Fresh Vs Healed Tattoo: How To Tell Them Apart?

Recently, tattoos have become a highly famous field of art and are widely accepted by people, especially the young generation. Having a tattoo can express individuals’ characteristics, styles, and so on. However, the decision to have a tattoo is not easy because you may face pains and other uncomfortable feelings. 

As a freshman in this major, you may be concerned about: How to have a tattoo? What are the differences between a fresh vs healed tattoo? How to take care of a fresh one? If it is your case, don’t miss this article. The logical content below will give you the most exact and valuable knowledge about tattoos. 

Fresh Vs Healed Tattoo – Amazing Tupac by @juANDEgambintattoo

How To Spot A Fresh Tattoo?

If you are a tattoo lover, surely you will know what precisely a fresh tattoo means. Simply speaking, when the tattoo designer finishes their art on your body, you will get a fresh tattoo. Due to the process of being affected, the skin’s area with the appearance of a fresh tattoo will become extremely sensitive and red. It also may swell and have scabs. 

For those who have a tattoo for the first time, touching this area may make them feel itchy or even hurt. Though, don’t worry because the pain will disappear soon, and only beautiful pieces of art exist.

A fresh tattoo will become extremely sensitive and red

What Does A Healed Tattoo Look Like?

A fresh tattoo after a period of healing will turn out to be a healed one. You can recognize a healed tattoo if scabs on the skin disappear and the tattoo matches with other parts of the skin. 

Besides, if the tattoo appears vibrant, it also signals the healing process has been completed. When it reaches this condition, you’ll feel no pain, so you’re free to show it to your friends.

Tattoos represent thoughts and feelings

Fresh Vs Healed Tattoo: A Detailed Comparison 

In case the above parts have not helped you clear with a fresh tattoo and healed one, read the content below to find out their similarities and differences:


As mentioned before, a healed tattoo is the later stage of a fresh one. Hence, it is no doubt that they move in tandem in terms of several aspects:

Similarities between fresh vs healed tattoos
  • Same tattoo design

Of course, your tattoo can not change after a short time, so both fresh and healed tattoos give you exactly the piece of art you demand from tattoo designers. So although they might be slightly different (because a fresh tattoo appears in red skin), don’t worry much about it.

  • Reflection of your personality

Having a tattoo on the body is quite a difficult decision, especially in nations with negative perceptions about tattoos. The young generation usually comes up with a tattoo because they desire to show their personalities, style, views of lives, etc. 

  • Same tattoo color

Many people with the first tattoo in life are concerned that the unique colors appearing on their tattoo will change quickly. Yet, it is not true because the tattoo’s color is produced explicitly to suit and remain on your skin over a long period.

Fresh Vs Healed Tattoo: A Detailed Comparison


There are many signs you could rely on to distinguish fresh vs healed tattoos, including:

  • Redness

While you can recognize red areas in your skin with a fresh tattoo, a healed one doesn’t allow you to do this. It is because a fresh tattoo is the one that has just been carved on your skin. This direct effect makes your skin turn red.

  • Wound

Fresh tattoos sometimes are considered a kind of wound by designers. However, these professions don’t say the same as healed ones.

  • Skin sensitivity

The appearance of a fresh tattoo makes your skin so sensitive that when someone accidentally touches it, it hurts you. Nevertheless, your pain won’t last long, and once it becomes a healed tattoo, any painful feeling will end.

  • Itching

Like the pain you may feel, you can experience an itchy feeling with a fresh tattoo while a healed one causes nothing.

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  • Swelling

Since your tattoo is fresh, your skin may look puffy. A similar phenomenon does not occur with a healed tattoo.

  • Care

Because a fresh tattoo is a kind of new wound, you need to provide appropriate care so that your tattoo will recover adequately. Otherwise, a healed one is considered as part of your skin. So you don’t have to care much about it.

  • Infection

If you don’t treat your fresh tattoo well, you will likely commit severe infection and even destroy it. However, a similar fear is not necessary for a healed tattoo.

  • Touch-up

After the process of tattooing, some people aren’t satisfied with the final look of it. In these circumstances, they will choose to intervene with touch-up steps. Remember that touch-ups can be taken only when your tattoo is completely healed. 

Click here for more information about tattoo touch-ups.

Differences between fresh vs healed tattoos (AMAZING work through and through from Yarson Tattoo)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to take care of a fresh tattoo?

As mentioned before, a fresh tattoo requires several serious steps to be taken care of. If you don’t know how to make it done, follow these steps:

  • After 24 hours, eliminate the bandage from your skin. Don’t mistake that the longer you keep the bandage, the better its effect on your skin.
  • Gently wash the area with tattoos with soap and antimicrobial water. 
  • Dry it correctly
  • Use the antimicrobial ointment to apply to your tattoo twice a day.
  • Repeat these steps to keep it clean.

2. How to sleep with a fresh tattoo?

A fresh tattoo is not only painful but also itchy. Therefore, you may feel it is hard to sleep with it. Consider these tips to make the sleeping process easier:

  • You must tighten the healing process and give a deep sleep for at least 8 hours. 
  • While sleeping, cover the tattoo area for at least the first three-day with a bandage.
  • In case the tattoo artist requires you to wash it, remember to wrap them carefully after that.


In conclusion, when tattoo designers finish their work on your body, it is called a fresh tattoo. After some time, a fresh tattoo will naturally become a healed one that lasts on your skin forever. 

Similarities and differences between fresh vs healed tattoos are listed and illustrated in the article. Hopefully, after reading it, you can acquire more helpful knowledge that can be applied to your circumstance.

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