Dynamic Tattoo Ink Review – A Complete Guide You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you planning on trying out Dynamic inks? Then you will need a complete Dynamic tattoo ink review to help you decide whether the brand is trustworthy or not.

This guide will provide you a better picture of this reputable company and what it has to offer. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Characteristics Of Dynamic Tattoo Ink Brand

We will introduce you the highlight features in this insight Dynamic tattoo ink bottle review:


The standards for safety relies on the ink ingredients, which is why you need to do some research on this matter to make the best purchase decision.

You can have no hesitation shopping from this brand since its products do not contain harmful or dangerous chemical components. The primary ingredients of the Dynamic inks including:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Pigment carbon black or witch hazel

As you can see, the main ingredients are safe to use and do not cause any damage to the skin. Still, we recommend you get advice and further guidance from doctors and professional artists if you do not have much experience in this field.

Color Options


A wide variety of colors options is one of the most important features that a brand needs to attract more customers. Most artworks do not just stop at traditional black and white shades anymore. Instead, they come in all shades and colors that you can imagine.

Dynamic provides you over 100 different tattoo colors to choose from. With a diverse color collection, the marque ensures bringing satisfaction for any experienced artists out there.

The color palette can go from basic, neutral colors like burgundy red, canary yellow, leaf green to more exotic, radiant shades such as electric blue, golden yellow, lavender, hot pink, atomic green, and so on.

User’s Safety Requirements

Another crucial factor to consider before making a purchase is safety standards. A safe product is the one that can live up to the health standard. With Dynamic, you can set your mind at rest that it is 100% safe to use and won’t do you any harm because all the products are vegan-friendly.

They use logwood or carbon to create the pigment. Other types of tattoo substances such as ethanol, vegetable-based glycerin, or witch hazel are commonly used to create vegan inks.

You won’t find any Dynamic products that contain heavy metal components like antimony, chromium, or arsenic. Besides, Dynamic does not perform animal testing or contain animal byproducts.

So suppose you are an environmental or animal rights activist, this brand is the perfect choice of ink products for you.

Price Range

Generally speaking, Dynamic is in the mid-price range, which changes depending on the color, bottle size, and certain types of products. The starting price is only 7.5 dollars for a 1-ounce bottle, which is more than perfect for beginners or people on a tight budget.

The brand also offers set options, which is ideal for more advanced artists since there are more colors to work with. The price for a set is 80 dollars and up, depending on how many colors there are and the bottle’s capacity.

Brand’s Pros And Cons


  • Diverse shades and colors tattoo ink
  • 100% vegan-friendly ingredients, no animal byproducts, no animal testing
  • Pre-dispersed inks
  • Reasonable price range
  • Ideal for artists of all levels
  • Suitable for a variety of applications and style of tattooing
  • Strong, long-lasting pigment
  • Work for all skin types and skin tones
  • Stable packaging
  • Long shelf life
  • Reputable company with distributors all over the world


  • Can not use as permanent makeup
  • Might need to dilute before applying (depend on the certain product)

Top Highlight Products Suggestions

Here are some of the best quality tattoo inks coming from Dynamic, one of the most popular brands of tattoo industry:

1. Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink – Best Hypoallergenic Supply

If you are looking for a traditional matte black ink, we recommend this Dynamic black tattoo line. It can work magnificently with the smooth flow rate, from shading and outlining to precise detail works.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

Unlike the large volume of fraudulent products coming from other brands, Dynamic arrives in crystal clear PET bottles with a logo anti-counterfeiting coating for better product quality security. This packaging ensures to keep the product at top quality and avoids spilling.

The ink is hypoallergenic, meaning your tattoo can heal quicker and maintain the color without having any allergic reactions. The consistency is not too thick or too thin, making your tattooing process a lot easier.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle carefully before use;
  • Put a paper towel over the tip for easier opening and closing;
  • Pour out the needed amount of product to the cap to minimize the excess;
  • No need to mix with distilled water or mixing solutions.


  • Blackest tattoo inks pigments
  • Stable packaging
  • Safe ingredients
  • Fast healing time


  • Big bottle leads to higher price

2. Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink – Best For Shading And Lining

This one is the excellent choice for lining and shading. You can also use it to perform a perfect mixing grey wash method.

Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink

It is well-known for the impressive pigment load and effortless application process since the texture is quite thin. Plus, the drying time is faster than most products from other brands, which requires artists to work on their speed to accomplish a superior quality design.

One regulation you need to remember is to try not to expose them to sunlight. In this way, your bold design will always stay fresh as day one.

How To Use

  • Shake before use;
  • Put a paper towel over the tip during opening and closing to avoid spilling;
  • Pour out the proper amount of product to the cap;
  • No mixing solutions required.


  • Best for lining and shading
  • Impressive pigmentation
  • Fast drying time
  • Thin texture and consistency


  • More suitable for experienced artists

3. Dynamic White Tattoo Ink – Best White Ink Texture

This white tattoo ink is pre-dispersed pigments, meaning it can deliver better while still maintaining the true color. White ink  typically tends to have a thicker texture than other color tattoo inks.

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

However, that’s not the case for Dynamic. The product also has a nice, smooth flow rate which makes it easier to penetrate the skin.

They are vegan tattoo inks, so there won’t be any heavy metal or harmful components in the products. Therefore, you can use them to bring your imagination to life through beautiful artworks and fun designs with no worries.

Plus, you can easily mix this one with other colors, allowing artists to create and blend their own shades for the artworks. Since it is 100% vegan-friendly, it is safe to use and won’t cause any bad skin reactions.

How To Use

  • Shake before use for separation;
  • Put a paper towel over the tip during opening and closing;
  • Pour out the proper amount of product to the cap to avoid wasting;
  • No need to mix with mixing solutions.


  • Pre-dispersed pigments
  • Smooth flow rate
  • Easy to mix with other colors


  • Slightly pricier than other white tattoo ink colors products

4. Dynamic Tattoo Ink Master Collection Set – Best Vibrant Palette

A collection kit is a must-have equipment set if you want to become a professional tattoo artist. With this ultimate Dynamic set, you will get 29 different shades and colors to practice and experiment with your skills.

Dynamic Tattoo Ink Master Collection Set

The collection includes lots of vibrant colors such as tropical purple, canary yellow, sky blue, bubble gum pink, and many more. Primary colors like triple black and heavy white also come along in the set.

Dynamic, without question, has the best pigment that can deliver every detail of the tattoo clearly and vividly. Since the ink saturates so well, you might need to dilute it for softer tones.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Cover the bottle’s tip with a paper towel for better opening and closing;
  • Pour out the right amount of inks to the cap;
  • Mix with mixing solutions before applying (optional).


  • Bright color palette
  • Rich pigment loads
  • Safe tattoo ink ingredients


  • Might need to dilute before use

Comparision With Other Popular Brands

1. Dynamic Vs. Kuro Sumi

Although these famous tattoo inks companies provide technical tattoo supply in the same reasonable price category, Kuro Sumi still has better advantages than Dynamic with a starting price of only 5 dollars. Still, Dynamic performs better in decreasing the chance of getting irritations.

In the tattooing method-wise, Dynamic delivers better lining and lettering due to the thin ink texture. Meanwhile, Kuro Sumi proved to be the go-to choice for excellent shading, thanks to its smooth consistency.

2. Dynamic Vs. Intenze

These two are the most recommended tattoo ink manufacturers out there. Both provide extremely high-quality vegan products that say no to animal testing and animal byproducts. The inks can easily reach any health standards since they do not include any heavy metal components.

In terms of price, Dynamic has the upper hand compared to Intenze. Therefore, it is more suitable for low-experienced inkers or even absolute beginners.


Above are our Dynamic tattoo ink review to give you a better understanding of the brand and what it stands for. Now you can see why it has such an enviable reputation in the tattoo industry.

Hopefully, you will soon find your dream product that makes you don’t want to put the tattoo machine down after reading this guide.

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