How To Sleep With A New Tattoo – The Precise Answer For You

After getting a new tattoo, we tend to care about usual aftercare tips like maintaining moisture and avoiding water and sunscreen. But do you know that the way you also  sleep significantly impacts your tattoo and your body? And how to sleep with a new tattoo without damaging your new tattoo ink? If you have no idea about this, just keep following our tips below, and you will see the answer.

How To Sleep With A New Tattoo

First and foremost, caring for your new tattoo before bed is a crucial step that you should not ignore. 

Pre-bed Routine

Before going to sleep, you should take several cleaning steps on your tattoo. It is important to clean it carefully and thoroughly until all lingering bacteria have been moved. If there are any microbes around your wound, they will breed and multiply for hours.

About your tattoo wrap, you should closely follow the advice of the tattoo artist. Many people could remove the wrap right on the first night, but some have to wait until the morning afterward. Therefore, don’t forget the instructions of your tattoo artist!

Tips For Sleeping With A New Tattoo

Like other wounds, a new tattoo needs time and protection to heal properly. If you thoroughly understand how to sleep with a new tattoo, your body will naturally recover quickly and shorten the healing process. Here are three main tips we highly recommend you follow.  

1. Use A Spare Bed Sheet


A spare bedsheet

Prepare for yourself a new spare bed sheet that you don’t mind ruining. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, when you go back home after tattooing, you will have a big open wound. For this reason, it would be best if you keep it as clean as possible, preventing all kinds of infectious bacteria. To ensure your bed sheet is freshly cleaned, our advice is to change it more frequently until your tattoo is healed.

Once your tattoo starts to peel, you will not need to worry about the cleanness of your bed sheet. At that time, your skin will generate a protective layer that could avoid infection-causing bacteria. 

Secondly, your tattoo will leak a terrible mixture of blood, ink, and plasma on the first one to two nights. This stuff will seep into your bedsheets. Then you could never wash your bedsheets clean again due to the color pigments within the ink.

Therefore, find yourself a spare bed sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty by blood and ink. Don’t use your favorite bedsheet because no matter how hard you wash it, it will never be as clean as before. 

2. Have A Proper Sleeping Position

If possible, try not to sleep on your fresh tattoo. Don’t put any pressure on it and keep it away from touching at least the first four days. A new tattoo needs a lot of fresh air and oxygen to heal fully. 

When you sleep in the right way, you can reduce the amount of drainage and swelling, which makes your body recover much faster. 

Also, it is recommended to prepare a pillow or sleep wedge to keep your ink propped up for your naps.

So, what to do if you have accidentally pressed on the tattoo after your sleep? Well, in such situations, the worst thing you can do is to pull the sheet away since this method will somehow pull the ink off your tattoo and leave away a blotchy color. The healing time also gets delayed as well.

In contrast, it is advisable to take the whole bed sheet into the bathroom with you. After that, use lukewarm water and gently run on the tattoo area until the sheet falls out of your skin. This method stands much less likely to damage your tattoo, but it does require you to be careful and patient as well. 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Needless to say, sleeping seems to be the best way to heal your body and your wound. During this time, your body will go through a repairing phase. 

According to many health experts, eight hours is the perfect amount of sleep you need per night. If you only spend from five to six hours of sleep every night, you will prolong the healing process of your tattoo.  

What about a natural night-owl? We know that it is a bit hard to follow a new routine, but there is no way without trying your best to get as much sleep as possible during the first week. 

What Should I Avoid In Daily Living?

Besides the above sleeping tips, you also have to avoid some bad habits to get a new tattoo to recover more efficiently.

1. Don’t Let Pets In The Bedroom.


Don’t let pets in the bedroom.

As we all know, dogs, cats, and other animals harbor a huge amount of microbes. So if you hold your pets, the unwanted microbes will quickly move to your body and attack your new tattoo. 

Other than that, there is the fact that pets love blood. With an incredible sense of smell, they could define the bloody area from meters away. Therefore, when your pet smells your new tattoo, he will always think about how to lick it clean, which is dangerous for you and your tattoo. 

For this problem, the only way you could do is to keep your pets out of your bedroom. Here you could sleep well without worrying that your pet will jump on your bed and transfer millions of germs on your tattoo. 

2. Stop Drinking And Smoking


Stop Drinking And Smoking

All beverages that contain alcohol don’t directly affect your tattoo but will affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, stay away from unhealthy drinks to make your tattoo recover as much as possible.

In addition, smoking will constrict your blood vessels and reduce the number of nutrients and oxygen in your tattoo area. For that reason, stopping smoking for a few days will be the best way to see further fantastic results. 

What To Do When Traveling?

If you are going to have an exciting trip after getting a new tattoo, you don’t have to worry much about how to protect it. All you need here is to pack your bed sheets or some wrap at night. The bed at the hotel might look so clean, but there are still lots of dirt and contaminated things you don’t know. Consequently, the best way is to bring your bedsheet.

When Can I Sleep On My Tattoo?

If you have strictly followed the aftercare instructions, you could go back to normal sleep after 4 to 7 days. However, not many people could heal their tattoos that quickly. They even have to wait for at least two weeks to sleep like usual. 

For your information, the healing time also depends on your skin. People who have sensitive skin have to wait for even three weeks to heal their tattoo. Anyway, no matter how long it is, take all the precautions and instructions of your tattoo artist as carefully as possible.


Now we bet that you have got a thorough understanding of how to sleep with a new tattoo. Although sleeping with a new tattoo is a bit harder than usual, you should follow all the important tips above to get yourself the most beautiful tattoo. Hopefully, you could get a good sleep with an awesome tattoo as well.

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