How To Tell A Tattoo Artist What You Want (To Get A Perfect Tattoo)

When it comes to getting inked, expressing your dream tattoo to the artist is essential for a significant sign on your body. Indeed, it’s never easy to visualize the idea in your mind instantly. This leads to the primary concern: “How to tell a tattoo artist what you want?

Express your tattoo idea

Don’t worry! The article following will help you ease your mind with an ultimate guide and valuable tips.  

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Preparation Before Talking To A Tattoo Artist About What You Want 

No matter what you intend to have your tattoo with special meaning or a fantastic art, it is essential to prepare some crucial things below before meeting the artist. Otherwise, you might not tell the artist your ideal tattoo, especially if it probably wastes both of you. 

Clarify your tattoo idea

Don’t stop at having the desire only in your mind. The clearer your dream tattoo is, the easier the artist caches your idea up.  

At least, it is advisable to define the central concept of your tattoo, particularly what exactly you intend to get inked, for instance, a quote, a number, or more.

Besides, the position to get inked and the color are also essential to define clearly before meeting the artist. For example, you intend to have a tattoo in black like generally or other attractive colors according to your desire. 

Knowing these aspects allows you to consult with the artist effectively without taking much time proactively. Moreover, the artist can give you further advice based on your idea.

Let’s visualize your tattoo from your mind

Prepare references 

One of the best ways to visualize your tattoo idea is having references, which are simply like a picture, a sketch, or anything relevant that you desire to have when getting inked. 

If you find it hard to draw or sketch your tattoo idea, you can conduct some research online to explore the picture that aligns with your intended tattoo the most. You can clarify some keywords and research according to that to save your time and effort. 

You can take advantage of the platform to get references such as the tattoo studio’s portfolio, social media of the artist, or other familiar sources like Pinterest or Unsplash

Collecting all essential pictures related to your tattoo dream will support you a lot in conveying your ideas to the artist. 

Understand the artist’s style 

Before coming to the tattoo shop to meet with the artist, looking at the artist’s style is essential because they might have different ways to convert your idea into reality. Moreover, acquiring some basic information about the artist’s style might give you more references for your tattoo. 

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Book schedule with the artist in advance 

Some reliable and reputable artists or tattoo shops might have many customers. Therefore, don’t forget to book a schedule with your favorite artist, enabling you to have more time to discuss intensely with the artist. 

On the other hand, your consultant session with the artist might be more effective because you and the tattoo artist are aware of that. Indeed, you can brief some information about your tattoo dream to help the artist understand your idea better.

2 Tips To Tell The Tattoo Artist Exactly What You Want 

After careful preparation, let’s jump into the detailed steps to effectively convey your idea, along with other helpful tips on how to tell a tattoo artist what you want.

Communicate to the main points 

It is no secret that you might have many things to say with the artist. However, it’s better to go straight forward to the main point. This way allows the artist to catch the core information of your idea. Some aspects you can mention initially are the overall tattoo idea, position to get inked, and color. 

Along with that, you utilize the references that you have prepared before to express your idea clearly. Then, you can feel free to share more information related to your tattoo, might be about the mean or any further demand if you intend to have something cool or art. 

Apart from showing too much information without main points, you might be shy or don’t know how to express the full context in some situations. So instead, share the artist’s reference first, then gradually go into detail about the elements you want to have for your sexy tattoo. 

Involve in tattoo sketch process

The next step to enhance the chance the artist acquires your idea is engaging in the sketch process. After expressing your idea, the artist generally sketches some drafts to clarify whether it is according to your expectation or not.

Sketch your tattoo dream

Don’t forget to voice your concern or any further feedback when getting the sketch draft. Otherwise, the artist might assume that the sketch matches your demand. Indeed, you should take this step seriously because it will affect the whole process later.

Besides, it is necessary to give all comments to support the artist in editing the final result without taking much time and effort. 

It takes more time to define the draft for some complex tattoos, which might be a cool art one. In this situation, you should frequently follow up with the artist to discuss and design for the final great sketch. 

During the research and preparation process, you can send the artist the reference in advance. As a result, you might save more time and effort to convey your idea to the artist when meeting at the tattoo shop.


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Wrap up 

By the end of this article, you must have grasped all our tips on exactly how to tell a tattoo artist what you want. Then, hopefully, you can have an effective consultation with the artist and get inked with your dream tattoo. 

However, suppose you have further suggestions or any concerns. Don’t hesitate to discuss this in the comment part below.

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