How To Protect New Tattoo From Sun? 5 Simple Tips in 2022

We believe the notion of tattoos has been on your mind for a while. For us, it has been around since we were still in high school. We had seen our friends running around in their uncovered fresh tattoos on the biceps or down the calves as if they intentionally wanted to shout out to everyone about those tattoos.

At that point, we only thought about their bravery and coolness among us – a bunch of tattoo virgins.

However, now, in retrospect, exposing your tattoo out and about is what you should not do when having just got yourself inked. Instead, you should be aware of how to protect new tattoo from sun.

Why You Need Aftercare For Fresh Tattoos

The color of a tattoo over time

Technically speaking, your body within the duration between one day and three weeks right after being inked is most sensitive to any external damage. You will find your skin flaking and then peeling off, leaving dead skin cells on the surface. 

However, do not worry too much about that! Because it shows that your immune system is functioning perfectly. It is alarming the cells against foreign invasion and fighting off infections at the same time. After that, your skin will scatter dead skin cells as the afterparty.

Even though your very first tattooing session may leave you nervous and exhausted, trust us, it is the same feeling as hitting the gym for the first time. Your muscles are sore, but they will turn shredded and ripped over time as long as you give your body proper aftercare treatment.

From the other end of the spectrum, the sunlight also poses certain risks to your raw tat. Specifically, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can penetrate deeply into the tattoo as they do with open wounds, making the ink highly susceptible to fading, cracking, and even blistering.

Hence, those are why you should give your body some time for a tattoo healing process. But please be mindful that you should also proactively glisten it up with a shield layer even after it is turned better. 

What do we mean by ‘shield’? Follow up on the next section to figure out.

How To Protect New Tattoo From Sun: A Simple Guide 

1. Cover It With Light Clothing 

As simple as it sounds, this step is comparatively crucial in protecting your skin against the long-term effects of sun rays. A layer of light clothing allows your tattoo to breathe through it and also to be protected at the same time.

Thus, make sure to refrain from exposing your cool tattoo in the sunlight for the first two to three weeks. Until then, don’t hesitate to flaunt your living work of art. But still, with caution.

2. Apply Some Sunscreen On The Surface

After being inked, sunscreen should be your go-to buddies

Another solution to your burning question is using fragrance sunscreen; this is the most strongly advised method to protect your new ink and your skin. 

From our perspective, we consider that tattoos should never be exposed to the sun by themselves. Let’s dive into some science knowledge!

In detail, the SPF contained in sunscreen will block the UV rays from penetrating deeply into your skin surface. And there are two types of UV rays, namely UVA and UVB. 

The former is more powerful than the latter because it can expedite the aging process of cells and even play an indirect role in skin cancers. Meanwhile, the latter may burn your skin and destroy the cell’s DNA. Those sound scary, don’t they?

Generally, long-term exposures to the sun can morph the appearance of your cool tattoos into ugly and discolored wrinkles. That is why you need to have a sunscreen that functions strongly enough to guard off those two scary agents. 

But now, with such a lot of brands coming in all sizes and ingredients on the market, how can you choose the best one? Here comes our three tips:

✔️ Firstly, decide your favorite texture. Whether it is mist, cream, or oil, you need to read the instructions carefully to choose one that suits your skin type and the sun intensity of your place.

For example: We would want sunscreen in the form of fragrance because the fresh tattoo is a sensitive spot. It doesn’t want any more irritation from the outside. Thus, a light layer of mist would do well enough.  But during summer holidays, where the evil sun glares, you may be required to apply a thicker coating in the form of cream. 

✔️ Secondly, look out for the SPF. The sunscreen with high SPF guarantees better protection. We normally use the SPF50+ sunblock. 

✔️ Finally, mind the chemical ingredients. Those containing nearly 100% of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are highly recommended for your subtle area since it actively deflects the sun’s rays. 

Aside from that, you should avoid any sunblock that contains phthalates, dyes, and parabens, which may cause allergies.

🔔 You can use these three of our favorite suntan oil as a reference:

3. Get Your Tattoos In The Winter 

Another alternative to safeguard your fresh tattoo from the effects of the sun is by straightly avoiding them. In other words, you should have one in the winter. By doing this, you can save yourself quite an amount of hassle as you don’t have to splash out on sunscreens and other skincare treatments.

4. Skincare

In terms of skincare, tattoo aftercare is not as complex as a facial treatment. Hence, all you need to do is moisturize the area or hydrate your body by drinking more water to keep the natural moisture barrier intact. 

As for showers, go for the cold or lukewarm option within 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Spot Check 

After being inked, don’t forget to watch out for any weird moles or blisters around the tattooed area. If anything comes up, go to the dermatologist immediately.

Other Aspects To Make Clear Before Your First Tattoo

Firstly, you need to plan on your size and location before coming to the tattoo shop. Don’t make any impulse decisions. Everyone’s ability to withstand stinging differs; you should not go too big for the first time just because your friends do so. 

Secondly, expect it to be painful. That’s how you can overcome your fears during the tattooing session. Because you have seen it coming and easily outplay your fears, right? 

Also, we recommend that you bring some sweet food or electrolytes to prevent yourself from passing out. A Kit Kat or some Red Bulls may do the trick.

Finally, be honest about what you want. If you don’t like the concept or the art that the artist has sketched, just tell them. They won’t be offended, but in contrast, the artists will be comfortable with your constructive advice.

Final Thoughts

After all, getting a new tattoo is a big deal, isn’t it? But now, with our tips on how to protect new tattoo from sun, we hope that you can immensely enjoy your mobile work of art. If you can, take note of all the ways to protect your tattoo and skin in this post.  

Good luck with your first tat!

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