Intenze Tattoo Ink Review – What Worth Knowing About The Brand

Are you wondering what keeps Intenze at the front of the tattoo ink business? To find out the answer, keep on reading this Intenze tattoo ink review.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about the brand to decide if you want to equip your tattoo studio with its products. Let’s get started!

Characteristics Of Intenze Brand

Intenze Tattoo Ink Review

We will take you through the top highlight features of this amazing tattoo ink maker in this Intenze tattoo ink review:

Safe Ingredients

As you may know, Intenze tattoo ink ingredients are all vegan, making this marque one of the safest manufacturers on the market. The main components in the ingredient list include glycerin and isopropyl alcohol, safe enough to use with no skin worry.

The marque ensures that there are no toxic or dangerous chemical ingredients in the products.


So suppose you are concerned about the skin irritations on customers with sensitive skin; this brand is the go-to choice for you. You need not to worry that they may come across any health risks.

Color Selections

This famous ink company offers more than 250 unique shades of tattoo products, one of the widest arrays of colors on the current market. You can freely try out and experiment with every color to make your artwork better and bolder.

It extends your choices with the most colorful collections: from basic, essential colors like black, white, dark brown to bright, bold tattoo ink shades such as hard orange, true magenta, light green, etc.

Intenze ink review 1


Intenze ink review 3


Intenze ink review 2

Safety Requirements

Poor quality ink is dangerous to apply to your skin. So if you want to have a decent experience, you need to go for high-quality products.

This is not the case for Intenze, well-known for its pre-sterilized ink line compliant with the American safety standard and EU-quality certification. You can put your mind at ease that these safe tattoo inks won’t harm the human body.

Apart from the pigmented colors, the brand ensures using the organic component for tattoo supply only. Any professional tattoo artist can tell you that Intenze is a worthy investment, and they can confidently use the ink for the customers.

You will find its products contain none of the toxic components or heavy metals such as cadmium, titanium, nickel, iron oxide, etc. The chance of your customers getting tattoo ink poisoning or allergy reactions is down to zero.

Plus, the fast healing time after applications is also a factor that makes Intenze one of the most trustworthy tattoo ink brands. The skin will recover quicker while the design still manages to appear bold and clear.


The thing that can make people hesitate to purchase from this company is the price. Intenze’s products fall into the premium tattoo ink category, which is understandable considering the superior quality they offer.

The price for a simple average bottle of 1 ounce is 10 dollars, much more expensive than the average ink on the market. Thus, this brand might work better for experienced tattoo artists and tattoo experts than newbies.

The price for Intenze tattoo ink sets is also high, starting from 100 dollars and up. The expense varies depending on how many colors you get and the bottle sizes.

Brand’s Pros And Cons


  • Safe ingredients, vegan-friendly tattoo ink, no heavy metal or harmful components
  • No animal testing, no animal byproducts
  • Wide and diverse range of colors and shades options
  • Ideal for every tattoo equipment and apply method
  • Suitable for every skin type and skin tone
  • Quick tattoo healing time
  • Smooth, consistent tattoo ink
  • Prevent drying formula
  • Bottled tattoo ink in a sterilized environment
  • Long-lasting pigmentation life


  • Pricy
  • Not appropriate to use for cosmetic purposes

Highlight Products Recommendations

Here are the top 2 best in the list of tattoo ink products from this marque:

Intenze Professional Ink Zuper Black – Best Darkest Ink

Intenze Zuper black tattoo ink has the darkest tattoo pigmentation out there to help you tell stories from every tattoo design.

Intenze Professional Ink Zuper Black

This sterile product gains lots of positive feedback from artists and satisfactory reviews from the customers since it can help heal the skin a lot quicker than other products.

Another remarkable thing about this black tattoo ink is that it won’t dry at the time of tattooing. It is 100% vegan-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about skin issues or the harmful effects while using this high-quality product.

This bottle of ink is tamper-proof, protecting the liquid and avoiding unwanted spills while moving around. However, the price for this one is not suitable for everyone due to its top-notch quality ink. 

How To Use

  • Shake before use;
  • Use a paper towel to cover the bottle’s tip to avoid spilling while opening and closing;
  • Pour the right amount of product into the ink cap;
  • Mix with mixing solutions so the ink can penetrate the skin with ease.


  • Short time of healing
  • Durable tattoo ink pigment life
  • Vegan formula
  • Tamper-proof bottle
  • Pigmented shade of black
  • Suitable for creating tribal tattoos
  • Ideal for every tattoo machine


  • Pricy

Intenze Color Ink Set – Best Professional Palette Collection

A wide range of colors in ink sets is what every passionate tattoo artist needs to bring their designs to life. With 19 different eye-popping bright tattoo colors, this Intenze set will maximize the quality of your tattooing experience and help you tell a great tattoo story.

INTENZE -Tattoo-Ink-Sets
INTENZE Color B015EQ1Z7G Tattoo Ink Sets

The set includes many vibrant, bright colors of tattoo inks such as lemon yellow, hard orange, bright red, Mario’s light blue. If you want darker, more neutral shades, Intenze tattoo ink gets you covered with primary colors like true black, dark green, snow white opaque, etc.

Every colored tattoo ink has strong, vivid pigments that help show off every detail of your design. The inks do not contain any heavy metal or toxic components, ensuring they live up to health standards. You will find that the quality of products is always at the top of the field.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Cover the tip with a paper towel for easier opening and closing process;
  • Pour out the amount of ink you need to a cap;
  • Mix with mixing solutions to penetrate the dermis layer of skin easier (optional).


  • Wide range of radiant tattoo ink colors
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Vegan formula
  • Rich, quality pigments for clear and shinny tattoo
  • Fit to all health standards


  • Might not be suitable for beginners due to the price

Comparison With Other Reputable Brands

Intenze Vs. Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi is a Japanese tattoo ink company famous for its secret formula and organic tattoo color products. It is one of the major opponents of Intenze.

In terms of price, Kuro Sumi is the better choice of tattoo products for tight budgets. Meanwhile, Intenze is more suitable for professionals who can afford pricier products.

Both tattoo ink manufacturers have a big color collection; however, it is hard for any brand to beat Intenze and more than 250 shades options.

Intenze Vs. Eternal

These two popular tattoo equipment manufacturers offer incredible vegan and colorful tattoo ink products that do not perform animal testing, making them 100% safe to use. Intenze comes in a much more expensive range compared to Eternal.

In the healing time aspect, Intenze has more advantages since it can save you lots of time for recovery.


Above is our Intenze tattoo ink review and the product list you can use to reference future purchases. The products have everything you need and require, from large color options to non-harmful components.

Expectantly, you will soon find the ones that help you create the best artworks to stand out in the tattoo industry after reading this guide.

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