How to Choose A Tattoo Artist? – Five Steps To Get The Right Artist!

Have you ever thought about tattooing meaningful images onto your skin forever? If yes, a tattoo will be a great way to express yourself and bring you a sense of elegance. However, it is not easy to select the best artist to suit your design and style. In this post, we suggest five steps that tell you about How to choose a tattoo artist.  Jump to it now!

How To Choose A Tattoo Artist – 5 Easy Steps

After reading these five easy steps below on “how to find the right tattoo artist and studio,” we are sure that having a perfect tattoo artist for the very first signature design is not difficult anymore!

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Step 1: Determine Your Want

The first thing you need to do before selecting a tattoo artist is figuring out what style and placement you want. In this way, it can be easier to find the best artists over plenty of fantastic tattooists out there that match your style. 

There are so many tattoo types you could be interested in, such as portraits, ornamental, realism, and more. So, you can begin to collect and gather all reference pictures for your artist to look at. Placement is also an important aspect you need to take into consideration at this time. Bigger images require more space than a smaller piece. Hence, the more difficult the position you want to tattoo, the higher requirement on tattooists’ experience.


As a result, this is the best time for you to narrow down the number of tattoo artists that perfectly match your idea because not all talented tattooists are good at every style. 

Indeed, the more information you grasp, the easier it is to find your suited tattoo artist.

Step 2: Determine Your Need

The second step to pick a tattoo artist is to list down all special requests you have. For instance, several tattooers prefer a private studio rather than a street store because of its privacy. Others are interested in female or Lesbian (LGBT) artists instead of male due to their personalities and exceptional background. These particular requirements will help you to connect to your target artist and get the deserved experience.

Nevertheless, determining your budget and schedule are also necessary features to help you select the right artist. In terms of pricing, the quality artist could be more expensive than the bad, so do not lose your best result by choosing the cheapest option! If your budget is tight, it is possible to communicate and negotiate with an artist you love or spend a little time-saving money. 

Step 3: Search Tattoo Artists

Once you decide on the idea and special requirements, doing tattoo artist research is the next step. In this criteria, there are several ways to look for tattooists and their portfolios. 

The easy way is listening to your friends or relatives who got the tattoo that impresses you. They have had experience with their artists, so it is a valuable suggestion. Even if you see some stranger with your favorite tattoo, do not be afraid to ask them where they got it done. 

Just in case you cannot find someone who is tattooed, it is better to look around on social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) or online tattoo websites (Tattoodo). Specifically, this step includes both positive and negative customer reviews and recommendations based on their real experience. 

You might want to find artists in online forums, as they are a valuable resource for comparing and choosing the right tattoo artist where all artists gather on the same pages. On the Tattoodo website, it is flexible for you to save a tattooist’s profile while looking at other tattoo artists.

Tattoodo Application.

A good tattoo artist might not do every style you request; they always feel more comfortable and specialize in a particular type instead. Therefore, spend your time looking around and note down a few artists on your list.

Once you have several artists on your list, reviewing their real samples is an essential thing at this moment. It is a great time to ask some questions before meeting personally at the studio. For example, does their style fit your idea? Is their technique suitable with the type of tattoo you pick?

Step 4: Meet Your Tattoo Artists

Contacting directly to your favorite artist is the next step in the process of picking the right tattooist. 

At this time, a detailed tattoo brief such as the size, placement, and reference image is shown to your favorite tattoo artist. This information will help the artists make an appointment and make sure their style and technique are suitable. 

If they are interested in it, both of you will have a consultation right away. If your style is not their specialty, do not worry; go back to your favorite list and have another conversation.  

Step 5: Talk About The Final Tattoo

The final step is to have a conversation with your artist about the specific tattoo you want to own, such as color, scheme, and budget. This is a splendid time for you to feel at ease, confident in the artist, and ask some questions to guarantee that you feel one hundred percent comfortable with your selection.  

After all, it is a good time to get an appointment and pay a deposit when you feel a joyful and understandable interaction that the artist is giving in the deliberation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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After reading our post, you now know how to choose a tattoo artist, right? From our perspective, getting the ink into your skin forever is a meaningful expression, so selecting the best artist for your alive tattoo is critical. We hope you can successfully apply the five effective steps listed above to choose the right tattooist suited to your desired style and design!

Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next article!

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