How To Find A Good Tattoo Shop: Detailed Instructions For Beginners

Getting inked means you have a permanent tattoo on your body. Hence, you might not want to waste your time and money on the wrong one. This leads to the importance of selecting the proper artist or studios. 

So, how to find a good tattoo shop? This article will provide all the necessary steps and tips to help you get your mind across.

Having a permanent sign on body

What To Consider Before Finding A Tattoo Shop 

Careful preparation and research will make sure you have a better chance of finding a suitable tattoo studio. Therefore, you should keep in mind some crucial points following before getting inked at any picked shop.

Clarify what you need 

Your initial task is to clearly define your attractive tattoo, which may be a reference, an image or a sketch. It sounds simple but takes a crucial role in the process of finding a tattoo studio. Indeed, you narrow down the options because you have already clarified the artist’s style or tattoo shop aligned with your desire. 

Besides, don’t forget to be concerned about the location and your budget. Choosing the shop near where you live might be more convenient and cost-effective for travelling or meeting artists. Moreover, if you cannot afford to pay much money for the tattoo, estimating your affordability to select a suitable shop or negotiate with the artist is advisable. The main reason is getting tattoos is not cheap and cheap tattoos are often not good. 

Look at referral options 

Recommendations from your friends or family are also great ways to take this into account. Not only do you probably know the trusted studios, but you also ask for reviews about the service, the style, the price, and so forth, whatever you are concerned about. Most importantly, you can avoid unsuitable studios without further research. 

However, be mindful of analyzing these suggestions because the art style might vary differently between you and your friends, as an example. Therefore, you can double-check this term with your friends and tattoo studios to make sure you won’t miss out on the ideal winner choice.

Take your time 

Another vital thing you should take a look at is to be patient. Understanding that having a tattoo is interesting, you might pick a reputable tattoo shop without careful consideration. The main reason is that they might not have the style harmonizing with your great tattoo.

Take your time to get a desirable tattoo

4 Simple Steps To Find A Good Tattoo Shop

It’s time to dive into the main steps and tips on how to find a good tattoo shop! Keep reading until the end to choose the best place without hassles. 

Step 1: List out the top choice of tattoo studios

After defining your tattoo style and location and your budget, it is advisable to list the top tattoo studios based on your view. The list might come from the friend’s recommendations or from researching on the internet. 

Generally, the artist or studios frequently upload their tattoo on social media as a portfolio. You can observe and consider their tattoo or read reviews to clarify whether that style suits you or not at first sight. 

Besides, you might prepare your tattoo idea or sketch to ask that studio about the style and the price. This step allows you to have more criteria to narrow down your choice.   

Step 2: Validate the shop’s safety

Along with choosing the ideal style, the commitment to safety and health is a priority to consider. Hence, your desired tattoo shop has to deliver the standard experience for customers.

A tattoo shop workspace

So don’t hesitate to come to that studio and validate some of the following elements: 

  • Clean environment: You can check the shop at first sight about the room, floor to have the overall view of the tattoo shop. Nowadays, tattoo studios are regarded as a business, hence there is no denying that the shop should deliver a safe and clean environment. 
  • Safe and sanitized equipment: Don’t forget to ensure the shop has a sanitized machine and uses the proper ink. Indeed, the reliable shop frequently cleans and maintains the equipment properly. Furthermore, you might ask the artist about the origin of the ink because they probably use the ink with elements that the US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t allow, for instance, metals or solvents. 
  • Well-trained staff: The properly trained staff is also essential to deliver you a safe experience. They will know the standard requirements to control and avoid the risk of contamination. Cleaning hands and wearing disposable gloves are some significant examples. Besides, you can observe or ask the staff whether they sanitize all the equipment or not. 

Step 3: Pick a suitable artist’s style

After validating the shop’s environment, selecting a suitable artist is also important to ensure you have a sexy tattoo. The tattoo shop will have many artists with different styles. Therefore, it is advisable to contact and discuss the artist to pick the one you prefer the most. 

Furthermore, meeting the artist initially is an excellent chance for you to express your tattoo idea and turn to the artist for advice if needed. Via discussion, you also clarify the artist’s style suit with your expectation or not. Otherwise, you pick the ideal tattoo shop but do not make sure you have a significant tattoo. 

Step 4: Book schedule with the tattoo shop 

It is essential to book the schedule to get inked with your chosen tattoo shop. Having the booked time in advance allows the shop to prepare for your tattoo without hassles. Also, remember to prepare your physical and mental health carefully.

Choose the artist’s style according your demand

Besides, trusted and reputable tattoo shops will have many customers, and hence if the shop offers to book a schedule with you, it somehow proves that you choose the trusted shop. 


Following some suggestions and detailed steps above will ease your mind regarding how to find a good tattoo shop. Usually, you won’t take much time and effort to research as well as avoid undesirable options. Then, hopefully, you can pick the ultimate choice to have the great tattoo you prefer. 

Besides, if you have any questions, feel free to drop the questions or comments below!

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