Lotus Flower Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas & Caring Instructions

Come in many shapes and sizes, Lotus tattoos have been among the most desirable tattoo patterns. Getting a Lotus doesn’t simply mean that you aim for a drawing but represents your desire to become a better version. What a great way to symbolize your theory in life! 

And now, without further delay, let’s discover Lotus flower tattoo meaning and 30 top-notch ideas.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

Lotus flowers have a reputation for purity and nobleness. Lotus tattoo, in general, symbolizes courage and peacefulness, plus represents various deep meanings in specific aspects. 

Meaning in cultures

Lotus flowers stand for beauty, purity, and enlightenment in many Asian cultures, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. Hinduism states that the Lotus is associated with gods and represents the spiritual awakening, while Buddhism believes that Buddha was generated from this bloom.

In Egypt and also western regions, people consider the Lotus as the beginning of life. Thus, this noble flower is viewed as the sign of creation and rebirth plus illustrates life’s true meaning.

Meaning in colors

White Lotus tattoo is the best to symbolize purity and perfection. It tends to present our mind, associated with the peace and compassion of the soul.


Blue Lotus tattoos signify wisdom, confidence, and knowledge. Additionally, blue Lotus stands for a strong spirituality in religious terms, meaning this person can overcome physical temptations.


Purple Lotus tattoo stands for royalty, wealth, and mysticism. It has the most robust spirituality among all the Lotus colors, which associates with the teaching of the “Noble Eightfold Path” in Buddhism.


Red Lotus tattoo is a sign of love, passion, and generosity. As an effort to fully represent the emotion, the red Lotus is often drawn in full-bloom form.


Meaning with dots

A Lotus flower tattoo with dots becomes a Unalome symbol of Buddhism. Depending on the shape of the tattoo and position of the beads, they present various meanings from vision, intelligence, and protection to the path to true enlightenment or even the moment we fade to nothing.



Where Do You Put A Lotus Flower Tattoo?

Resemble any other tattoo, it’s up to you to decide the position of the Lotus flower design. Ideally, they are the leg, chest, back, and arms. As for small and dainty Lotus tattoos, long and tiny parts of the body like the wrist, finger, or ankle will be the best suit.

Also, we will provide detailed information about Lotus tattoo location in the session below.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

The deciding factor of choosing a Lotus design may be different for individuals. So, let’s explore top-notch Lotus flower tattoo ideas based on culture, design, and position aspects.

Based On Culture

  • Mandala Lotus flower tattoo

Mandala figures in Buddhism stand for balance, perfection, and eternity. Therefore, Mandala Lotus Tattoo is the symbol of healing, mediation and rising over the material world. This dark tattoo is also great for ink lovers. 

Mandala designs should be located in flat areas such as the back, shoulder, arm, and thigh due to intricate detail and geometric symmetry pattern.


  • Egyptian Lotus flower tattoo

Egyptian Lotus design originates from the grand Blue Lotus of the Nile, which is a significant part of ancient Egyptian culture. The petals are a bit thinner and pointer, resembling the Water Lily.


  • Hindu Lotus flower Tattoo

This tattoo often comes with an Om symbol, one of Hinduism’s highest sacred symbols. The design contains the deep meaning of spirituality, representing happiness, peacefulness, and connection with God.


  • Buddha and Lotus flower tattoo

A figure consisting of Buddha and Lotus stands for purity and sincerity. It stands for peace and enlightenment, in which Buddha is often shown sitting on or immersed in the flower.


  • Japanese Lotus flower Tattoo

Japanese Lotus meaning consists of stillness, calmness, and success. It also represents the beauty and purity of a woman’s soul. Besides the original design, there are two favorite variants of the Lotus tattoo in the country. 

Japanese Lotus tattoo with Dragon: It is the symbol of great power, prevalent in Lotus flower tattoo for men as a whole or half sleeve drawing.


Japanese Lotus tattoo with Koi fish: People get it for optimism, luck, and hope. This symbol gets its energy from the powerful Koi swimming upstream and the puri Lotus rising from the mud.


Based On Design

  • Quoted Lotus flower tattoo

Making your tattoo personal by adding text content is always trending. A long phrase or quote added to your Lotus design will be the best to present your individual opinion.


  • Stemmed Lotus flower tattoo

To take advantage of your long space and add a stem to the flower is an ideal way to possess a delicate Lotus drawing. This combination particularly works in terms of a small and simple tattoo.


  • Dotted Lotus flower tattoo

Whether you are religious or not, possessing a Lotus drawing with dots will bring you a personal and mysterious look. So, consider this design if your type is a Lotus flower tattoo simple in shape and color but still creative and flair.


  • Geometric Lotus flower tattoo

A Lotus flower with symbols such as triangles or vertical lines will never go out of date. The key here is to minimalize your design. So, keep your flower in a simple form and use a similar line thickness for every single part of the design.


  • Simple Lotus flower tattoo

A minimal Lotus on your wrist or shoulder feels dainty and intimate, easy to gain feeling from others. Below are some popular designs for the concept, which often come in small sizes.

Thin-lined Lotus: It can be a complete design containing the bloom, stem, and leaves, but all lines are thin and delicate, resembling a pencil drawing.


Outline Lotus: Outline tattoo is one of the simplest ways to ink up your body that will take much less time and effort. Here, the design is inspired by the natural form of the Lotus, which works well with the monochrome style.


Realistic Lotus: This figure will focus on the actual details of the Lotus. Sometimes artists will make it impressive with gradual shading or simply some gap in color intensity.


  • Impressive Lotus flower tattoo

In contrast to the simple concept, a colorful Lotus tattoo with proper color styles is eye-catching but not overwhelming. Following are some ideas.

Monochrome Lotus with different shades: This one is decorated with various values of the same hue, creating an impression of light and dark combination.


Watercolor Lotus: Watercolor tattoo is a complex technique and requires artists with experience. This design consists of various colors, so a simple set of outlines will partly quench its flaming.


3D Lotus: A 3D Lotus tattoo feels authentic and alive flowers, creates an impressive look, and vigorously represents your personality.



Based On Body Location

  • Back Lotus flower tattoo

The back is an excellent position for locating your tattoo as you can flexibly show or hide your entire ink. Also, this area is loaded with fat and muscle so that you will get less pain while drawing.

Large or balanced designs seem to fit the back well thanks to the flat and symmetrical nature of the area. If you decide to go for a long symmetrical tattoo, such as the Lotus with vertical quotes or symbols, you should consider this location first.


  • Wrist Lotus flower tattoo

Another popular place for Lotus designs is the wrist, particularly in tattoo ideas for women. However, drawing on this area may be relatively painful, especially the inner wrist due to its delicate nature.

Wrist Lotus tattoo often comes in small to medium sizes with dark ink. A tiny minimal flower on your wrist is enough to feel dainty and chic, while an intense ink in medium-size represents power and personality.


  • Neck Lotus flower tattoo

A beautiful Lotus tattoo on your neck exuding charm and mystery. If you desire something delicate and eye-catching on your neck, then a minimal, fine line Lotus would look great in this place. 

Notice that it may cost you some pain since this area goes with little muscle and a thin layer of sensitive skin.


  • Shoulder Lotus flower tattoo

Resembling the neck, a gorgeous shoulder Lotus makes for a charming and attractive tattoo design. It may be tiny or large, moderate or outstanding. 

Red ink is a great color for this area apart from black, mainly to help in showing your personality. Additionally, the shoulder is rich in muscle and fat that can lower pain while etching.


  • Ear Lotus flower tattoo

The ear is such a fantastic area if you are looking for a petite Lotus tattoo. Whether you want to put it on the auricle curves or behind your ears, it will be a delicate element to add to your body.


  • Forearm Lotus flower tattoo

The forearm is considered among the most popular but most minor painful tattoo areas. It is great for long and narrow Lotus tattoos, such as the design with dots, quotes, symbols, or even a series of Lotus. Anyway, it depends on your choice.


  • Sleeve Lotus flower tattoo

This area is trendy for Lotus flower tattoos for men. A bold, large Lotus on the sleeve feels powerful and individual. But, apart from that, a moderate design will bring a personal touch for the owner, particularly girls.


  • Finger Lotus flower tattoo

Our fingers are such a wonderful place for tiny Lotus tattoos. This design is enjoyed by many celebrities, gaining popularity and creating a trend for the youth.

There is no need to make your finger tattoo fancy, just a bold set of outlines is enough to do the highlight.


  • Chest Lotus flower tattoo

A flower etched on the chest is a unique design, specifically in the area under the breast. Chest tattoo often honors the mystery of the women and stands for the strength of the men. 

It’ll be charming and audacious for a girl to go with a chest Lotus tattoo under deep V-neck clothes.


  • Rib Lotus flower tattoo

Possessing a blossom on your rib is as attractive as the lower chest tattoo. This long and large area is particularly suited with creative designs, for example, the Lotus with geometric symbols or quotes.


  • Thigh Lotus flower tattoo

Another way to get a giant Lotus tattoo is to etch it on your thigh, especially the upper outer part. This large area will allow you to ink in many details, such as a set of blossoms.

This area is loaded with muscle and fat that will cause you less pain while drawing.


  • Foot Lotus flower tattoo

Foot tattoo is not ideal for great design but fantastic for small to medium versions. Imagine how impressive it is to have a Lotus tattoo with curves that last from your ankle to the front side. 

 Also, a foot tattoo is easy to cover up whenever you want.


  • Ankle Lotus flower tattoo

One more excellent place to put your small Lotus tattoo is the ankle. Ankle tattoo can be cute or delicate, depending on your choice of design.

Getting a tattoo on this area can cause a bit of pain since you are etching on thin skin.




Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to care for a new tattoo?

Good aftercare for your tattoo will prevent it from complications and help to maintain the correct form. Typically, your artist will provide you with care requirements, but we do have some recommendations for you.

  • Cover it up: A proper covering, such as a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and then a bandage or plastic wrap, will protect your tattoo from getting bacteria or rubbing any unwanted things. In addition, keeping this cover for several hours helps absorb any fluid or surplus ink that leaks from the etching.
  • Wash the tattoo: It’s best to clean your tattoo with warm water and gently pat it with a soft clean cloth. Then, you should apply a thin layer of alcohol-free healing ointment to your skin.

Things to notice:

  • Always put on your sun-protective clothes before going out but don’t apply sunscreen directly into your tattoo. 
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your wound.
  • Wear loose clothes to reduce accessing your skin.
  • Don’t go swimming or staying too long in the water. A shower will be fine.

2. How long does it take for a tattoo to heal fully?

Typically, it takes about 3 – 4 weeks for the visible part to heal and several months for the inner layers to heal entirely.

  • Week 1: Your tattoo is now considered an open wound. There will be redness, swelling, and oozing these days that will gradually decrease.
  • Week 2: This is time for the peeling and flaking processes. It may develop itching but don’t worry! This is a good sign that your tattoo is skinning over.
  • Week 3 – 4: Now, your tattoo seems to dry out and heal but not yet turn to expected vibrance since a layer of dry skin appears on it. 
  • Month 2: Your deeper layers of skin will truly heal during this period. The exfoliating process these days would take away the dry skin and then reveal your target tattoo. 

3. How to reduce tattoo healing time?

  • Don’t let it wet too often: As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t go swimming, immerse yourself in the water, or let the water spray directly onto your wound. 
  • Avoid scented and alcoholic products: It’s good to keep your tattoo away from scented lotions, soap, and even fragrance. These may cause reactions when approaching the open wound.
  • Keep your tattoo clean: It is crucial to gently wash your skin with warm water and sterile water several times a day. 
  • Apply ointment: Your tattoo needs a soft moisturizer to support the healing process. It may be pure coconut oil or a moisturizer containing lanolin, petroleum, and vitamin A and D.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Since the sun can make your tattoo fade, you should protect your drawing with a physical cover but not sunscreen. 


We’ve already gone through 30 great ideas for Lotus flower tattoos and many deep meanings of this sacred flower. Getting a Lotus drawing on your body is not only a matter of art but mental evolution and spiritual awakening.

Last but not least, each design may come in a different appearance and represent a unique idea, but in the end, none is better or worse than others. It’s a matter of individual opinion and taste.

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