Eternal Tattoo Ink Reviews: All You Need To Know in 2022

Eternal Tattoo Ink Reviews will be the main deliberation in this post. I will try my best to provide you and other tattoo artists out there with an informative analysis of the product in question.

In addition, background knowledge on the Eternal brand and its tattoo ink are also included in this article.

Let’s start right away and move to our main content!

Overview Of Eternal Tattoo Supply

Eternal Tattoo Supply

The brand was originally created by Terry Welker in 1980. After 30 years of development, Eternal Tattoo Supply has transformed to become the leading light in the tattoo equipment industry.

The brand is reputable for its constant focus on producing long-lasting and high-quality tattoos. 

Until now, it has grown significantly to include various product categories, such as Eternal Tattoo Ink, Welker Brand Tattoo Machines, and other tattoo supplies (needles, tubes, stencil, latex gloves, tattoo tutorials, etc.).

In this article, I will deliberate mainly about Eternal Tattoo Ink reviews. Through the in-depth analysis of the product in question, you will understand all its features and have better input to land the final purchasing decision.

Eternal Tattoo Ink Reviews

The following part will focus on reviewing Eternal Tattoo Ink based on four following aspects:

1. Various Color Range


Eternal Tattoo Ink offers a wide array of color choices that can satisfy even the strictest demands out there from tattoo artists and customers.

For the exact record, the brand delivers 12 distinct colors: lining black, white, lipstick red, bright yellow (bumble bee), bright orange, dark brown, lime green, sky blue (robin egg), true blue, light magenta, caramel, and light purple.

In addition to the diverse color range, its color has a premium quality, with a bright and vibrant tone.

2. Extremely Safe For Skins

Extremely Safe For Skins

The tattoo inks in question are extremely safe for your skin, as they are water-based and glycerol-free. Therefore, Eternal Tattoo Inks are non-toxic and dedicated to vegans.

By vegan tattoo inks, I mean that they do not contain any animal product and never been tested on any animal.

In short, the ingredient of Eternal tattoo ink is made from organic compounds and thus is safe for your skin. Eternal brand says no strongly to toxic ingredients, such as arsenic and lead.

However, be aware that your skin will absorb the pigmentation less effectively with these water-based tattoo inks than with the alcohol-based counterparts.

But you and your customers will have less irritation to the skin as well, thanks to the natural and organic pigmentation and vegetable dyes that Eternal Tattoo Inks have.

3. Top-Notch Quality

Top-notch quality

Tattoo inks from the Eternal brand are pre-dispersed. Hence they have a very smooth and even flow. Moreover, you can utilize the item as soon as you receive the bottle without any additional precautions.

The high quality of Eternal Tattoo Inks also comes from the top-notch reputation of the manufacturing brand, one of the long-established tattoo suppliers in the industry with over 30 years of experience.

Eternal ensures high quality to be the core concern of the company’s tattoo inks. Therefore, the company sterilizes, mixes, and bottles its products in the most cleaned and hygienic environments.

Eternal Tattoo Inks’ pre-dispersed characteristic makes them the favorite choice of many veteran tattoo artists, especially new school ones.

The consistent flow of Eternal Tattoo Ink will relieve every tattoo artist from troublesome issues during the process of tattooing. The ink is not only smooth and saturated effortlessly into your skin but also reduces the healing time. You will feel great again very soon.

Another advantage is it requires less thorough mixing than pigment-based counterparts. All you need to do is shake your Eternal Tattoo Ink bottles nicely before loading your cups.

It is highly recommended to get yourself a hand mixer for better stirring up the cup prior to your use of the tattoo ink.

You can purchase the additional Eternal Ink Keep It Wet to work on laborious projects. If you place your tattoo inks out too early and it unintentionally dries out before you finish, Eternal Ink Keep It Wet will revive everything in no time.

4. High Durability

Eternal Tattoo Inks are famous for their extremely high durability and longevity. By that I mean, the ink does not fade easily. Before going to the market, every bottle of Eternal Tattoo Ink goes through a stringent product control so that you can rest assured about the ink’s quality.

Quick Rundown On Eternal Tattoo Ink

Before stating my final verdict about Eternal Tattoo Inks, it is best to briefly look at its fundamental specifications, pros, and cons in this particular section.

Basic Specifications

No. Criteria Specification
1 Product Name Eternal Tattoo Ink
2 Color Range 12 distinct colors
3 Bottle Size 1/2 oz.
4 Origin Manufactured in the USA.


  • Vibrant and beautiful colors
  • Unparalleled color range and bottle set choices
  • Reputable manufacturing brand
  • Pre-dispersed with even flow
  • Safe and vegan
  • High longevity and durability


  • Quite expensive prices
  • Small-sized bottles

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Hopefully, the Eternal Tattoo Ink Reviews have provided you with useful and in-depth information about the product in question. All in all, this tattoo ink is a wonderful choice for any tattoo artist, owing to its high quality, vibrant colors, and evenly dispersed characteristics.

If you are still hesitating in making the final purchasing decision, I hope this article has successfully changed your mind about Eternal Tattoo Ink.

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