Lip Tattoo On Neck Meaning: Digging The Hidden Secrets

Getting tattoos is a way to express yourself or mark a memorable moment, person, or event in your life. One of the best positions to have a tattoo is at the neck. They are usually small and low-key, so you can easily hide them, the same way this ink implies many secrets no one knows. 

One common question is, “What does it mean?” It’s not always easy to find out what your body art means because it can be different for everyone. It might be an expression of your attractiveness, values, or passions, etc. 

To discover the topic of lip tattoo on neck meaning, let’s check our article to know the secrets behind that ink, and we help with design suggestions too!

Lip Tattoo On Neck Meaning

Here is our quick meaning for you! The neck tattoo is generally a strong statement. It usually depicts a visible part of your body, such as a spot of ink on the neck where you want your beloved to kiss you lustfully.

You want to display your love and commitment to your sweetheart by tattooing a pair of kisses on your neck.

Generally, a man’s lover or wife’s lips appear on his neck.  And if it is placed on a woman’s neck, it represents a kiss from her beloved or spouse (husband).


When it comes to a lip tat on the neck, the above lady or man should swatch enough lipstick and kiss it into a simple white sheet of paper. The artists then produce the template straight from the kiss’s image, ensuring that the lips of the customer’s lover.

And if the lip pattern is from a past lover, darling, or partner, the situation becomes much more complicated.

Additionally, lip tattoos on the neck have been a fashionable trend for a while now and are still popular that make you get them. This pattern gives you a great look or makes you imitate a playboy. It also has a flirtatious message hidden in its design! 

However, depending on the design of the lips involved, it might signify something completely different!


Lip Tattoo On Neck Idea Of Designs 

There are many different patterns already online and in stores, so you can have a chance to pick the design you wish for the rest of your life. You may also personalize yours by utilizing your ideas to design one that you think is more appealing. 

The tattoo is in the form of lips, and you may cover it with any pattern you choose; you may keep to the classic red lips to display the lip kiss on the neck.

Classic red lips tattoo

You may also use the lip ink on your neck to engrave the name of your lover. There are a plethora of styles to choose from to make your ink more appealing and noticeable. 

Or you may adorn your tattoo with glitter or various relevant accessories. Thus, use your creativity to enhance the beauty of your lip tattoo on the neck.

Suggestions Of Lip Tattoo On Neck Designs

Don’t hurry to skip out on this section if you want the lip design on your neck to be fashionable or to show your love for your sweetheart! Just keep reading and follow some of our suggestions for this artwork on neck designs!

1. Remembrance Lip Tattoos

Having a remembrance lip tattoo on the neck has lots of distinct meanings. In addition to this, this type can help act as a reminder to recall your memories of what happened or even upcoming!

If you are going to be away from home for a long time, such as going overseas, a tattoo can be something to remember. 

You’ve been assigned to work on an offshore oil rig or a ship for months at a time, even if you have to serve time in prison.


Tattooing your partner’s lips on your neck might serve as a constant reminder of them whenever you look in the mirror.


These graphic suggestions might be just as effective as a photo for some individuals. It also has the advantage of always being with you, impossible to lose, and unlikely to be harmed.

2. Flirtatious Lip Tattoos

Passion, desire, and closeness may all be conveyed with lush crimson lips. Lips that are plump, red, and shining are gorgeous and sexy and attract attention.


Simply extending the lips makes them appear more sexual, which is a fantastic approach to making the ink appealing without becoming overbearing. It is to keep the lips together rather than spread apart.

Showing some teeth can also help to elicit sex appeal. The tongue is squeezed to one side of the mouth by the teeth. It gives the de a seductive and cheeky appearance.


The flirty message might also be conveyed by showing the bottom limp being bitten. A similar effect is achieved by the tongue licking the upper lip.


If the lips are sucking on a cheerful or a lollipop, the tat is appropriate. The motivations for sex attraction are obvious. It’s not provocative, so don’t worry about it.

3. Playful Lip Tattoos


When it comes to the playful lip inks style, just customizing a simple cheeky smile, tongue poking out, or even gripping the tongue with the middle teeth is all it takes. 

In short, all of them are clever methods to convey a whimsical, humorous message.

4. Vow Of Silence or Protest


If you’re seeking something that shouts in quiet, here is the place to be.

The lips were then squeezed tightly there, with sutures or even a padlock locking them together. It’s something to think about.

These tattoos’ startling imagery may convey a message or make a statement faster than words can. Or you might use text or other pictures to draw attention to this artwork’s message.

A pair of shut lips can also act as a reminder to always listen and consider before speaking.

5. Lip Tattoos With Brandings

Applying a basic lip design or a lipstick template from your partner may make it more interesting by including an additional picture in the design.

The artist would tattoo around the picture, leaving that region uninked if the imposed image was transparent. Alternatively, might use a solid black color.

The lips of ink with a pattern like this would bring attention to the smaller picture. This graphic would serve to emphasize the tattoo’s purpose.


Furthermore, you can see simple patterns such as a skull, a Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones), a Pot Leaf, or a Dice regularly appearing in these art inks.


After reading this article, we hope this blog post has provided full info about the lip tattoo on neck meaning and is useful in giving you some ideas for what to do with your lip ink. 

If you’re looking for an art body that’s different from the norm, it’s worth considering the above ideas we’ve suggested!

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