are sacred sites, and their presence has a special place in their cultures. 

All the sides of a pyramid are triangles, explaining why many people link the meaning of triangles to these constructions. 

If you are a fan of pyramids or the mysterious civilizations that built them, you can choose to include triangles in your tattoo design. Two triangles that overlap one another to resemble ancient pyramids are a great idea to try. 


By understanding the double triangle tattoo meaning, you can get the confidence to design a tattoo that speaks to your personality. 

This shape is easy to get inked, and you can choose to get a simple design or adorn it with extra details like fire and soil. Of course, you can play with colors if you want a splash of vibrance on your skin.

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