Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review: Unmissable Experience For You

It is common for any customer to scroll through pages of reviews before purchasing an important item. If you are an artist who is looking for an excellent kit for tattooing, this Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review will not let you down with detailed information.

In this article, you will find out why Dragonhawk is one of the top brands when it comes to tattooing kits. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you will find the Dragonhawk complete tattooing toolset 4 a perfect solution for your experience. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Is Dragonhawk A Good Tattoo Brand?

In the tattoo industry, Dragonhawk has long gained popularity as a best-selling brand offering user-friendly products at a reasonable price. This company has a wide range of products to serve different tattooing purposes. 


Besides machines and other supplies, tattoo kits are a famous product line with full accessories from machines, pens, guns, and needles. This complete option will have everything you need for a full tattooing solution.  

Thanks to its unique design and brilliant features, you can count on this wonderful toolset for a fresh start. Many users agree that the durable ink quality and powerful machines contribute greatly to a satisfying result. Get ready for your eye-opening experience once you purchase the Dragonhawk kit!

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 – Best Option

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4


  • Dimension: 3.15 x 2.95 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 6.42 ounces
  • Machine type: Copper coils
  • Accessories: Fully included


Dragonhawk Complete Kit 4 stands out well as being a better model than other products from this brand. We give this product line the thumbs up for its excellent performance on our skin. You will fall into the charm of this toolset 4 the moment you learn the art of tattooing with it.

Dragonhawk coil machines come with a durable steel frame for better sturdiness to avoid external pressure while tattooing. After a period of use, we find out that the power liner and color packer machine offer stronger power than the soft shader machine. Thanks to the powerful machines, you can rely on this model for outstanding performance.

DragonHawk Craft coils tattoo machines. Conventional Liner machine, Power Liner machine, Soft Shader machine, Color Packer machine.

We highly appreciate the vegan-friendly Immortal Tattoo Ink that this model offers customers. The ink is smooth and vibrant since it is made in the USA, preventing you from unwanted allergies. Also, the long-lasting pigment will satisfy your need for durability.

In terms of needles, we must say that Dragonhawk toolset four doesn’t let us down with its EO sterilized needles with the proper certificate. It will help save your time considerably from sterilizing the needle yourself when you receive the product.

If you don’t use the toolset continuously, you had better store it inside the travel case to keep it in mint condition. By doing this, your toolset will never get dust or rust from different environmental factors. The travel case also comes with a key for the ultimate protection of your product.

Although the power supply system is said to provide fast and accurate voltage adjustment, it doesn’t build to last long. We find it disappointing since it keeps shutting off in the middle of our time of tattooing. Much to our surprise, we are not alone in this matter because many people also complain about the poor condition of the power supply.

Another minus point of this model is the lack of an instruction manual. We had experience using the tool of tattooing before, so assembling things is not a big deal. However, if you are a beginner, you will have difficulty putting all the parts together without proper instruction.

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  • Affordable product
  • Well-built and powerful machines
  • Smooth and vibrant ink
  • Nice customer service


  • The power supply is not durable enough
  • Lack of an instruction manual


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Set Up The Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine?

The answer is an absolute yes. No matter how clumsy you are, assembling the machine before your first use is a piece of cake.

All you need to do is attach the needle into the barrel and place it in the machine frame. If you want to make sure the needle is tightly joined with the frame, give the rubber band a try. Now that everything is done adjust the voltage and start enjoying your tattooing time.

How Should I Clean The Tattoo Machine?

It is highly recommended to clean the machine before and after each session. You can avoid getting infected by dust and rust from the machine by cleaning it carefully.

The first thing you need to do is clean the machine with a soft cloth or a paper tissue. It is advisable to disassemble all the parts and wipe them thoroughly inside out.

After removing all the stains and dust, you should go on with disinfecting your machine. This step requires you to wear gloves and use a specific disinfectant spray. Remember to spray all sides of the machine and let it dry completely before using it. You can use a tissue to wipe off residue of the disinfectant to ensure the good condition of the machine.


After reading the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review, we hope you are now confident to make up your mind and bring your own toolset home. Believe us, and you won’t regret choosing Dragonhawk’s model since it is famous for its excellent design and premium-quality features.

It would be best to carefully consider both advantages and disadvantages of the complete Kit 4 model before purchasing. It will ensure you pick the most suitable kit for your unforgettable tattooing experience.

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