How To Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Deodorant?

Applying a tattoo stencil without deodorant may appear unachievable to many individuals. Because deodorant includes alcohol, it can dry and damage your skin. This can be painful for those with sensitive skin. 

Then, some of you must be wondering: “How to apply tattoo stencil without deodorant?”. Read on to know what you should use to apply stencil without hurting your skin.

how to apply tattoo stencil without deodorant guide
Because deodorant includes alcohol, it can dry and damage your skin.

How To Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Deodorant (5 Methods)

You can follow some tips to apply a tattoo stencil without using deodorant. For example, apply petroleum jelly before applying the stencil, or buy one that does not contain alcohol in the ingredients list. Check the following list of 5 alternatives to choose what suits you:

  • Petroleum jelly:

Apply a small layer of petroleum jelly to the region where you wish to place your tattoo stencil and wait at least 2 minutes for it to soak. Then, as usual, remove the stencil with uniform pressure along its edges.

When removing the stencil, be careful not to pluck any hairs, as this might result in an ingrown and inflamed infection. After that, wash off any extra petroleum jelly with soap and water so that it doesn’t get in the way of healing.

  • Toothpaste/ Lip balm:

While trying to apply a tattoo stencil without deodorant, toothpaste and lip balm can be substituted for petroleum jelly. Of course, it’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s better than nothing! Make sure you’re well-prepared for your tattoo appointment.

When you’re planning your tattoo, this is an excellent time to start thinking about it. Whether you’re working on a specific design, attempt to determine what colors will be utilized in ink and if you’re allergic to them.

  • Baby oil/ Body lotion:

Baby oil is a fantastic alternative to petroleum jelly. However, baby oil that contains aromas or odors should be avoided, much like petroleum jelly. Various lotions, such as cocoa butter or shea butter, can also be used. 

Besides baby oil, body lotion might be a fantastic choice. However, body lotion may contain scents or colors, creating irritation or even allergies to your skin over time. So if you’re going to use body lotion instead of petroleum jelly or another excellent option, be sure it’s fragrance-free.

  • Water:

To wet and clean the area where you’ll be applying your stencil, use warm water or baby wipes. This will aid in the removal of any excess oils, grime, or sweat from the skin.

  • Wet wipes: 

Before applying a tattoo stencil without deodorant, you can use baby wipes to clean away any extra oil from your skin. After removing the stencil, thoroughly clean the area with soap and water. Add petroleum jelly or another type of moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out after you’ve cleaned the tattoo.

Suppose your stenciled tattoo is on an area of your body prone to chafing, like your ankle or foot. In that case, it’s critical to keep this part of your body correctly moisturized during the healing process to avoid dryness and discomfort.

3 Steps To Apply Tattoo Stencil Without Deodorant

  • Clean your skin:

First thing first, a critical note before getting a tattoo is, if you have body hair, gently remove them before any of these because it is better and easier to put on a tattoo if the skin is clear. Then, make sure a tattoo stencil is clean and ready before using it. After that, put on your gloves, clean your skin with green medical soap, and then wipe it dry. 

  • Apply the tattoo stencil:

Now, choose 1 among the 5 things we mentioned above, put a layer on your skin, and slowly apply the tattoo stencil onto the area you want from the tip. You should wait till the stencil is dry after properly transferring the picture to the skin. Allow the stencil to dry after removing the transfer paper. If desired, ink your tattoo once it has dried completely.

  • Clean up:

After your tattoo, you should have a quick clean-up (mainly when you use petroleum jelly, baby oil, or body lotion). Now walla, everything is done!

Don’t forget to clean up after taking off the stencil.

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After reading this guide, you should’ve known tips on how to apply tattoo stencil without deodorant. Tattoo stencils are a quick and reasonable method to acquire a unique tattoo. But if you don’t want to use deodorant on your skin, we’ve got you covered with a few alternatives. Be careful, or it’s going to be a mess. Good luck!

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