How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet? (10 Brilliant Ways)

When getting a tattoo, sometimes customers or artists may accidentally leak some ink drops on the floor. They then have a rough time finding out how to get tattoo ink out of carpet and completely remove all the stubborn stains.

The most important detail to remember is to absorb the ink as soon as possible. For more information, please read the text below carefully. Our post will show you some of the best ways to fulfill this challenging task.

How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet, Couch?

Annoying stains can ruin your carpet’s original colors and beauty. Therefore, when dealing with every type of stain, you need to quickly remove all the remaining ink on your carpet. If not, the job will be very tough.

First, we will introduce some of the most suitable products for erasing the tattoo ink stain and explain how to use them.

Ideal Products

Buying Chemical Products


The OxiClean comes with various non-bleaching and strong ingredients; hence, you can use it to remove stains and dirt from everything in your house. The product is famous for its safety when applying for white/colored rugs and carpets and synthetic/natural fibers.

There may be some items that have different guidance from ours. So, please remember to read the instructions on the item before using it for stains.

First, you need to stir the product into the water. Our ideal proportion is 16-ounce water per one OxiClean scoop. You also have to remove the ink drops before applying for the best outcome.

Apply a reasonable amount to absorb the stain, then leave it for four to five minutes. You should pay attention to the combination and prevent it from getting dry on the carpet.

Next, use a wet and cold cloth to wipe the OxiClean. If the stains did not disappear, you could repeat the process until you get the desired result.

Once there’s no ink spot left on your carpet, wash it under cold and clean water.

Method Stain Remover

Products from Method have safe, natural, and strong cleaners for users and even animals. As the manufacturer produces Method Stain Remover for getting stains out of clothing, you can use it for your carpet.

The Method Stain Remover also comes with the plants and minerals’ enzymes to break down and remove stains. However, the drawback of this brand is that it can’t work smoothly on synthetic fibers.

First, spray the product onto the stain. Let the liquid absorb the ink and break its chemical bonds with your carpet. Your job after applying it is to scrub a little bit on the spots.

Next, use a towel to soak up the spot by pressing on it. You can repeat these two steps until you see the stains fading completely.

Resolve Professional Strength

The Resolve product passed successfully all the tests of time. It can remove different types of stain on synthetic or natural fibers easily and quickly by dissolving.

This is a multi-purpose tool for taking care of your house. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of children and pets, even though the product is not organic.

The process when using this Resolve product is similar to the Method one.

Household Items

When you don’t want to buy products on the market and save money by utilizing all the tools from your house, this section will give you some of the best ideas.


Using the bleaching solution and powder is one of the most popular methods for removing ink. If you use the power, please mix warm water (1 gallon) with it (1 tablespoon).

Next, gently rinse your carpet with the mixture of the solution. After rinsing, you can easily remove the tattoo ink.

However, remember to be focused and careful when following the procedure as you don’t want to ruin your carpet’s original colors.


Ice On Ink

If you are not a fan of using bleach for stains on your carpets, use ice as the best second choice. This special yet simple tool will offer you a quick and efficient removal.

The best result would come if you put the ice on the stains and rubbed it as soon as possible. The ice’s coldness plays an important role in destroying the chemical bond from the ink and turning it into a solid form.

After the ink freezes, you can use a small and sharp knife and carefully scratch the frozen stains off.


Hairspray is also a smart choice for removing tattoo ink. When using hairspray, you need to spend a quite large amount of it (25% – 50% of the can).

The quality of the product is also crucial, so make sure to use the brand for firm hair form (as firm as possible).

After spraying, leave the carpet for about ten minutes in a well-ventilated space. During that time, the spray will help disconnect the ink from your carpet and dissolve the stains.

Next, use a paper towel to press down the ink spots, and remember not to scrub on your carpet. Otherwise, you will lose control of the situation as the ink spreads to different areas.

As soon as the ink disappears and you feel satisfied, leave the carpet and let it dry. Finally, you can use a vacuum or a brush to remove the remaining spray.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone from nail polish remover can successfully remove various ink types. Right after the polish remover exposes to the ink, it will erase almost the ink colors on your carpet.

However, you should use only a reasonable amount of the nail polish remover and leave the product to work alone for about one to two minutes. Eventually, use a clean cloth to wipe the stains and rinse your carpet.


Sometimes, the method above does not work properly for the stains on your carpet as the ink is usually permanent. As a result, strong alcohol can be the perfect option.

When ink gets onto your carpet, use a clean, soft, and microfiber cloth to soak up the wet ink. When there are only stains left on your carpet, wipe them off using the isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.

It will be easier for the removing task if you leave the alcohol on your carpet for several minutes to erase the stains. Finally, use a new and clean cloth to absorb everything left.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Tools

Many people know those kitchen utensils are sometimes very useful for smart cleaning tips at home. Now, you will see how efficient they are when getting tattoo ink out of your carpet.

Lemon Juice / Vinegar

Lemon juice and vinegar are the first two items in our inexpensive and simple method list for carpet stains. In almost every kitchen, lemon and vinegar are the necessary ingredients.

When the ink is still wet, just a few drops of lemon juice or a considerable amount of vinegar can help you solve the problem.


Milk can be a weird idea, but it is one of the best ways to deal with stains on carpets. Please pour the milk directly onto stains and leave it overnight. The next morning, use a new and soft cloth to wipe off those spots or rinse them underwater.

Baking Soda

Another popular and easy-to-find item is baking soda. The efficiency will depend on the type of ink, yet, it is still one of the best ideas in emergencies.

In this method, let the warm water work on the stains first for a few minutes, then use a towel to suck all the excess water.

Next, powder the baking soda on those damp stains. Here’s a problem: Soda power will make you feel sticky on your carpet and harden the fibers. Therefore, you need to use ginger ale besides using baking soda.

After sprinkling, pour the ale on it and use a toothbrush to scrub your carpet. Simultaneously, try to absorb all the excess ale.

In the final step, pour a small amount of slightly warm water. When the mixture dissolves the ink stains, use a cloth to absorb the water and repeat this step one more time.

Please soak up as much excess liquid as possible so there will be no unpleasant odor later. 

Extra Tips When the Tattoo Ink Gets Dry

Occasionally, you don’t know there is tattoo ink on your carpet and leave it for a long time, so the ink will be very hard to erase.

Here are steps for getting dry tattoo ink out of carpet:

  • Moisten the stains with special tools like alcohol or non-sticky hairsprays.
  • Use a clean and soft cloth to soak up all the wet stains; thus, the ink will move from your carpet to the cloth. Keep repeating this step until the stains almost disappear.
  • Finally, use another clean cloth to rinse the carpet under warm water.


Through our post, we answered your question “How to get tattoo ink out of carpet?” by introducing a list of the most useful and popular ways.

You can trust us as it is very easy and quick to follow our techniques for removing ink stains. However, please remember that you may harm the carpets by misapplying these methods too many times.

Besides the ideas above, the best strategy is to be careful when using tattoo ink near your carpets, as prevention is always better than cure!

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