How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Tattoo?

Social prejudice and generation gaps make your parents hesitant to allow a mark on the body. Usually, addressing the idea of tattoos even makes arguments occur. So, how to convince your parents to get a tattoo cleverly? This concise post gives you detailed guidance along with some useful tips!

Having a tattoo is cool, but it’s hard to get approval from your parents.

How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Tattoo 

Step 1: Understand What Your Parents Think About Tattoo

Guessing your parents’ thoughts and response once you ask them for permission to get a tattoo would stay one step ahead of the argument. Through this first step of mentality analysis, you will figure out the best way to approach your parents and talk to them convincingly.

Well, the main reasons that your mom and dad can easily refuse to get tattoos are: 

  • Your parents were raised during a time when tattoos were just popular with criminals, gang members. Such a mentality makes them concerned about your impression in people’s eyes. 
  • Tattoos stick with you throughout your life. Due to that fact, most parents don’t allow their children to get it until they’re mature enough to control their life.
  • Many infectious diseases could potentially affect your health if the tattoo artist forgets to change needles for you.
  • Tattoos might limit some potential jobs in your future.

Step 2: Prepare For A Thorough Discussion About The Tattoo

Once you foresee your parents’ thoughts about tattoos, you would know what you would prepare to get their consent. In the second step, we will give you precious advice to approach them.

#1 Find A Meaningful Tattoo You Are Desired For

Many adults spend years contemplating a tattoo before bringing it to their bodies because they understand how serious the tattoo is. It can’t be removed easily, and is really painful during the inking process. 

So, to persuade your parents to get a tattoo on your body, you have to convey the meaning behind the tattoo wisely, so that your parents can feel your sincereness and how enthusiastic you are to get that tattoo.

You should find a meaningful tattoo to get approval from your parents faster.

Normally, the tattoo symbols transmitting the meaning of love, peace, hope, dream, or an inspirational quote are easier to get your parents’ approval. Sometimes, its image can be a tribute to someone who has a great influence on your life. Only by having extensive research and conveying maturity in your thoughts can you get their consent. 

#2 Convince Them With A Small-sized Tattoo In A Hidden Place

It would be much easier for your parents to agree if you can make them fully aware of the tattoo size and its place on the body. Let’s start with a small-sized tattoo in a hidden place. Informing and convincing mom and dad that the tattoo wouldn’t be visible at all times will help them change the prejudice gradually.

A small tattoo seems to be more acceptable.

#3 Persuade With A Thorough Search For The Tattooist And Parlor

Thorough preparation for the discussion certainly needs an extensive search about the tattooists along with their parlor and tattooing style. The best source to refer to the trusted tattoo shops are your friends and relatives’ recommendations. 

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Find A Good Tattoo Shop

Particularly, if tattoos on their skins are the style you are looking for, it will be much more convincing to your dad and mom. Otherwise, let’s pick a safe shop that is highly recommended on social media, then preview their works with them. Don’t forget to mention information you collect about its facility, sanitary, and clean-looking studios.

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#4 Give Your Parents A Chance To Contribute Ideas

After all, let’s allow your parents to contribute ideas. Please choose an appropriate time to approach your parents and ask for their opinion. Maybe you can give a talk on this topic when you feel that they are happy about something. You can also take advantage of the period you have just achieved good results in the exam. 

Importantly, once discussing with parents, let’s try to ask open questions like “How do you feel about tattoos?”, or “What do you think about the tattoo design I choose? I would like to hear your thoughts and hope you would support me to get a tattoo”. 

You could understand that if you start the talk with a closed-ended question like “Can I get a tattoo”? , it may end up right away with the answer “No.” 

Our last tip is trying to talk with one of them who is emotionally closer to you. If she or he is on board with you, try to get her or him to talk with the other. Finally, after hearing ideas from both sides directly or indirectly, you can discuss with them again. 

In this official talk, let them contribute ideas and behave like an adult. Always keep calm and don’t try to fault them for having old overviews. If the argument occurs, it’s time to convince them with all the information you get about tattoos.

Step 3: Take Your Parents To Visit A Tattoo Salon With You

If what you present about tattoos isn’t convincing enough, let your parents visit a tattoo salon with you. It will be better if you can talk with the tattooist about their visit in advance. 

By observing how skillful the tattoo artist is and checking out the cleanliness and safety of the parlor, they can allow you to get a tattoo. They are also assured that it is the right place to get a photorealistic design.

Step 4: Offer To Use Your Savings For Tattoo

You should use your own savings to get the tattoo.

Well, in this step of convincing your mom and dad to get a tattoo, we advise you to give them the idea of using your savings. By saying that, you are showing your maturity and confidence in this decision. 

It can be costly, but you are willing to work throughout the summer to cover that cost. Eventually, your parents can believe that allowing you to get a tattoo is a good decision at this time.

 Step 5: If That Fails, Try To Talk With Them At Another Time

Sometimes, it is impossible to get their permission in the first time. Your parents may feel that you are still immature to get a tattoo staying with you your whole life. They need extra time to get a consultation from friends. So, be happy with their decision at this time and give them a chance to think it over. Then, you can mention it later again. 

Final Thoughts

Allaying your parents’ fears about the negativeness of tattoos is never a simple task. But hopefully, this comprehensive guide of how to convince your parents to get a tattoo will help you gain a lot of useful information to approach and persuade them well. We wish you success! Good luck!

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