How Much Do Tattoos Cost? What Decides The Price Of A Tattoo?

One of the vital questions that many youngsters ask as they begin to get the first tattoo on their body is, “How much do tattoos cost?” 

However, the price is slightly higher than expected, around hundreds of dollars.

Each tattoo has its price, and it bases on many factors such as placement, artist popularity, intricacy, etc. Therefore, you should check this article, for it is called a tattoo cost calculator, which helps you understand both tattoo prices and why each type will cost you differently. 

After reading the information below, you can consider a suitable tattoo that matches your preferences at the best price!


How much do tattoos cost?

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

The price of a tattoo is based on many factors like size, intricacy, or color, etc. The information below will help you understand the tattoo price for each case. 

1. Basic Tattoos


Heart Shape Tattoo

Except for the tattoo designed with a large budget, you can try some available models at the tattoo shop. These tattoos are slightly simple and come at a low price. It is around 50 to 150 dollars. 

The price can be different depending on the size you want. If your tattoo is bigger than casual, you will need to pay more money. 

You also can find these flash tattoos by searching on the Internet, and they have many patterns such as a heart shape, Roman symbol, a short quote, etc. 

Moreover, people who have a tattoo for the first time will likely choose these basic designs. They are easy to remove and replace with another tattoo if you’re not satisfied later. 

2. Tattoo Cost For Each Body Part

This part is slightly important because it shows you the body part affecting tattoo price.


Finger tattoos are now an inexpensive yet exciting trend that many people want to try out. 

Since the artist can only make a small tattoo on the fingers, the price is accessible to virtually everyone. That said, a tattoo with complex details will cost more than 500 dollars. Otherwise, a simple one is only 50 – 100 dollars. 


The ankle is a special spot to get a tattoo, and it costs only from 50 to 250 dollars. This price depends on the detail and intricacy of the tattoo you want. 


Except for basic tattoos, there are cosmetic tattoos. These kinds are in special positions on the face, such as lips and eyebrows. Tattoos are a great idea to make your face more attractive and cover up your weaknesses. 

For example, if you think bolder eyebrows will give you more confidence, we see no reason why you should not get a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. It will cost around 500 – 3000 dollars based on the artist’s techniques and level of experience.


The forearm is half sleeve, which means you’ll pay half the price of a sleeve tattoo. It is around 250 dollars – 1300 dollars depending on the size, design, and color. Of course, full tattoos are always expensive. 


It is necessary to think carefully about a large tattoo on your body before making a decision. The reason is that after completion, it will be hard to remove or change. 

For the sleeve, you will need to choose the design and color. 

Creating a tattoo on the sleeve typically takes more than 48 hours, and oftentimes, it will need many sessions to complete. This body part (from the wrist to the shoulder) requires the artist to complete a full tattoo bit by bit. 

About price: 

  • A simple outline will cost 2000 – 4000 dollars.
  • For a colored tattoo, the price can reach up to 6000 dollars.


Getting a tattoo on your chest is easier and cheaper than full-back. The tattoo artist will spend about 6 – 10 hours completing a tattoo on this body area. 

About price: 

  • It costs 600 dollars – 2000 dollars.
  • The price is determined based on color, size, and the intricacy and details involved in the process.


The shoulder is one of the most popular positions to make a tattoo. If you have it on the circular shoulder, the price is around 800 – 850 dollars. The more area your tattoo covers, the more money you will pay for it. 



Thigh Tattoo

The standard tattoo’s length on the hip or thigh is about 1 ft. It costs around 500 dollars for an outline and 1500 – 2000 dollars for full color. 

Full Back

Have you ever thought about having a tattoo fully covering your back? The process for a full-back piece of art is divided into many sessions, as the artist needs time to meticulously work from the neck to the waist. 

This tattoo type takes around 40 – 55 hours to complete. It is advisable to finish the tattoo with many sessions because it supports your finances and time. 

You will pay 2500 – 5000 dollars for the outline and 200 dollars more for color to have a full-back tattoo.

Full Body

A full-body tattoo is rare to see, and it is suitable for people who are ready to enter the tattoo world. The tattoo will cover from your toe to the neck, so it takes much effort, time, and money to complete. 

About the price, make sure you’re willing to pay 100,000 dollars before thinking about a full-body tattoo. 

Factors That Determine Tattoo Price


Do you have a passionate pursuit in having a tattoo? However, are you surprised about the tattoo price?

Let’s take a look at the information below to have a better idea about what can affect the tattoo cost. 


Your tattoo will go with you all your life, so the most suitable tattoo is necessary. It’s also a reason we consider the design as the first determining factor of tattoo price. 

Do you know that the artist has to put a lot of work, enthusiasm, and effort into creating a special tattoo? That’s why people assess a tattoo design through some elements such as details, intricacy, and uniqueness, etc. The more requirements of design, the higher the price. 

Moreover, design dictates the type of ink, amount of work and time, and the artist’s technical level. Therefore, paying more money for a unique tattoo is worth it. 


There are two types of tattoo color: colorful and white-grey. Each one has its advantages, so the price is different. 

In the case that you get a colorful tattoo, it will be more expensive. The reason is simple as the artist needs to study mixing and using accurate colors. They have to be more careful in making your tattoo, so the price will be increased to be worth their effort. 

Otherwise, the black and grey ink will be cheaper, and it is more traditional and suitable for a wide range of people. 

Besides, the expensive price depends on gradients and shading. These effects take a lot of time and require advanced skills to make. Therefore, even choosing black and grey to make a tattoo, the price is still high if you want to apply these effects.


How much do tattoos cost by size?

Basically, the bigger the tattoo size is, the more time, effort, and facilities to complete. Hence, a full-back tattoo, of course, is more costly than a finger tattoo.

However, sometimes a bigger design is not as expensive as the small one. It happens when the former is quite simple, while the latter requires more skills to complete because of its details and complexity. 


The body part where you want to get a tattoo will affect the amount of money you’ll pay. There are some sensitive parts where the artist struggles to use the needle. For these placements, the artist must be careful as much as possible to not affect both tattoo quality and the client’s feeling. 

Some hard-to-tattoo body parts include ribs, feet, wrist, and neck. These areas will bring more hurt feelings than others. We have shared the price of making a full tattoo in different body parts above, so you can easily check it again. 

Tattoo Shop Location

Nowadays, tattoo shops are popular as you can find many in the street. In counting the price of a tattoo, it is necessary to consider the shop location. 

The tattoo price from a shop with an attractive address will be higher than a mediocre location. Typically, if you get a tattoo from a shop in the city center, it will be more expensive than in a rural area.

Artist Popularity

The artist who masters their skills will create a great tattoo. The more they master the art, the more popularity they have. That’s why artist popularity will be important as it makes you believe in having a beautiful tattoo. 

Sought-after artists will have good skills and techniques to bring out a great tattoo no matter how intricate it is. 

Because you’ll be bringing the tattoo your entire life, you will want to use the service from a famous artist who provides assurance, right? That’s how artist popularity affects the tattoo price.

Frequently Asked Questions

While considering a good tattoo at the best price, you might have some questions. Check out the section below to better prepare yourself for your upcoming trip to a tattoo parlor.

Getting the first tattoo always brings many advantages. Thus, you should ask the artist to discount the price if it is the first time you try to get a tattoo. They will want to create a good impression and easily offer you a discount or a voucher to apply for the next time you visit their studio.

Besides, you also can ask the artist to reduce the fee for a small tattoo. Sometimes they are slightly generous for a tiny tattoo because of its cuteness. Small, simple tattoos will not cost too much effort to make, so it is easy to ask for a discount.

You do not want an ugly tattoo on your body, so please check the artist's skill level before deciding. Don’t try to get a tattoo from a newbie artist, although the fee is always cheaper. For the most part, the higher the price, the higher the quality you will get.

This approach is ideal if you don’t have enough finance for an expensive tattoo. However, the price for each session is often higher in total than the price for completing a tattoo in a single session.

Final Thoughts

A tattoo will go with you all your life, so you should consider it carefully before getting it on your body. 

Chasing tattoo passion is slightly expensive. And you should answer the question “How much do tattoos cost? to have an overview of the tattoo market. 

Doing so will help you steer clear of cheap, low-quality tattoos which you will want to remove only a few days after having them.

You can consult the elements above to make sure having a favor tattoo with an average tattoo cost. Hopefully, it will be the one you always love and are proud of.

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