How To Email A Tattoo Artist: What You Should Do To Get The Best Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be tricky and slow as you don’t walk straight into a tattoo parlor without an appointment in advance.

One of the common ways to book a tattoo appointment is by emailing the tattoo artist. So, if you’re new to this way, let’s find out how to email a tattoo artist below!

how-to email-a-tattoo-artist

How to email a tattoo artist?

Why Email A Tattoo Artist?

It can be overwhelming when you haven’t had a tattoo before. Should you go straight to a tattoo parlor and ask for a tattoo? Can you request them to make a tattoo of your design, or can they only work on those in the catalog?

These questions are easily answered with an appointment with the tattoo artist. As we are in the modern time, an email is one of the best solutions to book a meeting or inquire about a service.

Normally, if you’re in a big city, the tattoo parlors tend to have a social media page with phone numbers and email. You can use this information to make an appointment for your tattoos. In case you haven’t been to the tattoo place, it is better to send them an email to clearly express your requests.

You may wonder, what other purposes for emailing a tattoo artist?

It’s normal to book an appointment through an email. However, if you also want the artist to design a tattoo idea for you, you should also use email as talking can take a long time to explain, and you may miss some small details.

Especially if you don’t know how to describe your desired style, sending the email with inspirational tattoo pictures would be so much more helpful than just a description.

Lastly, if you have other questions about the healing process, you can also email the artist. There are different types of tattoo ink, and the artist can recommend you with certain food or methods to boost your healing process and maintain the integrity of your tattoos. 

As it is not an important issue, emailing the tattoo artist would definitely save your time for a walk-in appointment. Moreover, you are not scared of mishearing any information as you have the entire list saved on your email archive.

How To Email A Tattoo Artist? 

Now that you have opened your email box and start a fresh draft, what should you write to the tattoo artist?

It’s tempting to just request the artist a tattoo straight away. Simple and straightforward. However, it is likely that the artist will ignore the email and refuse to make one tattoo for you because of lack of information and unreliability.

It’s understandable because they have never seen you, and they don’t want to waste time designing a tattoo that the customer will cancel on the appointment date. Another reason for cancellation is their schedule is tight, so they cannot receive more appointments.

Therefore, it is important to have all the necessary information in your email to show your desire to have a tattoo and settle for an available slot. With a clear, informative, and concise email, you will get your tattoo appointment faster than you think.

So, now let’s find out what you need to do to email a tattoo artist.

Overall, the email will need these parts:

  • Subject
  • Content:
    • Greeting
    • Tattoo inquiry
    • Tattoo description
    • Personal details

It’s normal to ask if they accept booking this month as some popular tattoo artists may have a tight schedule that you need to book out months in advance. Once you have an acceptance response from them, you can start with your appointment email.

Email Subject

Start with the subject part; you should put a clear and straight-to-the-point line. It should be a noun phrase or an action. Here are some common examples in a tattoo email:

Tattoo appointment request, tattoo inquiry, a recommendation for the tattoo healing process, etc

Once you have a subject line for your email, it’s time we move on to the important section: the email content.


Start with a greeting to show your sincerity to the artist. You can talk about how positively you think about the artist’s work, or you can also brief through your experience with tattoos. This information can be helpful for the artist to understand your situation and give you appropriate recommendations.

However, you should keep it brief to one to two sentences in the email as it is not the main purpose of your email.


Then, you need to put down your request and questions in one part. You had better present them in a clear and straightforward sentence. Each inquiry should be presented in a bullet point or numbers, so it is easier for your artist to see and address your concerns.

In this case, we are looking for an appointment, so it should be a request sentence such as:

“I’m looking for an appointment for my tattoo…”

Tattoo Description

In the next part, you will describe your tattoo idea and concept. This is an important section as you need to show precisely the design that you want. The more details you give, the more realistic your envisioned tattoo will become. If you only have a vague description in the email, you will still need to explain it more to the artist, which prolongs the tattoo date for you.

Wasting time and money is not desirable for both parties, so it is necessary that you have researched the style and concept of your desired tattoos. When specifying the details of the tattoo, you might need to give a list of information:


Tattoo on arms

The tattoo’s location and size: is it full on your back? Is it hanging on your shoulder only? A palm-sized tattoo or smaller?

Other details: Is it a string of quotes, a specific character in movies or books, or certain objects and animals?

Color: Colored, black or white.


Inspirational images vs. tattoo

Inspirational images:

Attaching real images similar to your concept is a brilliant way to show your artist the precise style you want. You shouldn’t send tattoo replicas as tattoo artists tend to refuse to copy people’s designs. Real images are good enough for the artist to be creative and give you the right style.

Personal Details and Schedule

Once you have finished describing your tattoos, it’s time to put your schedule and contact information in the email. These parts will help the artist suggest comfortable slots for your appointment and contact you if you miss their emails.

You need to provide basic information such as full name, phone number, and email with personal details. For your schedule, you can show the flexibility and restriction through a table of available times you can meet during their working hours.

Templates For Emailing A Tattoo Artist 

A detailed and informative email is the perfect way to communicate to your tattoo artists your preference. In the email, you need to show the artist that you’re a trustworthy customer through your words.

Maybe it might be hard to imagine, so here are the templates that will help you grasp some ideas of an email:

Template 1

Email subject line: Tattoo appointment request

Hi [artist tattoo name],

I am a fan of your work and would love to have a tattoo appointment in your shop. Could you let me know your latest available slots?

The tattoos I would like to have is described below:

A tulip flowers

Size: Palm size

Location: on my back

I like the flower to be at the blooming stage with red and pink colors and a golden ribbon flowing at the end of the flower as well. I also attach some inspirational art styles that I like in the email.

Please take a look and let me know your thoughts about your schedule and the tattoo’s feasibility.

As I work in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday, it would be better to have the appointment in the evening (from 6 pm – 9 pm) or on the weekend. But I can also be flexible if the available slots are a week ahead.

If you need to contact me by phone, here are my contact information:

Full name

Phone number


[Your name]

Template 2

Email subject line: Portrait tattoo request

Hi [Artist name],

I am new to tattoos and would love to have a tattoo appointment with your parlor this month. Could you let me know your availability?

I would like to have a tattoo of my grandmother on my arm, half sleeve in black. I also attached some pictures of my grandma’s portrait that I like; you can choose any picture that you’re comfortable with.

The size of the portrait would be the size of A6 paper.

You can contact me through this email or my personal contact:

Full name:

Phone number:

My schedule is pretty flexible, so I can rearrange my schedule if the appointment is a week ahead.

Let me know if I can provide you more information, and I look forward to your response.


[Your name]


Getting a tattoo can be tricky when you have to discuss it verbally with the artists. That’s why many artists prefer their customers to send them emails for inquiries and tattoo descriptions.

With our guidance on how to write an email to a tattoo artist, you can easily send an informative email to book a tattoo appointment with your favorite local tattoo artist without violating any tattoo etiquette.

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