Is It Bad If A Tattoo Artist Is Heavy-Handed? (Clear Explanation)

Tattooing involves the placement of pigment into the skin’s dermis. It is always a complex process, requiring both experience and a certain level of skills from tattoo artists. 

However, while most tattooists show their delicate skill when performing artwork, some may go too rough on the client’s skin, causing significant pressure. If this is the case, they could be heavy-handed. So, is it bad if a tattoo artist is heavy-handed? Read through the article to clear the path. 

Is It Bad If A Tattoo Artist Is Heavy-Handed?

Unfortunately, yes. A heavy-handed tattoo artist is likely to make the ink bleed out, causing more unnecessary pain during the tattoo procedure. This increases the risk of scarring and infection; as a result, prolonging the healing and aftercare process. 

Heavy-handed tattoos could take months to heal. Hence, opt for a professional tattooist before allowing the tattoo to be engraved permanently on your skin.

Tattooers need to be very careful with the depth of the tattoo needle.

Was My Tattoo Artist Heavy-Handed? 

Heavy-handed tattoo artists are often inexperienced. If you notice a tattoo artist pressed too hard when applying ink to the skin and excessive fluid excreted from the tattooed skin’s surface, chances are your tattoo artist was heavy-handed. 

In this case, the ink would be injected beyond the top layers of skin and below the skin’s surface, where the ink spreads out in a layer of fat. This creates a distorted effect with a tattoo blowout

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What Does It Mean When A Tattoo Artist Is Heavy-Handed?

Common signs of a heavy-handed tattoo artist include:

An unusual change in the tattoo’s appearance and physicality: An overworked tattoo can appear cloudy, distorted, blurry, or pale. It is also noticeable by physical attributes such as raised lines, redness, or pockmarks

− Excessive ink and fluids loss: Deep tissue damage may occur if the tattoo has been heavy-handed, causing excessive ink and fluid to excrete

− The increased level of pain: The level of pain in a tattoo can be an indicator of a heavy-handed tattooer.  

Scarring: A permanent scar tends to form and cannot be fixed due to the rough tattoo application.

An overworked tattoo could result in an unpleasant experience.

When the tattoo needle penetrates below the second skin’s layer and goes too deep into the epidermis, the skin is likely to be damaged. Thus, this prevents the skin from healing; instead, it forms a scar. Tattooists who are heavy-handed and inexperienced are prone to causing scarring and infections to their customers. 

A heavy-handed tattoo can be a significant concern. It requires tremendous effort to fix the problems.

Blowout: It’s often noticed immediately after the tattooing process finish, but it could take a couple of weeks to appear. The only way to treat blowout is by a coverup. However, the tattoo artist can make a few adjustments to the tattoo if the blowout is small.

Scarring: Tattoo scarring is often unfixable. It occurs when the tattoo needle comes in contact with the deeper layers of the skin. As a tattoo is an open wound, artists must be careful to avoid making the situation worse. 

Infection: It is an unwanted side effect of an overworked tattoo, leading to serious health consequences. When you have an infected tattoo, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

To avoid infection, tattooists must practice and level up their skills so they won’t go too hard on the client’s skin while tattooing.

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Hopefully, you’ve found the answer to the question: “Is it bad if a tattoo artist is heavy-handed?”. A heavy-handed tattoo artist is often avoided as they can increase the level of pain while tattooing, causing a risk of scarring and infection for clients. 

Since tattooing is a complicated process that requires thorough attention to detail, it’s critical to seek a professional artist who provides customers with a comfortable experience and high-quality service.

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