Aftercare Guide: How Long To Keep Tattoo Wrapped In Cling Film?

Having a tattoo is an enjoyable experience in your life. However, you may encounter some aftercare problems. Keeping the damaged area clean is a must. But how long to keep tattoo wrapped in cling film? Do not worry; we have the answer right below. Scroll down for more detail!

Why Keep Tattoo Wrapped In Cling Film?

As soon as the tattooist finishes the tattoo, he quickly disinfects and wraps it with cling film (or plastic foil and professional film). Have you ever wondered why? Let’s find out the reasons below:

Local Laws

In some localities, health authorities require licensed tattooists to bandage tattoos before customers leave the shop. Of course, regulations vary from country to country. However, this practice is gradually becoming more common (even where it is not compulsory) because of the great benefits to the recovery process.

Your tattooist is responsible for the initial wrap

Benefits Of Cling Film

Firstly, you should consider a brand-new tattoo as an open wound. Wrapping it in cling film creates a physical barrier to prevent harmful bacteria and other dirty objects. 

It also gives you better control over the environment of the damaged area. Limiting the air circulation on the tattoo surface in the first few days is extremely necessary.

Finally, you never want your wound to touch anything, not even a towel or bed sheet. It causes pain and even displacement of the ink in the dermis. So we recommend wrapping it up to get the best effect.

When To Keep Tattoo Wrapped In Cling Film?

As mentioned above, you should bandage the tattoo all the way home from the tattoo shop. Usually, your tattooist recommends keeping the cling film for 3-4 hours, or at most the first 24 hours. However, it would be best to rewrap your tattoo in some special cases to create a clean environment for the wound. Here are some common situations:

During Sleep

A cling film may interfere with your good night’s sleep. But never be subjective; it is still best to implement this tip. Your bed can become a reservoir and spread bacteria if it is dirty. A sterile environment is better for the recovery of an open wound. 

Alternatively, you can also use cling film to form a strong protective layer from scratches caused by rough fabrics.

In A Polluted Environment

In dirty conditions, bacteria can multiply and infect your wound. Meanwhile, the key to a quick and smooth recovery is cleanliness. Undoubtedly, never expose your tattoos to contamination before they scab. 

If you work in an environment with many toxic substances such as a farm, kitchen, garbage treatment plant, bandaging the tattoo is the only way to heal it. If you do heavy work and sweat a lot, pay attention to this problem. Humidity is one of the bad factors for a damaged area.

When Wearing Rough Or Tight Clothing 

Similar to bedsheets, rough clothes can accidentally tear your wound. We highly recommend wearing soft and loose clothing. Tight sleeves, jeans, tweed are not good for your skin in this case. If not possible, disinfect the tattoo and bandage it first to avoid the unnecessary collision.

In The Crowd

Any impact can cause damage to this sensitive area, especially when you are engaged in physical exercises. Crowds can lead to a sudden touch that adversely affects the wound. In such cases, cling film becomes the perfect protective layer for a new tattoo. If possible, it is best to limit participation in these activities.

Vigorous games are not suitable for new tattoos

How Long To Keep Tattoo Wrapped In Cling Film?

For The Initial Wrap 

You can find hundreds of Google search results for this problem. Unexpectedly, some may contradict what you are told. Whether 2-3 hours or overnight is correct? It is not easy to give one answer for all cases. So what should you do?

Your tattooist is responsible for your first wrap as soon as he completes the tattoo and for giving you advice on how long to keep it. Following his instructions is the best option as he knows your skin condition better than anyone.

Besides, a skilled tattooist has worked with many clients. Believe us, his experience accumulated over the years is much more accurate than references on the Internet. There is no reason why a tattoo artist would want to give his client bad advice.

There is no standard aftercare routine. As a result, it would be best to wrap your tattoo in cling film for as long as the tattooist requires.

For The Re-wrap

One big downside of cling film is that it does not release air and partially limits your activity. As a result, you should not keep this bandage for more than 6 hours. Change your film every 3-4 hours or as soon as you notice it is soggy or soaked in blood. 

After the first few days, you should only wrap the tattoo when necessary, as we mentioned in the previous section. Skin cells need oxygen for regeneration. Stop bandaging when your wound begins to scab. At this stage, they just need to moisturize to recover quickly.

How To Rewrap A Tattoo In Cling Film By Yourself

As you can see, rewrapping a tattoo is not an easy task. Before doing it, you must determine the following three factors:

  • Personal hygiene: Do you keep your hands, cling film, and wounds washed?
  • Personal experience: Have you ever bandaged a tattoo? Can you do it well without affecting this sensitive area?
  • Clean environment: Can you dress a tattoo in a sterile (or as clean as possible) environment like at a tattoo parlor?

They are the same guarantees at all tattoo shops but are completely different from the conditions at home. If you cannot do it well, you should consult with your tattooist first or take other measures. If possible, here is the procedure to do the tattoo bandage:

  • Sanitize your hands and limit touching anything. If you need anyone’s help with this process, make sure their hands are as clean as yours.
  • Use warm water to wash off your tattoo. It is best to combine with antibacterial, unscented soap.
  • Absorb water in the damaged area with a paper towel or soft cloth. Do not rub to avoid hurting the tattoo.
  • Prepare clean cling film (optional brand). Fix it on the area around the tattoo so that it completely covers.
  • Pull the cling film a few more inches to allow ventilation and plasma to drain. Use adhesive tape to secure the sides if necessary.
Adhesive tape is used to hold cling film in its original position

In Conclusion

This article has just shown you how long to keep tattoo wrapped in cling film. As mentioned above, the advice of your tattooist is the best answer for your specific case. In the case of a rewrap, disinfect the wound before taking any other action. Do not keep the bandage for too long because your skin needs to breathe. As the last word, we hope the information above can make your recovery as smooth as possible.

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