How Many Times A Day Should I Wash My Tattoo?

For first-timers, a lot of questions might pop up in mind when it comes to the tattoo aftercare process. How many times a day should I wash my tattoo? When should I first wash my new tattoo? Well, understanding this aftercare knowledge will decide if a new tattoo is well-healed, long-lasting, or warp and uneven.

Take it easy! This article will go into detail so any beginner can take good care of a new tattoo! 

How Many Times A Day Should I Wash My Tattoo?

Generally, you should wash your new tattoo 2-3 times a day until it’s healed completely, which might take you several months.

However, people with good awareness of upkeeping the new tattoo also get it wrong in the washing process. Some believe that after 24 hours, they can wash their tattoo as many times as they like. It is totally wrong! Since the ink has not yet been deposited to the skin, it is easy to wash out if you clean the tattoo more than usual!

Let’s continue reading to know when and how to clean your tattoo correctly!

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How Long After The Tattoo Process Can You Have The First Shower?

The tattoo must be kept far from water for at least 5 hours

Every tattoo expert would recommend you wait for at least 5 hours after finishing the tattoo drawing to wash it. This means you must keep your new tattoo from water within 5 hours, not scrubbed with soap and chemicals, and not exposed to direct sunlight for one week. It’s because that skin area is vulnerable and needs your care during the first week.

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Washing Your Newly-made Tattoo – Do and Don’t

The newly-made tattoo is very vulnerable and easy to fade, so following our time rule is not enough. You should also have proper knowledge about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do with your new tattoo.

What You Should Do?

  • Wash The New Tatoo With Your Hands

There is no tool better than your hands to wash the healing tattoo. Remember to cut your fingernail short to avoid scratching your vulnerable tattoo.

There is no tool better than your hands to wash the new tattoo.
  • Use Lukewarm Water For Washing The New Tattoo

If you wash the tattoo with lukewarm water, it is still able to remove the plasma and additional blood. Yes, you don’t get it wrong! Lukewarm water is perfect for the washing process. 

It should be mentioned that you need to wait for the water to reach a certain warm temperature. By this way, you can make sure that the pores are closed completely. 

However, please note that we mention “warm”, not “hot”, since once the water reaches boiling heat, there will be adverse effects.

What You Must Avoid?

  • Do Not Wash The Newly-Healed Tattoo With Hot Water

Hot water is taboo for washing open wounds, including tattoos. Cleaning your newly-made tattoo with hot water means that you inadvertently allow bacteria to grow and ink leakage to permeate your skin. 

  • Do Not Use A Sponge/ Loofah To Wash The Tattoo


Countless people may think that using a loofah or sponge to wash the tattoo is a great idea as it helps wash out bacteria and dirty components. Still, it is the contrary!

These washcloths are no different from bacteria harbors, which can be harmful when you wash your vulnerable skin area. Even worse, if you rub too hard, they may end up peeling skin and prolong the aftercare process.

Frequently Asked Questions

– When Should You Stop Washing The New Tattoo? 

After 2-3 months of the healing procedure, you can stop washing the new tattoo. Still, this period also depends on your body!

– Can You Wash New Tattoo With Body Wash? 

We advise you not! The body wash is one of the taboos for a newly-made tattoo. The fragrant components may cause unexpected irritation to your tattoo area and even cause the colors to fade away faster.

– Can You Rub Your Newly-Made Tattoo If It Itches? 

The answer is undoubtedly no. The feeling itches is a sign that the healing procedure is almost finished. Therefore, let it be and try not to rub your newbie tattoo.

The Bottom Lines

How many times a day should I wash my tattoo? To sum everything up, you should wash your newly-made tattoo 2-3 times a day for 2-3 months until the healing stage is completely finished. 

Are our tips helpful for you? Can you apply them to your daily cleaning? Share with us your experience! We would love to hear it and have a further discussion in the comment box!

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