Inkbox Review: Do These Temporary Tattoos Worth Your Money?

Tattoos are always a hot thread in younger days. It elevates the individual spirit, marks a certain milestone, or simply pulls out their inner self and manifests it on their skin. However, some people worry about its aesthetic as our skin enters the aging period over time. That’s right; I faced the same hesitation. The budget and pain of getting a permanent tattoo also dampen my burning desire.

By accident, I bumped into temporary tattoos in an attempt to find a gentle alternative. As a prominent brand in this market, Inkbox robbed me of my first attempts. If you consider this interesting art and look for a high-quality name, dive into my Inkbox review to learn more. 

About Inkbox 

Inkbox was founded in 2015 by two brothers, Tyler and Braden Handley. Its fathers decided to set up their headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The main product line of this brand is plant-based semi-temporary tattoos.

The ambition behind Inkbox is to develop a sustainable culture through a creative approach to tattoos. Its unique strategic vision has attracted the public’s attention as Forbes, MTV, and Vice.

One of the signatures of their items is their longevity compared to the rest of the market. Besides, the rich collection makes its name. Part of the huge treasure is the efforts of small artists. By taking this approach, the company makes your purchases a respectful contribution to artistic development.


As a member of the Darién Initiative, the company promotes projects to support indigenous residents in Panama. In detail, it equips the community with farming equipment to grow crops and creates a local market for specific products.

In addition, the brand shows ongoing efforts to contribute to society with CSR activities. For example, the company founded the Town Center aimed at fun activities for children.

How Does Inkbox Work? 

Produced from Genipa from Darién Gap, Panama, Inkbox does not cause excessive reactions. So what exactly keeps the tattoo on your skin without the chemicals?

The biggest credit belongs to For Now Ink technology. Needless to say, permanent tattoos appear when the needles push the ink into the dermis. Instead, the Inkbox resides only in the epidermis.

How does Inkbox work

After the application, it reacts with the organic compounds available on your skin and forms the tattoo. Depending on natural chemicals, the final coloration varies from body to body.

Because the dermis regenerates cells every 1-2 weeks, your semi-permanent art should disappear simultaneously. Of course, scrubs or salt water may speed up this phase. The best result is that it leaves no traces. However, the manufacturer does not recommend re-application at the same position for about a month.

Inkbox Review: Unbiased Experience 

My Favorite Things About Inkbox

Boredom during the height of social distancing ignited my curiosity about new things I had not tried before, such as DIY, baking, makeup, and of course, tattoos. But as you know, not a single tattoo parlor was open during this difficult time. The pain also prevents me from getting inked.

By chance, I came across Inkbox while learning about tattoos. It’s been my first temporary tattoo ever. Why?

Compared to other brands, Inkbox offers a diverse catalog. Though I am a determined person, it took me a long period to scour the collection and make a final decision.

Its tattoos come in different styles thanks to the large team of small artists who get paid to bring their work to clients. I really enjoy this truth anyway. Of course, it also collaborates with famous tattoo artists of celebs such as Ariana Grande and GirlKnewYork.

Contrary to other manufacturers that offer mass-produced items, I believe Inkbox tattoos come to catch your engagement. Its categories that pull you back to the website include moon and sun, constellations, illustrations inspired by bands, musicians, famous artworks, etc. 

Another plus point for this brand is its long lifespan. Though my large one faded faster, in general, all four of my tattoos lasted about 2 weeks. Changes are tattoos with small sizes or thin borders have a high possibility of standing the test of time.

I am not sure whether its effect depends on each body. However, I found out some customer reviews say their tattoos stay the same for up to a month.

Once the package arrived, I fell for Inkbox again. That’s amazing! It reminded me of premium jewelry brands. Once you open the envelope, inside includes your temporary tattoos, primer wipes, gloves, and instructions for use and maintenance. As a newbie to this art form, I feel grateful for these thoughtful insights.


Last but not least, the manufacturer seems to give it all to please customers. It offers tons of promo codes and discounts right on the official website. I returned to the shopping page and added the 4th item to the cart just because of the attractive discount. Who could turn down such a bargain?

Things Inkbox Failed To Please Me

To be honest, I have had a great experience with Inkbox. On the downside, I felt helpless with the paper rims peeling off after an hour of application. It is indeed a difficult task, especially when you try it on your own. It reminds me of those stubborn plastic bags at the supermarket.

The application seems easy but requires a lot of moving as well. This leads to a high risk of damaging the tattoo. I recommend doing it with your friend for the best results.

After successful application, I noticed that not all tattoos work on every body part. My largest circular tattoo showed up unevenly, though I did the same for the rest. I even lumped my throat when it was also the first one to fade. In my point of view, this investment is totally not worth it. Fortunately, the remaining images saved the game.

Inkbox Review 2023

Moving to the price, I must figure that Inkbox has a higher price range than the rest of the brands. According to their announcement, this difference is given back to the community of artists for their great ideas. Despite my appreciation, I never paid a fortune to wear its entire collection, equivalent to having a real tattoo.

In the end, the following two are not complaints but notes based on my experiences. The items are a little bigger than the pictures published on the website. The color also seems to develop based on skin pigmentation. In my case, they gradually turned blue after a few days.

Verdict: Pros And Cons

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view3″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Buy on Amazon” disable_button=”no” button_link=”″ button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • A huge collection with 4000+ design
  • Custom tattoos if you desire
  • Semi-waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Organic and safe
  • Global delivery
  • The noble contribution behind each product


  • Damaged by salt water
  • Difficult to use freehand ink
  • Few physical stores
  • Time-restrictive return and exchange policy


Will I Buy Inkbox Again?

I think YES, at least for the moment. Keeping aside my disappointment for Lana Moon Catcher (no longer available), I actually enjoy some little tattoos on my body. Until I make up my mind for a real one and prepare for the potential risks of tattooing, I still take advantage of Inkbox to make myself stand out from the crowd.

Plus, I have added to my cart some unique designs. They definitely turn out to be fun for special occasions like photoshoots or Halloween.

If you are looking for a temporary tattoo, I recommend Inkbox without hesitation. Whatever the purpose, these items will not let you down in terms of both aesthetics and ink quality.

Inkbox Review 1

My Useful Tips For Applying Inkbox

Inkbox serves two tattoo styles: catalog and freehand ink (henna), with two different uses. Here is what you should do with each: 


It is basically like your childhood stickers. However, the process imposes several requirements and the sequence of best results:

  • Use gloves to peel off the white backing.
  • Place the adhesive side in contact with your skin at your desired location.
  • Use an alcohol wipe to take off the remaining blue surface. Make sure you provide enough moisture for the tattoo.
  • Tear off one corner of the cloth bag and microwave it for 10 seconds. Another way is to put it in hot water for 5 minutes.
  • Press the cloth bag evenly over the tattoo and wait for 15 minutes.
  • Separate the last layer in the direction of hair growth and wait 5 minutes.
  • Wash with soap and moisturize. The tattoo is visible within the next 24-36 hours.

Freehand Ink

This product requires more skill and patience. Be confident in your artistry and have impressive henna.

  • Prepare the reference image and place it under the transfer paper.
  • Scan with a pencil.
  • Dampen the paper towel with water and moisten the area of the tattoo.
  • Press the transfer paper evenly at the intended position. After removing it, you can see the outline of the tattoo.
  • Apply the ink according to the pattern marked on the skin
  • Wait for 1 hour, then wash with soap and water. Remember to moisturize to prolong the life of the henna.

As an experienced person, I also have some more tips for you based on personal experience.

  • Get help from someone else if you plan on getting more than one tattoo. You may tear the first while trying to apply a new one.
  • Inkbox is not a game for dog days. Your sweat may reduce the aesthetic of the outcome.
  • Hold your position for 1 hour after completing the above steps if possible.
  • Limit contact with water for 24 hours.

Are Inkbox Tattoos Safe? 

This manufacturer considers organic, mostly plant-based ingredients for their products. In other words, they do not produce harmful chemicals when they come in contact with your skin. 

For clarity, the FDA has reviewed and approved Inkbox’s ingredient list. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, all items are safe for users, including children.

However, I recommend seeing a dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or are in bad condition. Using temporary or semi-permanent tattoos is always a matter of caution because of direct skin contact.

Where To Buy Inkbox? 

It is a stroke of luck for Canadians when Inkbox opens two stores right in the city of Toronto. You can find a pop-up store in Las Vegas for the US market. However, that’s all as there are no flagship stores for international visitors.

Fortunately, the official website of Inkbox offers worldwide service. It is ready for a great online customer experience full of designs, quick and smooth operation, and above all, impressive discount codes.

I also recently found the verified store of this brand on Amazon. Buying on this e-commerce platform is a great solution to get around the delivery time constraint. However, make sure you reach out to the official seller. Be on the lookout for fakes sold at rock-bottom prices.

How Much Do Inkbox Tattoos Cost? 

The exact answer depends on the size and collection you fall for. Do not worry; the detailed information is listed specifically for each product on the website. As mentioned above, the price range of Inkbox may cost higher than the market average. Here is a general range for your references:

  • Inkbox Catalog Sets – $16-$20
  • Freehand Ink 0.5oz – $20
  • Freehand Ink 1oz – $30
  • Freehand Pro Kit – $55

In addition, Inkbox charges an additional shipping fee of $3 – $9, depending on your area. You can get relief from this fee for orders over $32 in Canada and the USA and over $39 in the rest of the countries.

Remember to apply its good discounts to save your budget. It is effortless to find the codes right on the website. Otherwise, surf the Internet, and it tells you everything.


I hope the above Inkbox temporary tattoos review has clarified some useful information for your consideration. In my opinion, it is a trusted brand for good ink quality, long-lasting, and unique designs. You have to pay a little more for these features on the downsides. Believe it or not, it is worth your investment.

It is good advice to estimate shipping times for urgent cases if you are an international customer. In addition to the manufacturer’s instructions, consider my tips for a satisfactory result. Finally, try to shop around the sale period and apply the promo code to get the best deals.

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