How To Keep Tattoos Looking New Over The Test Of Time

After getting a new tattoo, you may wonder how to keep tattoos looking new for a long period. But first, you must know the factors before finding the solution!

A tattoo can lose its color by several factors, including ink quality, skin cells, skin exposure, rubbing, and lotions. Luckily, you can reduce the fading speed and keep your tattoos looking newer if you know how to protect them properly.

We will give you comprehensive guidance about maintaining tattoos. Let’s read on to learn more about the art on your body!

Why Do Your Tattoos Fade? 

Before giving some tips, we would like to explain why your tattoos fade over time. In general, five main factors are causing the tattoo to lose its color: 

  • UV rays

Sunburn does not only hurts your skin but also harms your tattoo. Specifically, UV rays can break pigments in the tattoo and fade the color away. 

UV rays affect the Tattoo
  • Lack Of Care

Regardless of the quality of the tattoo ink, it still needs protection and care. The tattoo artist often provides you with aftercare tips, and skipping this advice might harm the brightness of the tattoo.

  • Too Much Friction

Rubbing aggressively with clothes or other external factors can also affect the sharpness of your tattoo. 

  • Gaining Weight

Sudden weight gain can change the elastic ability of your skin, then distort the shape of your tattoo. Moreover, the pigments will break down as your skin becomes stretchy, resulting in a faded tattoo. 

  • Tattoo Position

Tattoo’s longevity differs in different parts of your body due to their distinct structure. For example, the tattoos on hands or feet may fade quicker than in other positions.

How To Keep Tattoos Looking New?

Long-term tattoo care is a must-do for every tattoo lover. Please take careful notes to learn how to protect the art on your skin:

Avoid The Three S’s 

The first and foremost solution on how to keep tattoos looking fresh is three S’s. This method includes soaking, sunlight, and smoking.

In detail, the healing process after tattooing will be hampered if you soak in a tub. It may increase the risk of infection and may be affecting the final appearance of your work.

Moreover, bathing in a bathtub softens your skin and makes your tattoo much more vulnerable to infection-causing bacteria. The tattoo will peel off soon as a result.

The new artwork will be damaged by the sun, especially during its healing period. Your tattoo is only ready for sun exposure after two weeks. However, never forget to put on sun cream whenever you go out in the sun.

Too much sun exposure is not good for your tattoo

Smokers, please pay attention to this part! It will help if you hide your cigarettes somewhere because smoking slows the healing of your wound. Furthermore, it harms the skin by damaging the collagen that provides it with plumpness and suppleness.

Regular Moisturizing 

Proper moisturizing can bring your tattoo a healthy and vibrant appearance. We recommend cocoa butter due to its effectiveness in avoiding tattoo aging. Your artwork also becomes fresh thanks to fatty chemicals and vitamins included in the butter.

Regular moisturizing can protect your tattoo.

Mad Rabbit – a lotion made specifically for tattoo care, is another tattoo cream alternative. More specifically, it will hydrate your skin with oil and aloe. The cream can even rejuvenate and brighten your tattoo. 

Take More Care Of Tattoos With Extra Exposure

As aforementioned, tattoos on some body parts ( such as palm, feet, elbow, hand, etc.) fade easier on others that require extra care. Amongst these areas, finger tattoos appear to fade the fastest because you use your hands so much.

Tattoos on these areas need more moisture. You may also use a specific lotion found in tattoo shops, or you can apply additional sun protection for them.

Hand tattoos fade fastest.


Exfoliating effect directly on the skin. Why do we add this step to the long term tattoo care list? Well, exfoliation only peels off the top layer of your skin while your tattoo is etched under it.

Exfoliation aims to remove the old cells from your skin. Otherwise, these cells will cause your tattoo to flake off and fade out. 

After the dead cells are taken out, the healthier skin will show up. As a result, the tattoo hues become fresher and brighter. The exfoliated skin turns out to be smoother as well.

However, exfoliating is simple as it sounds. To exfoliate properly, you can use either a physical or chemical method.

Physical solution asks you to remove the dead cells by scraping them away. Some loofa added might bring about better efficiency.

In terms of the chemical aspect, products like hydroxy acid will break down the dead cells. After that, you can start to exfoliate. Simple substances such as sugar or coconut oil are used in DIY exfoliant preparations.

If possible, you should exfoliate every week. However, please be mindful to stop or change the chemicals if the method irritates your skin.

Avoid Weight Gain 

The tattoo color does not change when you gain weight. Still, it has a great impact on the shape. When skin stretches, the tattoo will deform for sure.

Particularly, this issue is most common in the stomach. Tattoos on fingers or shoulders do not often suffer from the change. 

To avoid this, you should stay in shape, which is good for your health and the art of your body.

Avoid Friction 

Friction appears to be one of the most typical reasons for tattoo fading, especially for the new one. 

The clothes you wear matter a lot in this case. It would be best if you skipped all the tight outfits. Some cloth fabrics such as denim should be out of sight too.

Ask The Tattoo Artist 

Don’t be afraid to request tattoo artists if you want to keep your tattoos looking fresh; simply ask them to use long-lasting and high-quality ink. Also, inquire about their opinions on the position of the tattoo. No one can advise you better than they can.

You can ask for high-quality ink.

After tattooing, the artists will suggest the best lotion to keep tattoos bright and how often you should use it. Remember to follow their instructions for the best artwork protection.


After all, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how to keep tattoos looking new. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the problem, you may take action to avoid negative consequences. 

Tattoos will last a lifetime on your body, so feel free to invest time and money in them. Don’t wait until your tattoos start to fade, then take care of it! Please search for caring tips at the moment you decide to tattoo.

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