Heart With Wings Tattoo Meaning – A Symbol Of Love And Passion

Tattoos are a form of art, and you can use them to express anything that you want. A heart with wings tattoo meaning love and freedom. The two images together represent the idea of being free in your heart, which means you’re at peace with yourself.

Read on to understand more deeply the meaning of this special tattoo.

What Is Heart With Wings Tattoo Meaning?

Open Wings

Every person has a unique inner self, a place where all ideas that are not easily disclosed reside. The heart is the seat of our emotions; in addition to kindness and mercy, it may signify honesty or truthfulness. As gestures of noble devotion, we frequently employ wings to depict love in romantic and platonic relationships.

The wings, an all-too-familiar symbol in art and mythology, imply that you’re prepared for anything. They represent speed (freedom), elevation (aspiration), and celestial entities such as angels who provide us transcendence when we need it the most! Your spirits will soar if you have wings.

The flying heart represents the freedom to love and feel. When surrounded by mediocrity or mundaneness, it symbolizes cheerful optimism that allows you to realize your full potential. Never let anybody tell you what you can’t accomplish!


The sign also represents a person’s willpower in overcoming addiction and undesirable habits such as smoking cigarettes. People frequently keep a mental image of something they desire to give up as a daily reminder. A winged heart can signify freedom in love or the desire to retain one’s individuality in various cultures.

The heart is a symbol of love and compassion. This winged heart belongs to the Sufi religious movement. They believe it’s the link between our physical world with spiritual realms in heaven via an angel-carrying prayer. The request you sent when said prayers are lifted toward God on borrowed wings millennia ago by Egyptians who associated them with transformation or transcendence in spirituality.

Many people believe that this is the human desire to rise to heaven, to a place where everything is good, there is no evil.

Loving tattoos are growing more popular as individuals look for creative ways to remember their loved ones who have passed away. You may customize this memorial tattoo design with symbols representing the person remembered. This is like a message to the deceased that you will never forget them.

Plan your tattoo to fit the person you want it to represent. If it’s your child, use little hearts around the wings. If it’s a woman, perhaps you should add flowers on one side of their bodies as well (or both).

Wings Folded In

There are numerous ways to express your love for someone, but tattooing their name on oneself is extremely profound. Whether they’re a friend or a love interest, hearts with wings will remind the world that this individual has always had a special place in your life.


The idea behind a heart with wings wrapped around it is that the person is in love with someone like an angel. And all they want to do is keep this to themselves.

These tattoos are a wonderful way to make your companion feel like the only person on the planet who understands you. You may include their name, a symbol, or other distinguishing traits that indicate how important they are in your lives together.

If you’re looking for a tattoo to remind those who have passed on, this angelic design with an open heart is perfect. The wings open and close as if hugging your heart with love in each embrace. A private message or other details can also be included depending on what feels best!


Designs And Coloring Of Heart With Wings Tattoos

Tattoos speak to you individually, your history, and maybe your hopes for the future. It’s critical that you design it so that it emphasizes you as much as possible while also considering why you’re tattooing.

Many people get tattoos to remember a love heartbreak.

A single, dagger-drawn curving line running through the middle of a winged heart is one of the most frequent designs. This pattern may be used alone or in conjunction with other colors such as red for passion and blue for wings. This helps it shine out against skin tones, resulting in a creative aesthetic effect.

For those using the design of hearts on wings, you can use reds and oranges for the background. There should also be some golden tones to give depth and shades of black that contrast nicely against these colors. You may create any way you like without limiting your imagination! 

Placement Of Heart With Wings Tattoos


A lot depends on what sort of individual wants their tattoo done—some people get tiny ones, while others may select larger designs.

We propose that big tattoos be placed on the lower back, arm, and wrist. If you want to do anything tiny or medium, go for the neckline, back, chest area around the navel/belly button, hip bones, ankles, and feet.



Heart with wings tattoo meaning is the union between love and freedom. Many people use it to represent their passion and desire to experience- two things everyone can relate to when they think about their tattoos.

We have a small note for you that you should consult the tattooist carefully before you decide to stick with it for life.

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