How To Use Magnum Tattoo Needles: Easy Steps For Everyone

In the contemporary sense, there are many distinct types of tattooing needles used for various tattoos, including magnum tattoo needles. For any purpose, there is a tattoo needle, whether you need to do delicate line art or vastly cover regions with color or shading. Tattoo needles are classified based on their shape, arrangement, and function. However, all of them share the same method of how to use. 

So some of you must be wondering how to use magnum tattoo needles. Keep scrolling; this post will walk you through the whole process of using a magnum tattoo needle on your own.

Tattoo needles are classified based on their shape, arrangement, and function

Things You Need To Know About Magnum Tattoo Needles

With all of the many possibilities available, looking at a page of tattoo needles on a website or in a catalog might be a bit daunting. So, to sum up, we’ll show you 3 main types of magnum tattoo needles: round magnum shader needles, curved magnum shader needles, and double stacks of magnum shader needles. Let’s take a closer look to figure out the features and usages of these 3 types of magnum needles:

Round Magnum Shader Needles

Magnum shaders are the most often used grouping or needle type for almost any shading task. Magnums have an excellent capacity for holding and delivering ink, making them ideal for vast areas of color packing and shading. 

Fewer passes over an area are necessary to work the ink in, resulting in less stress to the skin. Magnum needles have various shapes and sizes. 

Black and grey are the most commonly used colors with shades and color packaging of all kinds. By the way, it guarantees realism in color.

Curved Magnum Shader Needles

Curved magnum shaders, also known as soft magnums, soft edge magnums, and round magnums, are used the same way as round magnums, except that the pins are positioned such that the arch is at the center. 

That is, the needle’s edges travel over the skin with more conformance, allowing for better ink dissemination and a more continuous line. It’s also gentler on the skin and aids with delicate shading.

Similar to magnum shader needles, black and grey are the most commonly used colors by these types of needles with shades and color packaging of all kinds and guarantees realism in color.

Double Stacks Magnum Shader Needles

They are no longer as contemporary as they previously were. The pins of double-stack magnums, sometimes known as double stacks, are substantially closer together. 

This is useful for any delicate shading or colorwork when you still want it to be a magnum with numerous pins but not as widely spaced.

And overall, they have the same usage as the other two mentioned above. 

How To Use Magnum Tattoo Needles

So, how do you apply tattoo needles? In general, rounds are easier to use, so this is recommended for newbies. The wider the area of coverage, the larger the needle count. 

You can use a bigger circular liner for thicker lines. The spread of pigment with a magnum is smoother than with around. A round liner is analogous to a pen, and a magnum is analogous to a magic marker. 

It takes some practice to operate a magnum properly. First, the valuable magnum should always be fired at an angle against the skin, following a circular motion. If it is not inserted at an angle, it will stick into the skin, causing the needle to leap. Besides, you should be careful and don’t push the needles forward.

Round magnum shader needles are the easiest to use


So now you know how to choose the best and way to use them. I hope you find that information useful and applicable. However, if you don’t have any knowledge about tattooing, please ask professionals to do your tattoos instead of doing it on your own. Lack of experience can lead to dangers and cause infections. 

Consider yourself safe first. If you have any further questions on this topic, please leave a comment, and I’ll be willing to update the information for you. Have a good one!

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