How To Get Tattoo Ideas? The ONLY Guide You Need To Read

Apparently, getting tattoos is one way to show your personality or mark a special thing, person and event in your life. It’s even more exciting if you are looking for your first body art, you will definitely want a unique and special image. Yet, the higher expectation you have, the harder you can find a satisfying tattoo. 

In this post, we won’t tell you what tattoo you should choose; we will guide you to get the tattoo you want. Read on to discover suggestions on how to get tattoo ideas now! 

How To Get Tattoo Ideas?

We’ll start with the basic guide to assist you in coming up with your perfect tattoo design inspiration. To know more, we’ve put together the following step-by-step guide on getting the ideal tattoo. Continue reading!

How To Get Tattoo Ideas? Best Guide For You

Ask Yourself Why You Want The Tattoo

First and foremost, this step can be seen as the most important step. It will decide the result of the whole process. 

Typically, you can look at what’s going on in your life that might motivate your desire for a tattoo. Is there something you wish to memorialize or honor with a tattoo, or are you simply bored? In fact, life events are frequently a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to designing them.

Yet, the meaning behind the tattoo doesn’t need to be a deep and forgettable story of yours. Perhaps it’ll just be for the trendy? All of these arguments might serve as a launching idea for your designs.

Think Of Where The Tattoo Will Be

Choosing where your tattoo is going to stay on your body is the best place to start! The step is also to decide where and how big you want your tattoo on your body. Specifically, the form of the tattoo design is determined by the placement. The size affects the amount of complexity that may add to your tattoo, as a detailed tattoo might not fit in a small size.

Fully-tattooed legs

Also, you can’t draw a tiny one in a large region on your body since it will seem unbalanced, and you won’t be able to show it to other people (Suppose you want people to know about the tattoo).

Therefore, don’t cross out this guide as placement is critical in the procedure!

Consider What Is Meaningful To You

Once you’ve decided on the tattoo location, it’s time to consider the visual components you’d like to include. 

To be more specific, when you desire a one-of-a-kind design, it indicates that they are linked to something extremely special and need to make it a visible part of themselves. Sometimes, your tattoo originates from a contemporary feeling in mind.

Tattoos may symbolize an important date in your life.

You might be inspired by looking for a detailed design of your relative’s face. Maybe you recently got engaged, married, or had your first kid? Dates also make for excellent tattoos because they play a unique reminder of a crucial time in your life.

Although there are many opportunities for creativity and expression via art, picking something significant to you is safer than a trendy design. 

Decide On A Tattoo Style 

Next, you’ll have to choose a design style. The internet will be a great source of inspiration in this stage, as you can search for thousands of wide ranges of tattoo styles. Browsing concepts and themes may help you decide what styles you like and don’t like, and what looks you can combine in a single tattoo if you don’t want it to be too simple.

After looking at all the tattoos and comparing them, you’ll recognize that you like one style over the others, and that’s the one you decide to draft on your body. If not, you may always mix parts from different tattoo styles that you enjoy and put them into your tattoo.

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Widen Your Research 

Be patient and spend time on research to find true inspiration. There is a variety of criteria to think of: 

  1. Color – You can choose two options: Color or monochrome, depending on your preference.
  2. Style – It’s a great idea to conduct a little study on tattoo styles to determine which one appeals to you the most. Common styles are American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, High Realism, Trash Polka, Japanese, etc.
  3. Shape – Flower is a popular tattoo option among women since it is both attractive and delicate. Or else, words may be just as visually appealing as visuals when it comes to expressing your thoughts.
You have to consider the style, color, and shape of the tattoo.

Bring It All Together

The very last stage of getting tattoo ideas, it’s just a matter of combining all of your ideas and research. In detail, this step will help explain why you want a tattoo and what it represents. In addition, any references such as color, style, shape you’ve come across should be present on your tattoo and lead to the final choice.

Find The Right Tattoo Artist

At this point, you should find an artist to help you express and transfer the image into reality. Do not rush picking a random tattooist; let’s research some popular artists or your favorite artist before contacting them. In particular, tattooists possibly have their unique style or best at a particular style.

A good tattooist is necessary.

Additionally, you can also discuss the tattoo’s size, color, and position with your tattooist for their advice.

What To Avoid When Drafting Your Tattoo Idea 

In this section, we’ll provide you some additional helpful hints to avoid making unworthy mistakes when designing an ideal tattoo on your body:

Don’t Rush Through Your Research

When you’ve decided to get a tattoo, it’s inevitable that you become extremely excited and tend to rush through your preparation or demo research as quickly as possible. Yet, you should try to avoid it by taking time to create a unique concept, and you’ll need to get inspiration from a variety of places. Don’t hurriedly draft a design, especially if you want a meaningful and unique tattoo.

Furthermore, because your tattoo will be with you for a long time, it’s critical to get yourself the most satisfying design!

Avoid Fixating on Being Original

We’ve all been in a situation when we’ve been so focused on something that it’s had a negative impact. For instance, you browse the internet and run over an attractive design. You decided to fix your original tattoo and continue the fixing once again after running into another impressive design. As a result, the final design turned out to be a mess of different styles and colors. 

Hence, try not to put too much emphasis on being unique. Simple artwork is sometimes more appealing than a combination of different artwork.

Final Verdict 

We truly hope that our article has provided you with useful information on how to get tattoo ideas. As mentioned above, the top important thing to keep in mind while looking for inspiration or picking between options is carefully considering the design. 

Besides, you may want to hear advice from your favorite tattooist about the tattoo position, size, style, color. See you soon in the next blog!

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